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Pool party

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we dont have the kids for the weekend so someone at your work asked if they could use our property to host a pool party, we had the space and it is on a private setting so we were like cool how many people. they were like 10 guys and three girls. wow ok that is cool. so anyway the kids leave that friday and you and i had some free time so how else to spend it of course fucking. so we start out doing alot of fore play.i use the strap on on you and u suck it from time to time. i love how u suck on cock that is so hot, we did 69 and u licking my juices from my pussy as i was swallowing down ur cock, then after that u pound me the hell out of me with that hard cock that i cant get enough of, i then explode with with cum soaking your cock as you pull out and cum all over my titties and then make me suck the juices off your cock. we then just fall asleep in each other's arms.

we must have slept for hours bc neither one of us heard the doorbell. i woke up with feeling of someone rubbing their hands up and down my body, which i thought was you so i rub my hands on you but then realized you were still sleeping. so i roll over to find a naked girl laying there beside me, she was like i am the b-day girl i rang the doorbell and the door was unlock i wasnt sure if it was the right house or not. i was like yea sorry i wasnt sure what time the party was, she was like i am kinda early wanted to help set things up but i rather join you in bed. i was that is what up, i love females i think they are hot to look at and i am all about tits and pussy. she was like would u mind eating my pussy.

i havent had that in awhile and since it is my day i wouldnt want anything more then a love fuck from anyone today. so i was like sure but i am kinda of sticky from his cum she was like i love fucking people after they fuck she was like it is hot. i was like sweet and proceeded to go down and eat her pussy. it was shaven and it was a little loose but that is ok pussy is pussy and it tasted good so that is all that matters. so she then she was like i never really used toys or been tortured and teased she is like that is a b-day wish i had forever. are you guys like that. i was like darling we are into everything,we have a sex room and a stripper pole in the basement with a bar, she was like omg you guys are the best. so she wanted to try out my strap on and we used body oil on each other and she never had her ass played with so i asked her if she wanted me to get u up she was like no i heard about him and i dont want to feel stupid so can u do these things teach me a few things.

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i was like sure i was like he is the one who made me the way i am today. so i gently fingered her ass and licked in and she just told me to spread her cheeks and fuck her, i was like ok u sure she was like your so hot i am hot idc how bad it hurts just please fuck me in it, so i put the strap on lotioned it just alittle and proceeded to enter her ass. she screamed with pleasure then u woke up and turned around to see what the scream was. as i was stroking the strap on in and out of her ass, i looked at you and saw that your cock was already starting to get hard. she begged for more she wanted to be touched and fucked. you get in front of her and shove that cock in her mouth while u grabbed her hair. i pull out of her ass and i start to finger her pussy which was soaked i was like i need to lick this. so i ate her out my mouth dripping with cum as i take the strap on and ram her pussy til she screamed and came all over the strap on, man i pulled out and i had u both suck it clean,

so she wanted to stop for now bc it was almost time for the party, we didnt even clean up we just threw our string bikinis on and went to set up. the guest started to arrive as we see more guys then girls. i pulled her bf to the side and was like what kind of party is this, he was like she is shy and scared and i am like your bf and how u guys roll so i know she has it in her and i know she can roll that way but i am hoping this plan works and by the end of the night her sexual wild side comes out. i turn to u to let u know u were like i already know it is our job to fix her bc i have a surprise for you by the end of the night as well. so anyway everyone is here and in the pool and they were naked, she looked at me and was like i cant do that i was like look get in the pool with me clothed and dont worry about them., we get in the pool i go under water and strip her as i am touching her.

i come up and kiss her hard as i grab her tits. i tell her bf to come over to make her feel good as she is into it and i then tell u to have your way as i instruct the others to come over and get a piece of her. she seems ok and looks like she is having a good time. then it begins to rain but that doesnt stop this party, people were fucking in the pool side of the pool in the grass, i mean guys sucking guys girls fucking guys, i mean it was like one big orgy people on top of everyone and anyone. we move the party to the basement where we had drinks already made with tons of alcohol, at this point it is free for all we turned the music up and naked and we are just jamming. me and the three girls are on the pole and dancing and swinging from it and then us four go at it, omg the tits the pussy and the cum i love fore playing with girls they are hot, u and the guys come up and start joining in, three on three four on four, i mean the guys were all bi the girs were all bi so there was no hold back, guys and girls sucking cocks. girls eating pussy. i mean omg there was no escaping any holes, asses mouths and pussy was getting it. we decide to tie the b-day girl up and let her watch this fucking we got going on, tease her alittle bit. let her watch cocks get sucked, people kissing titties being played with, u can tell she couldnt take no more so her bf goes and playes with her and we join around them and have our fun with everyone, she got fucked my girls guys . she got cocks rammed in her ass and her pussy and mouth. her titties were getting smacked and pulled on. filled her body and pussy with cum.

we untie her and she is hot she wanted to fuck everyone she was begging for me. u and her bf get together and gang bang her, i told her she wanted a good hard fucking give it to her baby, u were rough demanding and powerful and bang the hell out of her, her bf banged her, the other guys come up and slam her, she was screaming weak in her knees, then i got the samer treatment as long with half the people there, i never knew people could fuck so much in my life, they cum and fuck even more and longer, the only thing i can remember seeing that night was hard cocks and pussy.

the greatest image ever, u tell me that the couple is moving in with us she is now my gf and he is ur bf and now we can fuck and have a couple or threesomes whatever whenever. i love you so much i kiss you and i am so happy with you. here and out our life was about to change we had another couple living with us always naked and alot of fucking,.we would have our own nights, but we had alot four somes and always had threesomes in the house in the pool everywhere.

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