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Naughty Neighbor

(Part 1 from 1)

Karen had lived in her new apartment for about a week when she began seeing the girl next door. The girl was tall and slender but still had curves. Her breasts were large and full, and her ass was round and tight. Karen had been friendly with her neighbor, and found out that her neighbor's name was Rayona. It wasn't long before the two girls were spending lots of time together and discussing their secrets.

It was a Friday night, and there wasn't anything to do. Karen was feeling horny but had had no luck at the parties and bars meeting guys. She decided to head homa at about ten and figured she would hear moans coming from Rayona's place like every weekend. When she got home she didn't hear moans so she decided to go over to Rayona's. Karen knocked on the door and Rayona answered it weraing only a tight white tanktop with no bra and black lace panties. Karen's face blushed and she mumbled "sorry..i'll go", but Rayona just laughed and pulled Karen into her place.

Karen was still feeling horny, and seeing Rayona in that sexy outfit was making her cunt really wet. She felt awkward, but Rayona seemed to know what needed to be done. They sat on the couch and Karen told Rayona about her night. "Yeah..I was looking for a guy to fuck tonight also", Rayona replied,"but they were all such idiots". The two girls laughed and Rayona placed her hand on Karen's leg. The two girls looked at each other hungrily and slowly moved towards each other. Their soft lips touched and soon they were making out. Karen couldn't believe it. She had often fucked herself thinking about Rayona's body, but she never thought it would happen!

Rayona moved her hand up to Karens breasts. She pulled down Karen's shirt and began to play with Karen's nipples. Karen moaned and cupped Rayona's large tits in her hand. The girls began taking their clothes off and touching each other all over. 

Finally Rayona slid a finger down into Karen's wet pussy. "'s so wet for me baby" Rayona moaned to Karen."You make my pussy so hot Rayona...your tits are so sexy"The girls continued kissing while Rayona slid her finger in and out of Karen's cunt. Soon the girls were finger fucking each other with multiple fingers and moaning loudly. Rayona pulled away from Karen and said"Let's get really kinky" Karen said alright and Rayona led her into her bedroom. 
She told Karen to lay down on her stomach with her legs spread out. She went to a drawer and pulled out a vibrator and a large dildo. She went into the kitchen and brought back ice cubes and a large cucumber. 

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She straddled Karens legs and took an ice cube into her hand. She slowly pushed it into Karen's cunt as Karen moaned in ecstacy. The coldness dripped out of her pussy and made it even wetter. Rayona played with the wetness and soon began moving a finger into Karen's ass. Karen had never had anyone play with her ass before, but she loved it. Rayone took the dildo and pushed it inot Karen's cunt. She then told Karen to flip over. Karen did and began fucking the dildo that Rayona pushed deeper inside her. Rayona took out the dildo and licked Karens stomach. "Do you want me to lick your pussy?' Rayona asked Karen in a sexy voice."Yes....oh yes..."Rayona slowly moved her mouth to Karen's pussy and spread the lips open with her fingers. 

She traced her tongue along Karen's slit, eventually touching her clit. Rayona then began licking Karen's cunt hungrily and sucking on her large clit. Karen yelled"Oh god...i'm gonna cum!!!" "Squirt it in my mouth baby" Rayona said, and moments later Karen's cum was puring into her mouth. Rayona licked it all up and sucked on Karen's clit until her orgasm was over. Karen moaned and said"your turn!" Rayona pulled out a strap on dildo and a video camera."I want you to fuck me , in both my pussy and ass while we're being filmed. "Karen agreed and put on the dildo. It was really large, about 10", but Rayona really wanted it. Rayona set the camera up and got on the bed on her hands and knees. She told Karen to fuck her as hard as she could. Karen got behind Ryaona and slid the huge cock into her soaked pussy. 

Rayona moaned and said"Fuck my pussy hard.Do it." Karen pumped the huge dildo in and out of Rayona. Rayona moaned loudly and her large tits bounced all around. She arched her back in pleasure and Karen spanked her ass."Oh yes, Karen, punish me!""you little slut, you need to get fucked in this sexy ass"Karen replied. She took out the cock and pushed it powerfully into Rayona's ass. Rayona yelped but fucked the dildo forcefully. "I want you to fist yourself while I fuck your ass you whore" Karen demanded. Rayona responded and began sliding her entire hand into her wet cunt. Her tits were bouncing, and Karen was getting horny again watching them. "Oh shit...i'm gonna cum!"Rayona yelled. "Do it you little slut!"Karen responded and began fucking her ass as hard as she could. Rayona came all over her own hand and brought it up to her nmouth as Karen still fucked her ass."Mmmm, I love the taste of cum"she said and licked each finger in pleasure. 

Karen pulled the cock out and told Rayona she wanted to do something dirty too. Rayona agreed and Karen told her to lay on her back on the bed. Karen straddled Rayona's tits and began rubbing her bald pussy on them. Rayona smiled and said"You like my big titties don't you?" "oh yeah.." Karen moaned. She rubbed her clit on Rayona's nipple and got ready to cum again. 

Rayona opened her mouth wide and told Karen she wanted to eat more of her cum. Karen complied and right after she started cumming on Rayona's tits she let Rayona suck her thronbbing cunt as more and more cum gushed out of her. 

Both girls were tired and dirty, so they took a hot shower together, rubbing and soaping each other, thinking of their next session...

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