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Sleeping with Daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

Knowing that I had the entire house to myself for a few hours seeing as my wife was out of town on a business trip, and my daughter Anna was at a pool party, I decided that it was a good time to relax and jerk off for a while. I went into the living room and popped in an old porno knowing that I wouldn’t really need it because I had just seen my daughter in her sexy, little bikini. Ever since Anna had reached puberty, I had found myself unable to get turned on without thinking about her. When I made love to my wife or jerked off in the shower, I was always thinking of my little, redheaded beauty.

For only a thirteen-year-old, Anna had blossomed into a beautiful, young woman with long, red hair; big, firm breasts; and long, sexy legs. Whenever we went out, I could see guys twice and three times her age unable to take their eyes off of her, and I couldn’t blame them because I was usually doing the same thing. I wanted Anna’s cherry so bad, that I would have killed for it, but the fear of prison and losing Anna forever kept me from trying anything. So I found myself content with fantasies and occasional hugging and kissing.

That Saturday afternoon, as the old porno played, I whipped my cock out, closed my eyes, and dreamed about Anna as I slowly stroked my dick. I thought about ripping her bikini bottom off and pummeling her little cunt with my cock. I could almost hear her moans of pleasure as I shot my load deep inside her, and before long I shot my load for real. I wiped up and turned off the video feeling relaxed and tired.

I must have dozed off at that point, because when I awoke, it was dark outside. After a little confusion about the time and place, I noticed that my little Anna was snuggled up next to me in the chair fast asleep. She was wearing only a damp T-shirt over her light-blue bikini and looked so sexy in the dim light. I looked down at her pretty, peaceful face, and as I watched her sleep, I felt my cock begin to push against the thin, cotton material of my briefs. I looked down and realized that I had never zipped my pants up. As I thought about the fact that Anna had seen me with my pants undone and was now snoozing so close to my erection, my cock became so hard it hurt. But I didn’t care. I hugged Anna close to me and basked in her warmness hoping she didn’t awake before I found a way to cover up my erection.

But to my dismay, she awoke only a few minutes later, and looked up at me with a smile. “Hi, Daddy.” I just smiled back and kissed her forehead. “When I came home, I saw you sleeping and you looked so peaceful that I thought I’d join you,” Anna explained sleepily. We talked casually for a while about her pool party as we continued to snuggle together with my cock still pressing against my briefs.

Our conversation lasted a little while longer until Anna put her head down on my chest in sexy, childish manner. I knew that she could see my hard-on, but I didn’t try to cover it up. I sat there, watching her look at my erection and wondered what would happen next. After a few moments, she sat up a little and looked at me with a naughty smile. “I guess you like all this closeness,” She said as she placed a hand over my aching erection. Using her fingers in a slow, gentle motion, she began to rub and kneed my erection.

I let out a sigh, relieved to finally get some attention. I hugged her close to me as she continued to play with my cock; fascinated by it. After a while of rubbing me through my briefs, she pulled my cock out and wrapped her little hand around the shaft, jerking me off. “Does it feel good when I do this, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby, it feels spectacular,” I said kissing her neck unable to tell if this was reality or just a great dream. Finally, I felt an oncoming orgasm and let loose all over my daughter’s hand. She giggled as sperm squirted from the tip of my cock and down her hand. With my cock softening in her hand, she bent down and kissed the head tasting the cum. With this simple motion, my cock was hard once again. Anna looked at me and said in a sexy tone, “With all this chlorine and cum, I could really use a shower. How about you Daddy?”

All I could do was nod, and the two of us went into the bathroom where Anna turned on the shower as I took off my clothes. I stroked my cock a little as Anna bent down to turn on the shower and then stripped out of her T-shirt and bikini. Her body was better than I could have ever imagined. Her breasts were big and bouncy and her ass was firm and beautiful. Anna got into the shower and beckoned for me to follow, which I did.

At first I stayed in the back just watching Anna soap up her sexy, young body, but then after a while, Anna moved her attention to me as she soaped up my body. We rubbed and fondled each other for a while with the hot water running over our heads. After we rinsed all the soap off of our bodies, Anna whispered, “Come on Daddy, I may look clean, but I’m still dirty.” We embraced, and I kissed her lips and ran my hand through her sexy, wet, red hair. When we could take it no longer, Anna faced the bathroom wall, put her hands on the wall, and spread her legs as if she was going to be frisked. I moved in behind her and pulled her butt up a little so I could stuff her virgin cunt with my cock.

My cock was ready to explode as I pushed against her little hole. I wasn’t sure that it was going to fit, but finally, after a few moments, it slipped in ever so slowly. After I got about a half an inch in, I could feel Anna’s cherry. Wanting to savor the moment, I gently fucked in and out careful not to pop her cherry just yet. Anna was moaning softly begging me to shove it in, and finally I could wait no longer. I shoved my full length in with a driving force, causing Anna to scream out in pain. I continued to fuck her slowly and rubbed her clit trying to soothe the pain. After about five minutes of slow fucking, Anna began to moan in pleasure and screamed, “fuck me daddy, fuck me so hard!”

I put my hands on her narrow hips and fucked her as hard as my old muscles would allow. We were both screaming and moaning in pleasure as I rammed my dick into her little pussy, and our fucking continued until Anna began to shiver wildly with an orgasm. “Oh God! Daddy I’m cumming!” Her vaginal muscles contracted around my cock as she cummed, seeming to siphon the sperm from my balls. Before I knew it, I had shot my load inside my daughter’s womb. As I pulled my limp cock from Anna’s fresh-fucked pussy, I realized what I had just done and felt sick. We cleaned up and got out of the shower. From exhaustion, neither of us worried about getting dressed, and the two of us just collapsed on the bed. And for the second time that night, we both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Later that night, Anna and I had a long talk in which I informed her that we could never do what we had just done again. Anna wasn’t happy to hear the news but agreed adding that I might change my mind later. At that time, I was sure I was never going to try anything like that again. I spent the next couple weeks terrified that Anna was going to get pregnant or that someone was going to find out, but fortunately, nothing ever happened. Anna has been trying to lure me into fucking her again, and I don’t know if I can resist much longer. The fact remains that my little girl is the best I’ve ever had, and now that she’s fourteen, I might be writing the sequel to this story real soon…

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