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My step -daughter's unknown performance

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

A few years ago,when my step-daughter was eighteen,I had to be out for most of the evening.She was tall,blonde,and well shaped.She had a boyfriend who she had over alot and they would usually spend time in her room with the door open.

This particular evening , on the way home ,the car broke down and I had to walk.As I walked in the driveway I could see my step-daughter's bedroom light was on thru the slightly open Venician blinds.I was always curious about her activities in her room so I looked inside.

There was my step-daughter , Julie and her boyfriend making out on her sofa-bed and on closer look she had her hand in his pants and he had his hands under her shirt.She was arching her back and kissing him with glazed eyes.Suddenly she got up and went to her bedroom door.She looked down the hall as if to make sure no one was around.She came back in and quietly closed her door .To my surprize, she pulled her top over her head and undid her bra.My god, her tits were perfect.Then she dropped her jeans.She was standing in front of him smiling in nothing but a pink thong .She promptly walked up to him so his face was up to her pubic mound and pulled the thong sideways andthruogh the glasing I could hear her say"Lick me,honey"

He smiled and started to run his tongue up and down her slit.She had her eyes closed and began to quiver and shake and she grabbed a pillow to put over her face as she came so she couldn't be heard.
She was breathing hard and sat down beside him ,leaning against him .Her face was flushed and they murmmured words to each other I couldn't hear.It was only a minute or so that she undid his pants and pulled out his cock.She slowly began jerking him off then went faster and faster.I saw him say he was coming and at that Julie deep throated him and rolled his balls as she did.She didn't loose a drop,she swallowed it all. Then she got up and hugged him and they held each other.She played with his cock with her fingertips as they laid there and he fondled her tits.Amazed but then not really I saw him start to get another hard on.She looked down at it and smiled.She got up and he laid down on his back.Julie slid off her thong and straddled him and he slid into her.She started to pump up and down and grind him. His face was ecstatic ,He was enjoying it and so was she. 

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She had increased her pace and her hands were on his chest and she was humping him for all she was worth.Suddenly she got off of him and he got up.She laid back on the bed and as he mounted her she put the back of her ankles on his shoulders and then he was riding her as hard and fast as before.This was making me quite aroused I had hard on too . Suddenly he stretched out straight with his head rolled back and she gripped him around his waist with her legs as they must have came in unison.They laid there a few seconds then he got up and she grabbed up some tissues and cleaned herself and him.She went to her dresser and threw on a flannel night gown while he made himself presentable.They went out of her room as I hurried back down the street alittle.Then as luck would have it my wife called me on my cell phone .Whew! That was close if it had rang by her window she would have heard it . Anyway ,my wife had seen the car and wondered where I was .I told her I was almost in the driveway that I had walked.She said she'd be there shortly, too.I walked in the driveway ,whistling, and went in the house.I had no more had gotten in and put my coat away when my wife arrived. She had had an executive meeting that day and was dressed in her grey business suit.As for looks she was blonde and slim with boobs that made it hard for her to find clothes that she liked.They were magnificent though and her ass was a thing of beauty.

As she came in I walked over and smiled at her and she smiled back as we kissed.The kids came out of the kitchen and her boyfriend said goodnight to us and left.Julie flopped down in the living room chair and said she was going to watch a movie,some chick flick thing .My wife and I both said in unison"I need a shower" then we laughed.I told her to go ahead but as we went down the hall she winked and told me to start the shower. We had our own full bath off our bedroom so I heard my wife ,Linda,closing the doors as I started the shower.I had gone into the bedroom and removed my clothes as she came out of the bathroom and told me that she needed me to wash her back.

Then she grinned and added that and any other hard to reach places.When I went in the bathroom, it was steamy and she was naked ,back to me,getting some soap and sponges.I had a ranging hard on by then and walked up and touched the tip of my cock in her ass crack just as a tease. She jumped then giggled."Wrong hole" she said Then she looked at me and said" Have you ever fucked anyone in the ass".This kind of caught me off guard and I said "N-no ,why"."Well there a lot of younger women working at the firm now and they talk about sex alot and they all say that they love it" she said."They said if you use lube it doesn't hurt it feels good" ."So what are you saying,Lin"I asked."I have some lube in the drawer there , I want to try it, but if it hurts you have to promise me you'll stop"she said.I opened the drawer and squeezed a generous amout of lube on her asshole as she bent over the sink. I lubed myself up too. I said,"I'd better put a finger in first to get you to relax a bit don't you think" She agreed as I circled my middle finger around and in her asshole.

When I got it in I worked it in and out a bit.Then I put another finger in and did the same.I could tell she was getting into it so I took my fingers out and put the head of my cock at her opening.I pushed forward and to my amazment I slid in and didn't stop til my thighs touched her ass cheeks.As i did she let out a long sigh and a bit of a whimper.I was concerned but she said it was good so far and she wanted it faster.So I went faster. She stared to moan and I went faster.She was rubbing her own clit and breathing hard. I reached around and tweaked one of her nipples and that was it .She started coming,harder than usual it seemed .That set me off I wanted to come in her ass.It was like ESP. As soon as I thought it she do me to do it in her ass and in the excitement of the moment off I went and harder than usual ,too .She was panting still bent over with me still in her."Oh Baby" she said " I've been missing something for a long time and if you like doing that to me ,babe,promise me that we can do it often"."I take it that you liked it" I grinned ,still in her"."Well you must like it,too,you won't let me go" she said."Yes ,I do" I said.I told her that we should shower and we got in I soaped her up running my hands over her back,breast and ass.

She washed her hair and started soaping me up.She ran her hands over my chest and stomach and started stroking my cock which to my surprize and her's started to harden.She smiled and told me to rinse off. As I did she went off to the bedroom.When I got there ,she had lit candles and put on a very sexy teddy.The panties had no crotch.She lay back on the bed as I tuned in some music and she told me come here.I was still hard and as I got on the bed she pulled me to her .I was on my knees in front of her and I started to lean over her she put her legs up and rested her heals on my shoulders.I almost fucked up big time and said that the apple didn't fall far from the tree but I caught myself and started to get into fucking her as soon as I was in her.Goddam she was wet and tight as hell.I'd never last at this rate.Again ,she seemed to know and pushed me off gently over on to my back.

When I was there she threw her leg over and settled her pussy over my face as she started sucking my cock.I buried my face in her wet muff.LIcking and flicking.Meanwhile she was deep-throating me.I heard her start to moan and her hips were quivering. I knew she was close. I licked even faster and as I changed technique that was all she could stand .She started coming and was grinding her pussy into my face.She was still trying to suck me but had lost her rythym when she came.

She swung off me and reversed positions.She straddled me and slid me into her pussy.Then she put her hands on my chest which made me smile and started to ride me an did she ride me. I never knew she had so much endurance ,especially, at the speed she was pumping.SHe stated to grind me back and forth and that's when it just became to much.It was slow in building but when it came ,I came so hard that I thought I was going to lose consciousness.When i opened my eyes she smiled and laid her head on my chest.I guess we must have fallen asleep that way,with me still in her.What a night Hmmmmmmmm..........

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