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Niece's Weekly Punishment Sessions-Chapter 2

(Part 1 from 4)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Chapter 2 Spanking and Breast Whipping

Melissa’s mother laid out clothes for her tonight. It was Friday night again, almost 7 p.m. “You better start getting ready, Melissa. You don’t want to me late for Uncle Bill.” She looked down at the clothes on the bed. Again, clothes that would make her look younger. A short skirt, even shorter then before, red plaid, classic schoolgirl. This time it was a tee-shirt, a very expensive tee shirt, soft, plush material. It wasn’t meant to be loose fitting, it was made to cling to a nice pair of breasts. There was no bra. Panties were red, very silky. 

Melissa came into the room from the shower, a short towel covering her naked body, sweet smelling and fresh. A lamb being led to the slaughter. She had been dreading Friday night all week, hoping that her mother would not make her go into Uncle Bill’s library again. Her mother telling her to take a shower and not be late made her cringe, knowing that she would again have to endure Uncle 
Bill’s punishment and the molesting of her young body.

“I’m going out, I wouldn’t be late. Now you be a good girl and obey Uncle Bill. I have to rush, the girls are waiting outside.” She rushed out the door, not wanting to see the pleading expression on Melissa’s face as she left. It’s not so bad, I went through it when I was young. And soon, they would find a place of their own, a place where Uncle Bill would not control them.

Melissa began to dress, dropping the towel to the floor, catching a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror. Her breasts were small, but each capped with such a lovely pink nipple, surrounded by a dark areola, contrasting the white, pale breast flesh. Her hips and ass were filling out, her tiny, blonde bush barely able to cover her puffy pussy lips. She slipped the red panties on, the feeling of the silky materials so nice after the cotton panties she wore during the week. She pulled the skirt on, trying to pull it down, barely able to cover mid thigh. She pulled the tee shirt over her head, smothering it down, almost like a second skin. The soft material clung to her young breasts, molding around them. She turned red when she saw how hard her nipples had become, poking out the thin material. She glanced at the clock, only five minutes, hurrying to finish dressing and running down to the library to arrive just as the grandfather clock in the hall rang seven chimes.

She opened the door, Uncle Bill already comfortable in his chair, wearing a smoking jacket, looking up as she entered. “Good evening, Uncle Bill.”

“Why, you certainly look lovely tonight Melissa. Step closer, so I may see better,” motioning her over to him.

She stood in front of him, her arms raised up, hiding her hard nipples.

“What are you trying to hide from me, Melissa? Lower your hands to your side.”

She lowered her eyes to the floor, not wanting to see his expression as her hands lowered, her breasts now uncovered.

“Such a lovely top, Melissa. I like how it clings to your small breasts. And look at your nipples. They seem to be trying to bust out,” laughing as he said it.

“Please, Uncle Bill, don’t tease me. The boys already do that at school.”

He stood up and walked next to her. “I’m sorry. I told you I love small breasts like yours.” His hand reached out and cupped one of her breasts, softly snuggling it in his palm. His finger rubbed gently over the nipple, feeling the blood rushing to the tip. He felt her body shudder.

She couldn’t believe she was letting him, but she did. His hand was cupping one of her breasts, his finger stimulating the hard nipple. He was the only one that appreciated her breasts, everyone else made fun of how small they were. She knew it was wrong that he was fondling her young breast, but she could not stop the only person that liked them. She felt his hand move across her chest to cradle the other one, his fingers again pinching lightly on her nipple, feeling it get even harder. She looked down, embarrassed as she saw his hand squeezing her breast, his finger rubbing her nipple.

Then she remembered why she was here. Uncle Bill brought her to be punished. “Please, Uncle Bill, stop,” pulling away from him.

Uncle Bill was almost feeling sorry for her. Damn, can’t let feeling get in the way of good sex. “You’re right Melissa, let’s get back to why you are here. It is time for you to be punished for being a bad girl. Like all little girls that are bad, they need a spanking to punish them and that is what you will get today.”

“No, I’m too old for a spanking, Uncle Bill,” she cried out. 

“Nonsense, you are never too old for a spanking and that is what you will receive today.” He sat back down, this time on a wooden chair he had brought over. A chair without arms so that lovely Melissa could be bent over his lap, her ass ready for a spanking.

“Now get over here quickly before I increase your punishment. I could use a belt instead of my hand. Would you like that Melissa, a nice thick leather strap on your ass?”

She began to sob, going from bad to worse. “No, Uncle Bill, not a belt. That would hurt too much.”

“Over here, I want you over my lap, your head hanging down the side. Quickly now, before I change my mind and get the belt,” he threatened. He smiled as she submissively moved over to him, situating herself to the side of him. 

She felt his hand reach out and push down on her side, guiding her down onto his lap. Lower and lower she went until her head moved down towards the floor, the upside down position making her a little dizzy. Her hands reached for the floor, trying to steady her body, feeling like she was going to slide off and fall on the floor. She could already feel his hard penis pushing into her stomach, her weight pushing her down onto it. She felt the cool air on her legs, not knowing how naked she really looked, the short skirt had not covered much before, the bent over position of her body drew it up even higher.

“That’s a good girl, Melissa. You must take your punishment.” His hand moved over her back, down towards her upraised ass. His cock jerked against her stomach as he saw her naked legs, the short skirt had ridden high up her thighs, a peak of red panties showing. He molded his hand over her ass cheeks, feeling her body tense as he intimately grabbed her ass cheeks in his palms, grabbing them tightly as he caressed the young flesh before him. Back and forth his hand went, gliding over the taut flesh, feeling her body move about, rubbing over his hard cock. His hand moved lower, her body jumped when his hand trailed down to her naked thigh.

She could only imagine how naked her legs were, his hand now traveling down her butt only a short distance before it reached her naked thigh. God, she thought, it must be almost up over my panties, his hand on her naked thighs only inches from her panty covered sex. She squirmed, feeling the penis moving against her like a snake, jumping and twitching.

“Such lovely thighs you have. I so enjoyed punishing them last time. Such tender skin, especially here,” grabbing her roughly between her legs, clenching painfully onto the sensitive skin. She jerked again, his cock thrilled with her movements. “Can you feel how excited you are making my cock, Melissa? You are going to have to make me cum again.”

“Brace yourself, Melissa. His hand rose and fell hard onto her right ass cheek, slapping hard into the young flesh. 

“EEEEhh,” yelled Melissa, a burning sensation in her buttock. God, would she be able to stand it. The blows came suddenly and without let up. One, two, three, four in a row, alternating between each butt cheek, the burning spreading to her whole buttocks. Then he stopped, his hand returning to lightly caress her cheeks again, moving back and forth from one to the other. At least the pain had stopped, enduring the fondling of her body again.

Uncle Bill’s cock jerked each time he struck her ass, loving the feeling of his hand hitting her ass cheeks. His hand even stung a little, but that was immaterial to the sexual excitement he was feeling as he spanked her young ass. “You’re being a good girl, Melissa. But I think your skirt is taking too much of the brunt of the spanking.” He began to pull her skirt up over her plump buttocks, her ass cheeks straining the red panties. He tucked it above her waist, his hand returning to her panty covered ass cheeks. “Much better, Melissa, you have such a nice ass,” his hand rubbing the flesh as he spoke.

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