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My mother is a very sexy woman

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : this story is completely fictional!

My mother is a very sexy woman. She stands 5 feet tall and has shoulder length red hair. I love the color of her green eyes, and the way she pouts her ruby reds lips at me when she is mad. Her breasts are perfect handfuls of delight and her heart shaped ass is just what a man is looking for in a woman. By the way her name is Karen. She had me at a very young age and was left to raise me alone with the help of her parents. I never knew my father nor do I care to now, since he left us high and dry all these years. Mom is only 30 years old to my 18 years, and she has kept herself in great shape. Iím a member of the swim team and have a nice toned body on my 6 foot frame. 

On one hot summer night I had on a pair of loose fitting shorts with no underwear on when Mom got the idea to play twister for fun. I placed the mat on the floor and gave the chart a spin to see what color I had to step on first. By the way my sexy mother had on a sexy tank top that did not cover her midsection and a pair of running shorts that were so tight I could make out the outline of her pussy when she stood before me. I had to step on the green circle with my left foot to start the game, and my mom had to put her right hand on the red circle, she decided to put her right hand on the circle the was directly between my legs and looked up at me to smile. Her face was right by my crotch and I felt the blood in my cock start to boil with lust. It was my turn now and I spun the arrow to arrive at my next color. I had to put my right hand on the blue circle. I decided to lean over my mother and put my hand between her legs and at the same time I rested my cock on her head. Mom was laughing at this time and her head was making small circular motions on my cock. I donít think she knew what she was doing so I just played dumb and rubbed my cock on her head for good measure all the while pretending to knock her down. The game went on for some time with me doing everything in my power to get a cheap feel of my mother and in turn created the biggest pre-cum spot on my shorts that I thought was possible for such a young horny kid that I was. Thank goodness that we were both sweating and mom thought it was just the sweat dripping off my waist that caused my problem. Mom finally fell down and in doing so kicked me right in the nuts on the way down. I saw stars and my mother was very upset and immediately rolled me on my back to massaged my balls to relieve the pain. I was seeing stars at this point and thinking back I think it was a good thing, since all the stimulation I got with the game I probably would have shot a load in my shorts in front of my mom. I must have really looked like I was dying because mom just grabbed a hold of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. I felt her hand grab my cock to move it out of the way as she continued to rub and soothed my aching balls. The next thing I know she bent down and kissed my ball sac and asked me if they felt better. I knew a good thing when I saw it so I said it still hurts like the devil, so she continued to rub my balls as she held my now stiffing cock in her other hand. I just laid back and enjoyed the ride as she played with my balls. I guess my hard cock was a tell tale sign that she should stop, since she did not want me to cum in front of her, so she gently released my engorged cock and stopped massaging my balls to which I was by no means happy for. At this point she pull my shorts off the rest of the way off me to do a wash and I just laid there fully naked playing up the sick act for all that I was worth. She saw that I was still hurting, so she let me lie still as the so called pain ran its course though my body.

Mom decided to put a large wash on thinking I was just going to lie there all night. She put all the towels and my clothes in the washing machine. I knew I had nothing to wear so I just started walking around the house naked in front of my mother without any shame at all. Karen was not pleased with this situation at all, and called me into the kitchen to talk. Mom told me it wasnít right to walk in front of her naked like this, since she was a woman and it was disrespectful to her, so I said I was sorry and went to my room to wait until my laundry was ready to wear. As fate would have it my mother needed my help to change a light bulb in the kitchen. I had to step on a short step ladder to reach the light bulb. I planned this right from the beginning by placing the ladder in such a way that the steps were facing the sink and since it was such an old ladder my mom would have to hold it so I wouldnít fall. I made sure my cock was leveled with my motherís face and even went so far as to lean forward a little to get it as close as possible to her ruby red lips. My cock was rock hard my now and I put the final part of the plan into motion. With the new bulb in place I put my hands on the ceiling and pretended I was losing my balance. At this time my mom was horrified and had her mouth open in panic. I seized the opportunity and thrust my cock directly into her mouth and circled my hips to coincide with my fake falling act. This motion allowed my cock to twirl in her mouth for a few glorious seconds before she spit my cock head out of her mouth. I decided not to push my luck too far and got off the ladder. The look on her face was priceless. Mom was bright red as she stood before me in shock. I told her I was sorry and went right to my room to wait for my clothes again. 

Went my laundry was done I put my clothes back on and joined mom in the den. Right away I knew I was going to get it with both barrels, but instead we talked and agreed it was an accident so all was well. As I sat watching TV I thought back to what happened today, and I could not believe that not only did my mother play with my balls and give them a kiss she also had my cock in her mouth. I could not believe the luck, and I knew I had to blow a monster load soon before I started getting blue balls.

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