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Sexy Little Neighbor

(Part 1 from 1)

For months I had been waiting to find out who was going to move into the house caddy corner to mine. I had always hoped it to be some sexy coed or something. Over the last month, a lot of interested buyers had gone through the house and left with out offering anything. I was disappointed by the interested buyers until I saw Jenna…

I was pulling up to my house in my 65 mustang, when I glanced over at the house and saw this gorgeous little fox. From my view she looked to be around 5`5 and maybe 115 pounds. Seeing her made me hard instantly. I watched her as she walked around the house in a sexy low cut skirt and a v neck shirt. I was stunned to realize that she was not wearing a bra! This must mean that she’s a little devil. I couldn’t wait to meet her. 

Two days passed and I had seen many others at the house, none of which looked the least bit interested at all. I keep hope up that either that sexy babe I had seen before comes back or, another wild looking princess would find her way to the house. 

The next day as I pulled up to my house on my lunch break, I noticed a moving truck outside the house! I parked my car and without hesitation started to walked across the court to get a better view of things. I heard thumps in the back of the truck. As I got a little bit closer it happened…

As I walked towards the truck Jenna slowly made her way down the moving ramp carrying boxes of clothes. My vision went slow mo. She was only wearing a wife beater and what looked to be boxers. Sweat was rolling off her sexy tan body. Her hair let down like she had just been in the shower. I was so tranced by her exquisiteness that I forgot everything about anything. I watched her set the boxes down and slowly turn towards me. 

She was startled to see me standing there. She jumped a little bit but then started laughing and blushing 
“O my god, you caught me by surprise! She said with a kinky little grin after. “I’m sorry, I was just a little curious as to who was moving in next to me so I….” I realized that was going on and on and stopped my self.

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“My name is Jenna. I am renting this house for a few months while I look for a house up valley. Do you live in the court” she asked me.
I couldn’t think, I was still hypnotized by her sexy ass “Umm…. O yea, I’m just across the street in that green house over there” I pointed. 
“Do you need any help with those, they look heavy” I offered
She smiled again, our eyes were locked and I new that I had to play it smooth. “Umm sure that would be great! If you could get that one at your feet and follow me, I’ll show you were in want it” I already liked the sound of things to come!

I followed her into the house and down her dark hallway and suddenly I found my self in a bed room with a water bed and TV in place. Everything else was a mess but that didn’t matter much, I thought to my self.

“Could you put that right over here next to me, I don’t want to have to move it latter” she whispered with a sexy laugh. “Sure thing, I’ll put it were ever you want it”. 
Just after I said that, I grabbed her by the shoulders and lunged into her sexy body. Our mouths meet in a lip locker for the history books. Our tongues entangled like garden snakes. She grabbed my balls and play with my semi erect cock. After feeling her do this, I didn’t hold back any longer and grabbed her 38DD breast and tore off the wife beater. “ O I like that daddy, you want to see more of me”? she asked while staring at my now fully erect cock trying to escape my jeans. 
“Baby I have wanted you since I first saw you. You are so fucking fine and I have had dreams of fucking you till you scream and can’t take it anymore” With that, I lifted her up on the bed and let her lay there and watch me tare my clothes off. 

“What a sexy body you have” she said amazed
“Just wait till you feel me inside you” I gnarled at her
“Eat my pussy first and get it ready for your huge cock, I love your cock. I cant believe how big it is. I must have you fuck me from the back with that thing” 
I pulled her legs over my head and started licking her inner thighs, intentionally missing her hot clit. She jolted with a wave of pleasure and I got closer to her now soaking wet throbbing tight little fuck hole. I put a finger on her pussy and she started wailing in pleasure. 

“Ram you hot tongue in my fuck hole you bastard” she screamed 
I shot my tongue in her as far as I could go and wiggled it around. It tasted so good that I could eat her all day and have her spray her juices all over my face. “OOOO MY GOD!!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR TOUNGE. It feels so gooood” She screamed “Im going to cuuuuumm!!! Her body shook and a wave of orgasms hit her on after the other.

I made her lick off her own jizz from my face and pounced on her wide open cunt. “ Im going to fuck you now, I am going to ram this fat dick into your fuck hole, are you ready”? Before she could answer I shoved myself in her. Her scream rocked the house as I entered. She was so deep. 
“O yea big daddy, fuck that tight twat!!” My cock filled her completely. She was incredibly hot on the inside to. “I can feel your cock deep up in me and I love it!! fuck me hard” I started speed fucking her. “O yes yes yes” she scream in pain and pleasure. I could feel my balls tighten up and I was ready to explode inside her
“I want to cum in your ass baby” I flipped her over and shoved my cock in her tight ass. I could tell that this wasn’t the first time she’d been ass fucked. 
“Jesus Christ, your just so damn big, your ripping my ass but I love it!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Are you ready to cum baby” I asked her, not really caring what the answer was
“YES whenever you tell me to daddy!
“O YEA” I Screamed
I slapped the back of her head to make her tighten her cunt as I spat my batter up inside her
“YEEEESSSSS baby I feel it all inside my ass!!
I am going to cum to….. o yessssss” she screamed as she came again all over my dick.
I quivered as I pulled it out of her and made her clean off my dick with the dirty little mouth.
“You like that don’t ya”
“Yes I do, I love feeling you inside me.

We both fell of each other and laid there panting like dogs for a few minutes
“Feel free to come over when ever you like!” She offered
“I gotta go back to work but thanks for the offer” I said jokingly
“I’ll have to be seeing you again tonight…. O and by the way my names Nick incase you didn’t already know that” I said laughing as I went walking out the bedroom.

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