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My incest and exhibitionist stories

(Part 1 from 1)

When I was very young. I would fantasize about seeing girls nude or being seen nude by girls.

Between 8 and 10 I gradually started being nude less often with my mother present. She would give me baths less often. She would help me get dressed and undressed less often.

When she did give me baths, it was as it always was. I never saw anything sexual in it (until I am remembering it now).

She would undress me and then turn on the water. Sometime I would be standing there naked and my mother would say, “The water noise is making me want to pee.” She would turn the water off and pull her pants down and pee in front of me. She would always wait until flushing has finished and the toilet refilled before pulling her pants up, turning the water back on and then start to wash me.

She would always change her tampon in front of me, if it were that time of the month.

Once when I was 6 or 7 I asked her if I could she could put a tampon in me. She said sure. She still had her pants down and sitting on the toilet. She put me over her knees spread my bum cheeks and put the applicator (The same one she used) on my anus. She didn’t penetrate me with it. She just wiggled it a bit. She said, “Done.” I climbed off her. I never asked for a tampon again.

She would only let me sit in about 2 inches of water. She said it saved water. Instead of sitting towards the front of the bath and the faucet, I would sit towards the back and the toilet. (Sometimes she would not pee as the water was running but during my bath.) The toilet was off to the side so I could always see it.

I would sit as she washed my front. Then she would wash my back, under the arms. She would then ask me to stand. She would then put the soap in one hand put it and insert it to the crack of my bum. She held the soap vertically so the corner would penetrate my anus a little as she passed. It never went far in though just penetrated a tiny bit.

And with her other bare and slightly soapy hand would fondle my penis. Then she would change the put soap in the bare hand. With the soap hand she would rigorously soap my penis testacies and the skin around, the bone between my penis and bum and then with her bare hand she would wash the crack between my cheeks. Her finger would stop and rub my anus. Sometimes it would penetrate about a knuckle deep. With all the soap it never hurt. She would actually repeat this over 10 times every time I took a bath. I had a very clean cock and bum.

When my father was home I was expected to take baths alone, at least after I was 8. I never once asked for her to help me take a bath, it was always her idea.

Sometimes she would ask me to stand with my front to her. Then she would put both hands to work on my penis. Sometimes I would get an erection during this. (I never thought of anything sexual. Never felt aroused. But sometime I would get an erection from shire stimulation. I wasn’t embarrassed or anything.) She would ask me to turn and spread my legs and my bum cheeks and tell me to put my hands on the wall. When I did this I of course bent over. She would spread my crack apart. She would wash my bum very thoroughly. She would often insert a finger into my anus about one knuckle deep. Once she actually put the finger in two knuckles deep.

Once while washing my penis I got an erection, she stopped and said she had to go to the toilet.

I said, “you already did.”

She said, “this is number 2.”

She sat on the toilet for about three minutes. I never did hear a plop. But she got up. Wiped her bum. She then said, “I want to get in with you, I feel dirty after my pooh.”

She took off her socks, pants, top and bra. And sat in with me totally nude. She finished washing me, and left me sitting towards the back, towards her front, and washed herself. Standing while doing her privates. She turned her back to me while she washed her bum. She washed herself as thoroughly as she washed me. Including finger penetration of her vagina and anus. I stared the whole time out of curiosity only. She asked me to wash her back. I did. This never turned me on. I never even thought it was sexual until just now.

By the age of 10 the baths had stopped on their own. She stopped changing me. I never asked. One day I just got up a little early. And got dressed myself. I did this for over a year.

= = = = = = = = =

One day about a year later, when I was 11 she came in to my room. She said I was late. So I hopped out of bed. She pulled down my pajama bottoms and then took off my pajama tops. She would always get me totally naked, and then help me dress to dress.

She continued to do this for about a week. Then one day after she pulled my pajama pants down.

I pulled them up and said, “I want to change myself.”

So she sat on the bed and said, “OK.”

I said, “Mom”

She said, “What?”

I said, “I want to change alone.”

She asked me, ”Are you asking me to leave the room”, in a very insulted tone.

I said, “Yes”.

I felt nothing sexual. Except I think I felt (for the first time) that my mother did.

