Nice new home

(Part 1 from 1)

This all happened when I was only 23 years old I was just starting to live apart from my fathers I had a good job and I wanted to start my own life.
I had just found the perfect place for me to live, and the rent was normal, so shifted there.
One day the neighbour came (she was about 55 years old with an skinny body) and asked me for some help. She said that she had a problem with the shower, it was stuck or something. I didnít understood very well what the problem was, but I knew a little how to plumber, so I told her that I could go and have a look.
When I arrived to her some she received me very nicely, and she took me to the bathroom.
As soon as I arrived I opened the t he pipe that leads to the shower. But the water was open and it splashed all over us.
She went to change her clothes and I told her that I would finish and then I would change.
I finished really fast and I went to tell her.
When I found her, she was just starting to change of clothes, I could see her beautiful boobs trough her wet clothes.
For the first time I started to feel so attracted to an older woman, and I couldnít help to touch her.
I went near her without her noticing me and I grabbed her from behind and started to kiss her neck. She jumped, surprised by the sudden touches, and struggled to get out of my arms, but after a few tries she started to like it, stopped to fight and started to kiss me back.
She turned around and we started to kiss passionately, she was an artist in kissing, her tongue moves like a hurricane.
I tool her wet clothes off and started to kiss my way down her body. I was kissing every inch, till I reached her nipples.
I took both of her nipples in my mouth and started to suck like a baby sucks from his mother. Then I pinched her nipples, as she moaned in pleasure.
After some minutes I started to go down to her pussy.
I pulled down her panties and buried my face in her vagina.
Her big swollen clit that hadnít had any relief for a long time now was getting the treat of its life.
I gave long and deep strokes with my tongue, as I slowly pushed two fingers inside her wet love tunnel.
I could feel her bodyís muscles tightening with every stroke of my tongue.
I slowly started to build up a rhythm with my fingers going in and out of her.
I couldnít hold my self any more, I wanted to enjoy this moment too, so I started to lick her ass wile I prepared my 7 in cock for the action.
I slowly began to push my dick inside her ass, wile I fingered her pussy.
She screamed in pleasure, as I fucked her ass just as if she was a cheap bitch, but she screamed for more, she wanted me to fuck her harder. So I pulled my dick almost all the way out and then with all my strength I pushed it back inside, again and again.
After about ten hard strokes with my dick she reached her climax and had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen. She was twisting all over the bed wile she screamed and I kept on fucking her ass and pussy.
After she finished her orgasm I took my dick for her to heat something.
She took my whole dick in her mouth and started to suck it.
She was sucking so nicely, and massaging my balls with her hands.
I couldnít hold any more and started to cum inside her mouth she drank all she could but still started to fall out of her mouth.
After we finished I left to my home and told her that I would call her in the after noon.
When I called her, she told me that she was going to have a party with all her sister and she would like me to join then.
I accepted the invitation and I am sure that is not going to be just a family reunion.
I wall tell you everything that happens after the reunion.
Ok so just wait for it.

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