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Shy wifes first touch by stranger

(Part 1 from 1)

My wife is a very attractive brunette; she has full breasts and a full figuire, one that I have always found very sexy and attractive.

After 10 years of marriage I wanted to satisfy a deep desire and that was to see her having sex with a stranger.
Marne has always been very shy sexually, very committed and loyal not one wishing to venture outside of the confines of marriage.

I decided the best would be to take her out dancing and then see if I could get her interested in another bloke this way. I made all the arrangements with friends to look after our young child and I took her to a nightclub in the town where we lived.
That night I asked her to wear a short skirt and look a bit sexy, which made her feel uncomfortable as she didnít like to feel vulnerable.

As we got to the nightclub I told her that she mustnít worry if another bloke asks her to dance as I alright with this, she said that she wouldnít dance with anyone else as I was her husband and didnít feel it right to do this.
We started by dancing together and after 30 minutes or so I could see a chap eying her out, but knowing that she was with me was careful to ask her for a dance. Marne and I were just sitting there when I noticed this stranger getting enough courage and walk up to her and ask her for a dance, at first she refused but I encouraged her to go and enjoy herself.

I watched as my wife reluctantly went to dance with the stranger, he took her by the hand and led her to the back of the dance area, an area that was slightly less lit up. She couldnít see me but I positioned myself in such a way that I could see her. At first it was evident that she was shy and danced at quite a distance from the stranger, her body language showing that she felt vulnerable, and the music then switched to a slow song and I could see Marne hesitate as the stranger asked her to dance closer. As they danced I could see his hand inch slowly down her back and come to rest on her behind.

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Marne moved his hand immediately and cut the song short and came to sit down again.
I asked her how she enjoyed it and she said it was okay but wanted to go. I said that we hadnít even been there half an hour and I wanted to enjoy the evening out. I told her that she mustnít be so serious, that she must just relax and enjoy the time, and that she needed to loosen up a bit.

It wasnít long before the stranger was there again asking for another dance, I could see the expression on Marneís face was that she didnít want to go but once again I encouraged her and she went reluctantly, I said that she was to take her time and enjoy it not to rush back which put a smile on the strangers face.
Again he took her to the more remote part of the nightclub and I watched as he danced with my wife. I could see her looking around for me but couldnít see me from where she was dancing.

The music changed and another slow song saw the stranger once again put his arms around my wife, as the song progressed I could see his hands move towards her hips, this time she didnít resist but left them there. The stranger was talking in her ear and I could see her resist what she knew was happening, he slowly started to rub her behind and slowly lift up her skirt, unaware to Marne this exposed her panties to the other clubbers and I could see the other clubbers staring both guys as well as the girls.

He slowly moved his hands lower until it was close to where her pussy was and slowly massaged it, slowly he brought his hand around and could see it slowly start rubbing in the front, touching her now wet pussy as he slid his hands into her panties and a finger into her wet pussy I could see her body shudder as he penetrated her, it was as if all her resistance crumbled. The stranger then led her to a corner room that was slightly secluded where a few couples were kissing and I watched as he pulled down her panties as he put her hands against the wall, he took his dick and slowly entered my wife, deeper and deeper he drove it in, as he did she moaned louder and louder deeper and deeper it went, one of the girls that was kissing another girl came closer and I could see how she loosened my wifeís bra and began kissing her breasts, she was taking them between her lips and sucking hard as the stranger continued to pound my wifeís pussy.I wasnít long before my wife let a cry and the stranger came deep within her, the girl that was sucking her breast moved down to my wifeís pussy and continued to stick her tongue deep within her, my wife was having multiple orgasms what a beautiful sight.

Once they had put there clothes back on the stranger took my wifeís face in his hands and gave her a big kiss on the mouth, his tongue entwining with hers, she had been satisfied.

The stranger bought her back to me with a glint in his eye; thank you he said and disappeared onto the dancefloor.Marne almost looked bewildered and satisfied at the same time - this was the best evening for me.

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