We never mentioned this again. She never tried to help me dress again.

= = = = = = = = = = =

When I was about 12 I was mouthing off to my father. He sat down and immediately put me over my knees (My mother was standing right over me). He pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and spanked me very hard over and over again until I cried. He kept spanking me and told me to stop crying. When I finally did stop, he spanked me about another minute and then stopped.

I got up. Penis towards my mother (no erection though.) I didn’t pull up my pants right away. I wept a bit. My mother took me to my bedroom took my pants off and told me to lie with my bum in the air. So I would not put pressure on my bum. She left closing the door.

She came back into my room about an hour. My bum was still sore. And I was still naked from the bottom down. She told me to get up. I did, my penis was towards her. She helped me put on my pajamas.

I was so humiliated by the spanking. And my mother had just seen my cock and red ass an hour before. Plus she seemed to do this out of sympathy and not sexually. So I let her. No erection though. I still felt nothing sexual towards my mother. I wouldn’t for fell anything sexual towards my mother for another year.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Also when I was about 12, my mother once ordered me to wash my hands and brush my teeth. As I was brushing my teeth my mother came in. I had all my clothes on. She said she had to use the toilet. I thought we would have to leave. But pulled her pants down right there and started to pee. I was looking right at her the whole time. She stood up and wiped herself very carefully.

Then still nude from the waist down she came right beside me and looked under the sink. She took out a tampon. She sat back on the toilet, put a finger on both sides of her cunt and inserted the tampon slowly. She then stood up and through the applicator into the toilet, this time with her bum towards me. Without pulling up her pants she said she had to give the applicator time to expand before flushing.

I had finished brushing my teeth and started washing my hands (They were already clean. I cleaned them before brushing my teeth.) After about 2 minutes I started to wash to my face. She was still waiting with a nude bottom. She finally flushed after about 3 minutes. She then stood right beside me. And looked at the mirror. Then she pulled up her pants. Looking back, I don’t even think it was her period.

= = = = = = = = = = =

My exhibitionism started shortly after.

Once after swimming lessons (We were all young but I was the oldest.) I went to the men's changing room. A woman was helping her 3 very young children to get dressed. (all the kids were young so she didn't feel bad going into the changing room.)

I stripped naked. Boy did I have an erection. (I had no hair yet) I had never had an orgasm yet. I would stand as close to her as possible. My heart would be racing about a mile a minute.

Every now and again her eyes would look at me, and my erection, and then turn away. My heart would be racing even faster.

One time, she had a small pile of clothes to her left. I sat down beside the pile of clothes. She needed clothes every few seconds. She would look down at the clothes. And of course saw my erect penis. My penis was so erect it was trembling.

Every week I would do this. I would take a long time to wipe off the water, even longer to get dressed. In order to expose my erect penis I would always put by pants on last. I would even comb my hair in the nude. It should have taken me 2 minutes to get dressed I would let it take about 10 minutes. She had time to take care of all three children and watch me in the time it took me to get ready.) When I saw her getting ready to leave I would always leave first.

Before every lesson I would try and find her. I never would get close to her at this time. I just wanted to find out where she was putting her locker. I would get changed in a different row. (I had my bathing suit on under my pants anyway.)

(There were rows of lockers square lockers about one foot by one foot. Stacked about five high.)

After she left the change room. I would open all the locker doors near where she was standing to find which one was hers. And then move my clothes in a locker near hers.

Once she chose a locker near penis level. I chose a locker that would have her face about 5 inches from my very erect penis.

After lessons that day. I went to the change room as usual without stopping at the shower. I got there before she did. I stripped naked.

When she got there. She had to be inches from my penis to open her locker door. She took a few clothes out a time so she would take longer then it had to. She would stop every trip and take one or two items out, very slowly.

My erection was up to a little higher then my bellybutton and was at about a 70-degree angle. As she was taking the clothes out of the locker, sometimes my penis would get about 3 or 4 inches away from her face. She even took the socks out one at a time. My heart was beating a mile a minute. It took her about 5 minutes to take out the clothes. It should have only taken a few seconds.

