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Sex on a horse ranch

(Part 1 from 2)

Bubba was a lonely boy. He lived with his mother on a horse ranch in the sand hills of Nebraska. There were no girls for miles around. He spent his time fishing and hunting. One day Bubba mother Doris told him that her sister was coming to live with them for a while. Bubba liked the idea of another woman around, even if it was his moms sister.

His moms sister was arriving by train Tuesday. Bubba drove his pick up truck to the train station to meet her. He was told that she would be a tall blond girl. That must be her. She was the only blond woman in the train station.

"Hi, I am Bubba Backer."

"Are you Judith Thomson?"

"Yes I am." she smiled.

Bubba and Judith went to his truck and drove to the ranch.

"Do you have many horses? said Judith.

"Yes." said Bubba.

"Good, I would like to see a stud breed a mare."

Bubba coughed and said nothing. She might be a lot of fun he thought. His mother greeted her sister and kissed her. They went into the house to talk.

Bubba went to look at the mares. A mare he called Sally was in the barn. Bubba looked around and made sure no one else was there. Sally saw him coming. She backed up to the railing raising her tail. She knew what Bubba was going to do.

Bubba rolled up his shirt sleeve and shoved his whole arm up Sallys cunt. He fucked the horse with his arm until his prick ejaculated in his shorts.

Bubba withdrew his slimy arm, rolled down his shirt sleeve and went in the house to clean up. He passed his mom and Judith on the way in. He looked at Judith and wished he had shot sperm in her cunt instead of his pants. She was not bad looking.

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