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Hi I'm Lena. I'm a young latino. I am 5ft6in. I have a size 34D in chest and am thick yet my weight is 150. One day I was sitting on the stairs of my apartment reading a book. I was wearing low cut shorts and a tight tank top. Slight presparation was on my brow and glistening on my chest.

Some guys I knew from school were walking by. They were chatting about some game that had happened. Rico a sexy basketball player caught my eye and winked at me. I just smiled. The next day I sat outside I had a popsicle and was licking it seductivley as they passed. Rico who was about 6ft2in stopped and just looked up at me.

Then he said "Your enjoying that huh?" I nodded not knowing what to say. He said "Can I have some?" I nodded again smiling. He walked up to me very closley and slowly took the popsicle in his mouth, then rubbed it with his tongue. He said "mmmmmm....Good" He looked me in the eye then said "Hey guys I'll see you later!" He called to his friends.
He pulled me into his arms and then kissed me passiontly on the lips. "Lets go inside."

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We walked up the stairs to the apartment. I sat him down on the couch and slowly took off my clothes. Starting with my shorts. I slowly pulled them down revealing my black see-through thongs. Next I pulled off my tank top slowly, letting him sip it all in. My breast popped out and he pounced onto them. Savoring the flavor of my sweat. I pulled off his t-shirt then started to unbuckle his pants.

He put his hand over mine and said "Wait a little longer,Lena." He pulled down my panties and pushed me onto the couch. My pussy started throbbing with anticipation. He pushed two fingers in rubbing my clit with his thumb. When he hit my heymen he looked up at me. I smiled at him "don't stop". He nodded and began to go in and out faster and faster, just as I was about to have a orgasm he stopped and replaced his fingers with his tongue. I grabbed the cushions on the couch. "Come for me mommie" I moaned loudly and had a orgasm that shook my pussy hard. It was dripping wet. I then undid his pants and could see his purtruding penis. As I pulled down his boxers I gasped. He had a 10in dick that was thick.

I gobbled it into my mouth putting the whole thing in nearly choking. "Damn girl your good." As he moaned I started to finger my soaking wet pussy. When he came I tried to swallow it all, but he saw me struggle and said "One step at a time". He bent down and pulled my finger out licking it. He then laid down and pulled me on top of him. He pushed hard into my tight pussy and popped my cherry. I moaned in pain, but as he pushed me up and down I began rubbing my nipples.

I began to move my hips and began to have the most unbelieveable orgasm. Rico began to harden inside me. "Oh Baby IM CUMMIN!". He quickly pulled out of me and came all over my tits and face. He then turned me around doggie style and lubed up my asshole with my cum. He popped his dick in my tight ass and began to ride me. A tear rolled down my cheek, but I kept up with him. He came once more in my ass.

I was exhaughted and collasped on the couch. He smiled and jerked off just watching me. Ever since that day we have dated steadily.

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