Everything was out and she no longer needed the locker, so I moved to the center bench near her and dried myself for long time. Very close to her but this time a few feet. I maintained the erection the whole time. This time everything took about 15 minutes.

I kept doing this until I was 13 (and starting with a little pubic hair) when I was promoted to senior swimming lessons.

I quit swimming lessons, there would not be any women helping their young boys change so why bother.

Week after week, we never said a word to each other. I just stripped and she just watched.

I regret to this day not asking to stay another sessions at junior level. I’m sure if I would have asked they would have let me. I was masturbating and having orgasms soon after that. I could have maybe cum while she was watching me at least once.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Also when I was 13, my regular pediatrician was on vacation. So my mother took us to another pediatrician (A woman.) she asked us to get undressed. I would have gotten fully nude except my brother was also with me; my mother was also there.

During the exam, the doctor grabbed my underwear and pulled it down. My back was to my mother, she only took down the front of the underwear, and so my bum was still mostly covered. She fondled my balls and my penis for about a minute. I was getting a slight erection during this.

After she finished and put my underwear back up, I got a full erection, I am sure both the doctor and my mother noticed. But neither one said anything. My brother was the one now getting fondled. My brother had his back to me so he could not see my erection.

The doctor was fondling and examining my brother. She said I could get dressed. So I turned around to get my clothes. While my back was to my mother I adjusted my underwear in such a way that the top inch and a half of my erection was coming out of the top of my underwear. I got dressed very slowly, Making sure always have my penis in facing my mother. I stood about 2 feet away. My mother’s eyes never left my penis until it was covered.

On the way home my brother sat in the front. My sister and me sat in the back (my sister did not have a checkup that day. She waited in the waiting room.) I masturbated on the way home. I was not concentrating on whether or not my sister was watching me. This was the first time I was excited about having my mother see me nude.

= = = = = = = = = = =

When I was 14, I needed an identification card one day for a trip across the border I was going on the next day. So I told my mother. I went to my room.

I stripped naked and waited for my mother to come in and wish me good night. I was sitting on my bed pretending like I was changing.

My mother knocked at the door. I said one minute please. She did not wait one minute. She opened the door immediately. I covered my penis with my hands.

She sat down right beside me. My heart was beating a mile a minute.

She said she had the ID cards. So I took one of my hands off my penis (which was fully erect by now.) And looked at the IDs card, taking one hand off my penis, also making sure to do a very lousy job at covering my penis with my other hand. I delayed as if I was wondering which one to take. (I knew it didn’t matter) For a short time while shuffling the cards, I had no hand on my penis at all.

She leaned over behind me to look at by bum. And then left.

I masturbated after.

= = = = = = = = = = =

A few weeks later I was not feeling well so I told my mother I wanted to stay home from school. She came to take my temperature (orally.) She said the thermometer did not register but that there were other ways to take the temperature.

I said, “No.” (I was too shy.)

She said, “Come on what's the big deal.”

I still said no.

I regret this to this day. I was masturbating the whole time and I did cum twice during the conversation.

= = = = = = = = = = =

One afternoon that summer I had come in from swimming. My mother had been drinking a little with one of her friends. I was dressed only in a bathing suit.

She got up from the table. She came to me. Walked with me a little. And when we were out of site of the friend, she slipped her had down the back of my bathing suit. And with her index finger rubbed it up and down my bum. I was shocked. I just stood there. She got her middle finger down to my anus and pushed in a little on the anus. Not penetrating, she just pushed and massaged. She stopped after about a minute and went back to her friend.

I went into my bedroom to masturbate, I stuck a finger up my own anus while masturbating.

I striped totally naked and lied on top of the bed in hopes she would come in. Unfortunately she didn’t.

I never mentioned this until now.

= = = = = = = = = = =

When I was 15 we rented a ski cottage for a week. We had a room with bunk beds. There were 3 sets of bunk beds.

On the first night my mother went to bed early. A few minutes later I went to bed. My mother was already in bed with the lights off. There was however enough light to see.

I stripped naked to put on my pajamas with an erection. I took my time getting dressed. I walked over to the suitcase, which was near my mother’s bed.

As I looked through the suitcase, my erect cock was less then a foot from her face. I looked in the dark for about a few minute until I found my pajamas.

