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My friend "Rick" and I weren't what you'd call "gay", but we both were very horny and used to talk about girls all the time. Sometimes I'd stay overnight at his house and we would sometimes wrestle on the living room floor, and then talk about sex before falling asleep. Rick wasn't as shy as I was, and was not afraid to pretend I was his "girlfriend" after he pinned me, jokingly humping my ass or leg. Sometimes he would be wearing a jockstrap that cradled his huge cock and tight balls and would try to force my hand down to brush against the cloth material.

Sometimes I would pretend to be asleep and watch him jack off, silhouetted against the moonlit sliding glass door. One night, I fell asleep with my arm stretched out, and my hand laying open on a pillow next to me. I woke up to find Rick's huge hard cock rubbing back and forth across my palm. He was breathing pretty hard and was moaning "come on baby, come on and let me do it." "Do it, do it". I lay still and allowed him to continue pressing his cock harder and harder into my hand as he slid it back and forth.

Suddenly, he stopped, got up and left the room. He returned a minute later with a bottle of hand lotion, and squirted a glob of it into my hand. I was incredibly turned on at this point, but continued to feign sleep as he positioned himself and resumed sliding his cock against my lubricated hand. "Mmmm, baby that's it", he murmured.

This went on for a few minutes, and then I began to slowly wrap my fingers around his swollen shaft. He paused for a moment, and then whispered "oh yeah", and began to pump my tightening fist. The lotion made a squishing sucking sound as he pumped my hand and his pace quickened as I tightened my grip on his rock hard cock. "Oh baby, make me come" he moaned, and he made several quick thrusts and stopped with me holding the base of his cock.

Suddenly, I could feel his cock pulsing and pumping hot sperm on to the blanket next to me and he was finished. After that we had even hotter episodes that I fantasize about to this day.

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