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Peeping Daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

I have always been very open with my children about anything they had questions about. My theory is if I don't give them complete and honest answers to the questions they ask someone else will. When they asked if I had ever done drugs I told them all about my wild high school years, the good, the bad, and the really bad. They didn't have to make the same mistakes I did because I had already made those mistakes for them. My honesty gave me an open line of communication with them that lasted all through the "terrible teen" years and they still feel comfortable about asking me anything.

When the kids were young I caught them several times playing with themselves and of course they were embarrassed. I told them that there was nothing to be ashamed of and that it was a natural thing that everyone did but it was meant to be done in private. After that I frequently found doors locked and thought that maybe I had been too flippant about the whole thing because they seemed to spend more time playing with themselves than I did at that age. As it turned out they grew into well adjusted adults with healthy self images.

When they got old enough to start dating the doors didn't get locked very often and I thought that they had pretty much had their fill of masturbation. I then got worried about what might be filling that void that seemed to take up so much of their life. I soon learned that at least one daughter was still very much involved with her own self gratification.

I had gone to bed early one night but was having trouble sleeping. After tossing around in bed for what seemed hours I gave up and decided to walk outside and have a smoke. I sleep in the nude and our backyard is pretty secluded so I didn't bother to put anything on. It was late so the kids should have already been asleep and even if they were up they would be in their rooms.

I took a couple of drags off my cigarette and just walked around the courtyard looking at things that I needed to do the next day when I noticed someone on the couch in the living room. My wife usually sleeps there because she needs the TV on to sleep but she was out of town for the night. I peeked in to see who it was and found myself looking at my 16 year old daughter, Lisa, wearing her usual t shirt and panties laying on the couch and watching TV. I didn't think much of it and started to walk away when she suddenly skipped toward the door to let the dog out. Since I was walking around naked in the backyard and didn't feel like explaining it I stayed hid. Our dog spooks easily so I stayed hid so she didn't start barking and call attention to me. Lisa would be letting the dog back in in a minute so I just stood still by the window.

Lisa layed back down on the couch, facing me, and flipped through the channels. I was stuck there so I watched the TV too while I waited for her to let the dog back in. Her hand moving caught my eye and I looked back at her as she slowly started to play with her nipples aver her shirt. My limp dick started to twitch at the sight and I couldn't believe I was getting turned on by this. I needed to leave but if the dog barked now it would look like I planned this "peep show". Luckily she stopped and got up to let the dog back in and I was able to get back in my room.

As I layed there trying to get back to sleep I couldn't get the vision of my gorgeous daughter playing with herself out of my mind. I thought to myself that it was wrong to want to see that but i just got hornier and hornier. I got back up and went outside to the window half hoping she had already gone to bed so I wouldn't be tempted to watch more. She was still there and now she had her shirt pulled up exposing her firm breasts and was pinching and rubbing her nipples. I grabbed my now hard dick and started slowly pumping it. As I watched she moved one hand down between her legs and started stroking her pussy. She seemed half interested in playing with herself as she watched TV and I thought the show would end as quick as it started. Luckily rubbing her clit brought her attention back from the TV and she got more aggressive with her pussy.

I had too let go of my dick or it was going to be over for me in an instant and I wanted to see this all the way through. Both hands were now between her spread legs and her fingers were busy making a wet spot grow on the crotch of her panties. Lisa slid her left hand into her panties and her right hand grabbed the waistband pulling them tight into her crack. Although I couldn't see her pussy, the panties were pulled so tight I could see her fingers and everthing they were doing. She pushed hard onto her pussy with her whole hand not concentrating on her clit as I would have expected. 

I thought to myself that she didn't know what she was doing and maybe she didn't know how to get herself off but she proved me wrong. She pulled her hand back out of her panties and started to "pat" her pussy. This got harder and harder until she was spanking her pussy with a look on her face like she was trying to punish it. My hand found my cock again and I stroked for all I was worth as she pulled her panties down and fingered her slit to an intense, sloppy wet, orgasm. My spunk shot all over the wall as I watched her fingers slide up and down her still quivering lips.

I staggered away from the wall still squeezing come from my dick. My breathing was as labored as hers from the most intense orgasm I had had in many years. I crept back into my room and fell into bed still holding my now spent dick. I dropped off to sleep like I hadn't a care in the world. I must have smiled all night as I slept. The next morning I started to feel ashamed as I got ready for work. The only way I was going to be OK with this was to promise myself to never do it again. Then I remembered that I hadn't planned this it just happened.

That was the only show I ever got and thankfully I never tried to spy on her again. I must admit though every time I walk by that window at night I catch myself looking that way and smiling.

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