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Sex Ed. in Miss Kinny's Class

(Part 1 from 1)

I’m Adam, and I am 6’4, 180 lbs. and fairly muscular. I attend a catholic high school, and live in Canada. This is my story about a teacher giving “sex ed” classes.

She walked in, the 24 year-old goddess, Miss Kinny, the LA teacher for my school. Her long red hair and D-cup breasts made every boy in the school want her, not to mention some of the girls. So when she walked into class that day, in a low cut top, mini-skirt and black leather boots that went up to her knees, most mouths in the classroom, dropped, or at the very least, started to drool.

“Hello class, we have a very busy day ahead of us” she said in an eleven-like voice.
She was a very strict teacher, one of the worst, so none of us expected anything special to happen that class, only the wardrobe that she had on gave us any indication of the outcome of the class.

“I would like everyone to find a partner of the opposite sex to work with this class” she said.
This happened very quickly, as she was prone to give out detentions to slow people.

“Good to see you all like the opposite sex, that will make the class run smoother, now, none of this will leave the class room, understand?” she said in a very strict tone.
“Yea, Ms. Kinny” we all replied in unison.

“Excellent” she said “now, ladies, I would like you to take off your shoes, gentlemen, do likewise”
As we all clamored to carryout this most unusual task, she started to take the bun out of her hair, and let it fall.
“Now ladies, please unbutton your shirts, and take them off, very slowly for your male partners, but leave you bras on. Boys, do the same for your female partners” she directed.

The class was taken aback by her orders, and many hesitated until they saw her partially disrobed in front of them, a truly awe-inspiring sight. After seeing her stand in-front of the class with her incredible breast only hidden by a paper-thin piece of cloth, they carried out the order without hesitation, and many of them had their shirts off within the minute.

“Very good class, now you will take you pants off, slowly” she commanded.
This order was carried out quickly as well.

“Very nice class, very nice” she said “now girls take your bras and panties, and thongs off, boys take your boxers off.”
As the rest of the class was doing this, she was doing likewise, and very soon the floor of the classroom was littered with the discarded pieces of clothing from the class.

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“Now, boys, I will teach you how to pleasure a female properly” she said “I need a volunteer for a demonstration with me”.
Instantly, every male hand in the class shot up, as well as every cock.
“Mark, come here please” she said.

Excitedly, the guy ran up to the front of the class and waited for her instructions.

“First, make sure you fingers are properly lubed, as not to hurt your partner” she said “saliva will often do the trick” she said as she inserted Marks fingers in her mouth, and slowly started giving a blowjob to his fingers. After a minute of finger blowing, she instructed him to put his index and his middle finger on her clit.
“This is one of the most sensitive spots of a woman’s body, you would do well to remember that” she said.

Marks looked like an idiot, just standing there with his fingers on her clit, not doing anything.
“Now my dear boy, start rubbing in a circular motion, on my clit, applying even pressure. Oh yeah, that’s how to do it. Faster, Mark faster” she said, her voice slowly rising in pitch.

After 30 seconds of masturbation, Miss Kinny let out a scream of ecstasy, and cum squirted out of her.
“Very good Mark, very nice indeed. Well guys, you same that, now it’s your turn” she said.
All the males turners to the females, and after inserting their fingers in the female mouths, masturbated their partners, several girls moaning as the boys touched their clits.

“Gently now guys, gently” said Miss Kinny.
“Oh, Adam” said Miranda, my partner and girlfriend for along time, though we never did any of this kinda stuff “faster, faster Adam, OH GOD ADAM, I’M GONNA CUM HARRRRRRD!” 

She erupted on my fingers as she screamed out my name in bliss. Now, I don’t know about you, but when a hot girl, not to mention your girl friend, screams out your name, and cums all over the fingers you just masturbated her with, you *should* get pretty sexually exited, and my 9 inch cock was standing dutifully at attention. Miranda had never seen my cock before, and I had never seen her naked, so this was a pretty special day for us.
After all of the girls in the class had cum at least once, Miss Kinny held up her hand.

“Ok, class, very good, and by the shouts and screams, very successful. Now ladies, it’s your turn, take your partners cock into your hand, or hands as may be the case (she was eyeing my 9 incher with interest) and slowly stroke it up and down, paying close attention to the ridge that separates the head for the shaft, this is a very sensitive part of the male anatomy” she said.

Miranda was slowly stroking my cock, and was doing it with both of her hands, and it was feeling unbelievably good. She gave little kisses to the head, and frequently looked quite mischievous, and it did not take long for me to get that familiar feeling.
“I want the boys to cum of the girl’s chests, ok class?” said Miss Kinny.

“Miranda I’m going to cum pretty soon here, just stroke a little more… HERE I CCUUMM!” I groaned, covering my girlfriends B-cup tits with my cum, making them all hot and sticky.

She started to stroke it around on her tits, as were most of the rest of the class girls, and many of us guys were getting hard once again.
“Tomorrow were going to move on to a little oral sex” said Miss Kinny “you may pack up, or I guess, dress up”

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