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Sex with two mature beggars

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Hai this santosh again with the new story about how i fucked two beggars. This is true story happened why i was working in pune for co. That time my age was around 27 yrs. I use to stay alone in my rented house which was very far from town. There were few house which had some distance. Oneday it was raining very heavy and i was very having a good time with my drink. Near my door i could hear some sound.

When i opened my door i saw two beggar lady were sitting and they were shivering in cold. I felt very pity for them and gave some money and food. After sometime it started to rain heavly and day was begining to get dark. Again i opened my door to see them they were shivering in cold. I told them u can stay here at night in my house. For which they agreed. They came into my house . I told them u can take bath in hot water. I gave them saree to wear which was used by my old lady servant.

My servant has kept her saree and petticoat but no blouse were there. When they came after bath i was stunned to look two good looking ladies. I was very attarcted towards them and wanted to fuck them. They were matured ladies in their 40s. They had a good figure. I could see their boobs also which was very big and round. I asked them do they drink. They said yes but they drink country(local drink) on good ocassion. I convice them to have a drink and gave them food which they eat. Then they went to sleep. I was watching porn movie. I could here some sound from their room.

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When i went to their room i saw them kissing each other and pressing their each other boobs. I on their light. They were shock. I ask them what are they doing. No words came from their mouth. Now i know i have a chance to fuck them. After sometime they said that they were widow so they satisfy themselves only. I ask them can i fuck them. First they said no but later told yes. Then started to tell their name . One lady name was rati and other malathi. I undress them. I saw their unshaven pussy. I started to kiss rati and malathi was sucking my cock. Actually they were doing in professional way. I ask them the reason.

They said it was not their first time. Rati and i was kissing very widly and malathi was sucking my cock like loolypop. Now my cock was ready to cum. After 15 minutes i cummed in malathi mouth which she shared with rati. Both started to exchange my cum mouth to mouth and sawllowed it. Then i started to lick malathi pussy and rati was sucking my cock. I should say that they really a good sucker. As i was licking malathi pussy she was making loud sound. and jumping in air. After sometime malathi had her orgasms. Now i was hard again. I told rati that i want to fuck her ass. She also like it very much.

I applied some oil in her butthole and my cock. And started to push my cock in rati ass. She was shouting in pain. After pushing sometime i used take my cock out and give it to malathi mouth. She use to suck it. Then malathi would kiss me in my mouth.  This type of sex was first time for me and i enjoy this dirty sex. I cummed in malathi mouth.  We continued this fucking session till morning. That night i had 4 time orgasms and they had couple of orgasms. This is how i fucked two beggars in my house.

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