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New Family Ties

(Part 1 from 1)

The holidays had arrived much much to early, and with only a couple of weeks left, I was busy trying to put it all together for Christmas. I had traveled to my place in the mountains to relax for a couple of days and my daughter and her family had come up for a visit. My family knew nothing of my penchant for men, as I had always held a respectable job, been a good family man, and since my divorce years ago, had been involved with several different women, but never remarried. The reason is that I re-discoverd men and really enjoyed the relations that I had with my male counterparts, although they were few and far apart. My earlier experience had come as a young teenager when my cousins and I would have mutual jack off sessions and an occasional blow job. Like many other men from my generation, I put those games behind me when I married and settled in for the long haul as just a regular joe.

The weekend went well and as sunday arrived, my oldest grand-son asked if he could ride back home with me. As my car was loaded with a lot of my daughters shopping, I told him it would be fine. He was a good looking kid and reall outgoing, always talking about his girlfriends and dates in a big way. The trip homw was about two hours and after about an hour on the road, I adjusted myself in my seat as my back was somewhat stiff. As I did, Ryan reached up and began massaging the back of my neck. God, that felt wonderful and I told him that he was going to turn me into jelly if he kept it up. He remarked that I looked tense and tired and he was glad to be of service. He was a good kid, and I didn't give it much thought. Following in tandem with my daughter, she stopped to get gas and I pulled off also. I told her that I needed to go by my place and check it before coming to her place for dinner and that Ryan and I would be there before six that evening.

We arrived at my place around 3 pm and as luck would have it, my furnace was on the blink and the house was pretty cold. I pulled out my assortment of electric heaters and began positioning them throughout the house to knock the chill off. I knew that it would be the next day before I could get the furnace repaired, so Ryan and I grabbed a sandwich and got in front of the tv to watch some NFL football. At some point I went into my bedroom to check on the status of the heater there and layed across the bottom of my bed on my stomach and tucked my arms underneath my body to keep them warm. Ther still was a chill in the bedroom. Ryan stuck his head in the door and ask what I was doing and I told him that I was trying to get warm and just wanted to check the heater I had put in the room. He asked if he could lay on the bed with me and I told him sure.

He snuggled in right beside of me and began to remak that he too was a little chilly. He had shut the bedroom door to trap the heat in the one room and in a few minutes you could feel the room warm up some. As we were laying there next to one another, I could feel his body heat and for a moment forgot that he was my grandson. Ryan put his hand on my back and began to slowly massage my back. This felt so good and I guess my moaning told him that it was ok to continue. Of course, I expected nothing more than a back rub from him and nothing more. As he continue to rum, he placed his hand up under my shirt and made contact with my skin, remarking that my body was putting off a lot of heat. The rubbing felt so good that I drifted into a dream-like state, not asleep, but not fully conscious, just bathing in the moment of warmth and contentment. I could sense that Ryans breathing had become a little labored and then I felt his hand skirt the elastic of my sweat pants and rub just beneath the belt-line to the top of my ass cheeks. Instinctively I raised my ass slightly off the bed and that seemed to be a green light for what happened next.

Ryan began to rub my ass with his hands and let his fingers stray in my asscrack. I could feel myself getting hard and wondered what I should do. But I did nothing as I wanted to see what he had in mind. Again I raised my ass to meet his hand and this time he slid his other hand underneath my body and squeezed my hardening cock and rubbed my balls. I knew then that Ryan wanted sex, but I was still not sure what or how. He began to tug on the back of my sweats and I allowed him to pull them down past my ass to my thighs. He again reached under me and squeezed my cock which was now rock hard. He spread my ass cheeks and pushed his middle finger agains my ass hole. He entered me and began massaging my hole with his finger. I was a case of wet noodles at this point. Ryan was about 6'2" and weighed about 210, solid kid, build with a slight gut, nice big thighs and as I found out shortly and stiff 7" cock swinging above a huge set of balls. I could feel him get up off the bed and as I turned to look at him, he was stripping his clothes off to get naked. He had me the same way in just a few minutes.

From my bed stand he took a tube of ky jelly and covered his middle finger and again began working on my tight asshole, His manipulatins felt wonderful and he leaned into me and kissed the back of my neck and told me to relax that he wanted to fuck me in the worst way. He scooted off of the bed and I pulled myself up to all fours. I could feel him behind me, still probing with his finger as he had it buried in my ass and had me rocking back and forth on it. Then he placed his cockhead at my quivering hold and slowly slid into me. His cock was big in girth and I had to stop him because of the pain. He seemed to know just what to do as the tension eased and his cock slipped further into my hole. In just a moment I had adjusted to his sized and length and my ass began to roll back against him as I wanted to feel him fuck me at this point. He did not disappoint me as he grapped me by each side of my hips and began pounding his hard cock into my tight hole. He couldn't get far enough into me, I wanted to feel his entire body inside of me.

With each of his manly thrust, mas ass came back to meet him as we began to get into a good fucking motion. I told him how good he felt inside of me and how much I wanted him to fuck my hole. He seemed to love it that I was enjoying him so much. He told me that he didn't know what came over him,but that he had suspected that I might like men and just threw caution to the wind and took his chances that I would not reject him. Well reject him I did not, as this young stud continued to fuck his grandfathers tight ass. Several times as he increased his speed and thrust, he pounded my prostate and I could feel an orgasm trying to build. He never got me over the edge but pulled out at the last minute and sprayed his thick cum all over my ass and back. He collapsed on top of me and began kissing the back of my neck. As he did so, he went down my back licking his cum off of me.

Then he rolled me over and pulled me into him and kissed me with the taste of his fresh cum on his lips and tongue, I was close to the edge. He slid down my body and took my hard dripping cock into his mouth. Within seconds I dumped my hot load into his mouth. Once again he came up and kissed me deeply as he let my cum flow back as our tongues mingled it together and we shared our mutual taste. This was our first session and I had no idea the kid was gay, bi or liked men, but I do now. I'm looking forward to our next encounter as he promised me that he hoped that there would be more. I can't wait to feel this young stud taking care of his grand-dad again, and neither can he.

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