Riding the Bus

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I was 45 years old at this point and using public transportation. I worked the swing shift and got off work at midnight. One day while on the bus in the afternoon, I noticed a very large older woman. She was 60 years old, 5'2" with short grey hair, blue eyes and somewhat homely looking. She had a small female child on her lap and hugging and kissing the child. This turned me on and I decided I'd like this large woman to kiss on me. I was 6'3" tall at 185 lbs., hazel eyes and long brown hair and a mustache.

Then one night while at my bus stop at midnight, the large woman was at the stop. It turned out she had been transferred to the swing shift and she worked in the building across the street from mine. I spoke briefly to her and she responded. I then sat next to her on the bus. This occurred for the next two weeks. It turned out that she lived two blocks from me. One night the bus hit a good size bump and it caused our legs to come together. Hers pressed to mine. I did not move mine away from hers and she did not move hers away from mine. This was December, so the next night I gave her a Christmas card as I left the bus. It said that as a gift, I'd give her a full body sensuous massage. The next night she handed me a card and when I got home and opened it, it had her phone number, address and an apartment key with a note telling me I could use the key "anytime."

I had the next two days off. On the afternoon of my second day, a Sunday, I called her and asked if she'd like some company. I then was knocking on her door. She opened the door. There she was, short and fat, wearing a large man's button up shirt and black stocking leotards. She nervously ushered me in and I went directly to her couch and sat at the far end. We were both nervous and our conversation was strained. But after only about 3 minutes of being on her couch, she came and sat next to me. She was so close, her body was pressing against mine.

Then she said, "I was so happy the first time you spoke to me, I just wanted to give you a big kiss!"

Without saying a word, I turned towards her, put my arm around her shoulders and pressed my mouth to hers. My left hand went to her fat waist and I felt her large body as our mouths were engaged in heavy kissing. I was amazed had how good her kisses were. I wanted to fuck her so much.

Then she said to me, "I'd like to cash in my massage certificate."

She got up and I followed her as she waddled into her bedroom. She switched on the light and the room became very bright. The sun was going down at this point. She asked if she should remove her shirt and of course I said yes. I told her to also remove her bra. She did as I asked and there she was, standing before me naked to the waist and the rest of her covered in skin tight black leotard. Her large breasts sagging very low. She laid on her stomach and I crawled on top of her, straddling her huge fat ass and pressing the bulge in my Levis against that big ass. I began massaging her bare shoulders and rubbing her back, and then I just had to lean forward and press my lips to her naked flesh. I began kissing her shoulders and her back all over. I then licked up and down her spine with the tip of my tongue. I next began to kiss the rolls of fat on her side. As I did this, she pushed herself up with her fat arms, exposing her large dangling breasts to me. I rolled off of her and began kissing the breast closest to me. She raised more so I could take her huge nipple into my mouth. I suckled on her and the nipple became full and hard in my wet mouth.

I then pushed her back so I could kiss her wonderful mouth again. As we continued kissing heavily, I began undoing my shirt. She took the cue and started undoing my pants. I then stood up and removed my clothes, my cock erect and throbbing before her blue eyes. As I laid back onto her large bed, she got up and climbed out of her leotard.

"I hope my body doesn't turn you off," she said to me.

I looked at this old, short fat naked woman. Her huge pear shaped body with her large sagging breasts and folds of fat actually had me very turned on. She crawled up onto the bed next to me and as I took her in my arms again, she whispered, "I haven't had sex in over ten years, since I was divorced. I like sex, please fuck me."

I kissed her hard and as I did, she grabbed my hard cock. The feel of her fat fingers around my staff sent shivers of pleasure throughout my body. My hands began exploring her large naked body. She felt so warm and smooth to my touch. I kissed her over and over and then she gave me her magical tongue. God, I loved her tongue in my mouth. I licked it, sucked on it... It was simply joyous!

I kissed down her body to her large breasts and spent time licking, kissing and sucking on them. Then I kissed over her large mound of a stomach down to her thick, fat thighs and found her large, plump lips of her pussy. I kissed her fat thighs and then kissed her plump love lips and licked between them with my wet tongue. I pushed inside and marveled at how wonderful her pussy felt and tasted on my tongue. I found her large clit and my tongue played with it a long time. I licked and sucked her slowly, wanting this to last a long time. I had never enjoyed eating pussy the way I was enjoying her. Then I heard her moaning and her large body began to squirm beneath me as I feasted on her. Her fingers grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her as she shouted, "YES! YES!" and then I felt her hot cum squirt hard onto my tongue as she exploded in my mouth. I became harder as I swallowed her sweet juices.

I rose up from between her fat legs and got in position to mount her. She was anxious to have me inside of her and I was anxious to be in her. She raised her huge legs up in the air as I climbed up and found the opening of her love tunnel and slipped my seven and a half inches inside of her. She felt so good and amazingly tight as I began thrusting my cock in and out of her. "Yes! YES!! Oh yes, fuck me!" She was commanding.

I couldn't imagine going without sex for over ten years and I wanted to give her the best sex she'd ever had. I wanted to please her like never before. Then as I fucked her and watched her huge body beneath mine, I began to build my juices and desire to explode within her and I shot my hot cum hard inside of her.

It turned out that I was only the second man she'd ever been with. We have been seeing each other for secret play dates for over 18 years now.

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