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Sex with mother

(Part 1 from 2)

My papa happens to be a middle level management official at a government run industry in the state of Tamil Nadu. Although, he is based in Chennai , we, i.e myself and my mother, stays at our ancestral house at Ranippettai, some112Km from Chennai. Although,Papa stays at a rented accommodation in Chennai, he keeps on shuttling between Chennai and Ranipettai, at regular intervals. He has failed to come to Ranipettai for sometime now, mainly because some business promotion group has come from Denmark to promote their products(some milk products) and to produce the same in India in collaboration with the state run industry in Tamil Nadu.

Therefore, I decide to give Papa a surprise and leaves for Chennai. He has been greatly surprised to see me at his Office. After having assured that nothing to worry about at the home front at Ranipettai, i ask him when shall he be able to make it to the home.Papa tells me that the team has left for Delhi, barring Mr. Olaffson, a 56 yr. old man , who has preferred to stay back at Chennai. He intends to study the markets in India, starting with the state of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Olaffson has preferred home hospitality in view of better interaction with the people of the state. Responsibility has been given to Papa to fix out his tour programme and make necessary arrangements for his comfortable stay. Some five places have been selected, starting with Ranipettai. Papa decides, on seeing me, that Mr. Olaffson shall make it to the rented accommodation in Chennai for the night with us and shall leave with me next morning for Ranipettai.

However, next morning on the prompting of Mr. Olaffson it has been decided that Papa shall also accompany us to Ranipettai. However, he pleads with Mr. Olaffson to delay the tour by a day and all three shall leave for Ranipettai next morning, for he has some pending work to wind up by the day. Papa asks me to take care of Mr. Olaffson and leaves for his office. And the event starts here. Mr. Olaffson , is a senior man with a big personality. After Papa has left for the office at 8 A.M, i call on Mr. Olaffson to the breakfast table. At the breakfast table, we interact on many issues. He is very focused on the job on hand and perhaps therefore enquires on many things unique to the local people. After breakfast, he goes back to his room perhaps to work on some papers relating to his job.

However, having thought that it may be disrespectful not to give him company as he being our guest, i decides to go to his room and talk. He has been doing some work on the paper. On seeing me, he again starts interacting that may , perhaps, come to his help during the coming days. As the interaction rolls on, at certain point of time a comparison comes on his milk product versus mothers milk.And slowly and slowly it moves into the breasts of the indian women. And further down on the size of the breasts . Actually, such discussions are very uncomfortable for any woman, let alone for a nineteen year old virgin. But having thought that to stop talking on the issue may insult Mr. Olaffson, i decide to carry on discussing without letting him understand my discomfort. It results in the discussion seeping down to a further level on the sexual behavior of the Indian Women.

I can slowly feel the heat generating from my body as a result of the discussion. But , i still persist on. And, inevitably at a certain point of time , the discussion centers around my person. " Kamini, you mean to say that you are still a virgin, i just can't believe it" Mr. Olaffson speaks. "In Denmark, hardly can the girls be found virgin at your age" "Did you not desire, or did you not get one" asks Mr. Olaffson. Now, hardly can i able to speak. I say that men , here in Tamil Nadu are very conservative. "Cut the crap, men are all the same anywhere in the world" thunders Olaffson. He goes on speaking on how men casts their first look at the Boobs of a Woman to measures their sexiness. Suddenly, he asks, "Kamini, what is the size of your boobs?" I am thunderstruck. Still replies " 36DD". He exclaims "36DD!! Do you wear a Bra? Otherwise, it is bound to sag."

Now, all such comments and questions and exclamations has left me nowhere. By then , my body temperature has started to rise and slowly i have been feeling that i am being seduced. May be right, may be wrong. I replied that my boobs shall not sag even if i am without the Bra. "I don't believe" Olaffson again thunders. I can only mutter in husky voice "but it is have to believe my words..otherwise, i don't know any other way to make you believe". " can be easily without your bra inside your dress..i don't think it to be a very difficult proposition." replies Olaffson. The long interaction and proposal, perhaps, have started taking seducing effect on my body and mind. I slowly walks to the next room and unhooks my long chemise from the front.

I remove the chemise from the top and holds it with my right hand at the waist, while with the left unhooks my bra from the front. The boobs are released. You can easily understand that after such explicit talks on Sex it is but natural for my nipples to go taut and chirpy. The thick, dark black nipples on the black areola, which is looking more fluffy due the heat of the discussion, are now sprouting out as if in revolt against captivity inside the bra. Not to go absolutely naked inside the chemise, i prefer to take on the black blouse, which i have worn with my Sari, while coming from Ranipettai. The black blouse in silk is fine enough to reveal my skin from underneath, while the nipples are sticking out of it to make their presence felt. " You are true Kamini...your boobs are not sagging even without your bra" Olaffson speaks as i enter the room with my chemise on. I have been feeling so ashamed that a man is looking at my boobs and commenting, while i am consenting to all his requests. Sub-consciously, i ask myself, then , whether such complicity to request have had been possible, if Olaff may not have been a foreigner.

While in such wonderment, suddenly i hear Olaff calling on me " Kamini....Kamini....are you listening".

" I am so sorry, Sir..i didn't hear you." Kamini replies.

" I am telling that a black lining can be seen underneath your chemise....i hope you are completely naked on your boobs" Olaff asks.

Hesitatitngly, Kamini replies " No Sir....actually a light blouse...anyway that doesn't make any difference." "No kamini that is bad..." so saying Olaff gets off from the edge of the bed and holds me by hand and makes me sit on the edge of the bed where he has been sitting.

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