I walked back to my bed (about 8 feet away) I made like I had trouble figuring out the front and back. And of course left the pants for last. I got into bed and masturbated. The whole thing took almost 10 minutes.

The next morning my father brother and sister went down for breakfast first. I was still in bed.

Then my mother, in broad daylight, got up, turned with her back towards me and stood facing a mirror. Then she shrugged her shoulders as if to say in body language, “No big deal.”

Then she took off her bra. I saw her tits because she was facing the mirror. She took her time. She didn’t have a replacement bra handy.

I masturbated while watching. Then she took off her panties. I saw her bum as she took them off.

She walked nude to the suitcase. She was scrambling in the suitcase for a few minutes, bum towards me. She took out a bra and panties then turned around to face me. She looked at the underwear to figure out where the front was. And then put them on. She then got totally dressed. My eyes were open I was staring the whole time. And I know my mother knew it. She made eye contact with me the whole time neither one of us said anything to each other. She left. I had to masturbate a few more times to get back to reality.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

When I was 14 (and babysitting my little sister) my sister who was 11 sat on the sofa in her nightgown, with her legs spread, no underwear. I offered to get her a drink. I brought her the drink and sat down on the floor right in front of her nude hairless pussy. I stayed there for a few minutes then went to my bedroom to put on my pajamas.

I made sure the middle button of the fly was loose so if she stared she could see my erect cock. I stood in front of her. Making sure she could see my cock. There was no reaction. Then I lied on the couch my feet facing my sister. She also turned and faced me feet first. Exposing her pussy to me. My foot was not far from her pussy. So I started to massage her pussy with my foot. Masturbating at the same time. All the time she made like nothing was happening, watching TV. After I came, I removed my foot from her pussy. She said to me, “Aren’t you glad you have a sister?”

The next day while clothed and lying on the sofa my sister came to me also clothed got on top of me and put her crotch to my crotch then bent down and hugged me. Then she sat up, still crotch-to-crotch and she wiggled a bit.

That summer we went away. We took a hotel room with 2 doubles and a cot. My sister said, “I want to sleep with Jose.” My brother took the cot. While in bed I fondled her. She was not wearing panties. She was slightly juicy not what you would call a sloppy mess. I unbuttoned my pajamas and put her hand on my cock. I did not however cum. So I took her hand onto my balls and I masturbated my own penis. As I was about to cum, I took her hand back onto my penis so she would be touching my cock and feeling the ejaculating penis it as I came. I squeezed my penis with her hand by squeezing her hand. I did not put hand over the penis opening so she did not get any cum on her hands. I kept fondling her with my other hand until the last drop of cum left me. I don’t think she got much pleasure from my fondling, at the time I did not know the hot spots to touch to satisfy a woman.

In the morning I woke up early and tried to fondle her again. But she pushed my hand away three times. So I gave up. Neither one of us has ever mentioned either incident.

I had moved down to the basement. And have my own sofa/sitting room/TV and bedroom when I was 16. Occasionally (once every few months) she would come down in her nightgown and lie on my sofa, in a way I could see her pussy (until she was 15.) But I never fondled her again. Sometimes I would go to my bedroom and masturbate. Sometimes if I was in my pajamas, I would let her have a peek at my erect penis by having the middle button undone. Once I went to the bedroom to change into my pants but left the door open as I did this. And got dressed very slowly in view of her, erect the whole time.

Once I sat down beside her put my hands down my pants and masturbated while watching her pussy.

Once I got up and went to the bedroom stripped naked, got on top of the bed and masturbated. I let out a moan. She heard and got up and stood in front of the door and watched while I came. Because she was in her nightgown I could not see her pussy. Only if she sat or lied in front of me would her pussy me uncovered.

The mere fact I saw her watching. Wow, Boy did I shoot a big load.

We never said a word to each other. It was all done in quiet.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

I stopped being an exhibitionist until I was about 26. No more incidents with my either mother or my sister.

I will continue with my exhibitionism/voyeur stories.

= = = = = = = = = =

At 26 the neighbors would occasionally fuck with their blinds open. Once the wife turned towards my window and spread her legs wide open.

I would make sure all lights were out by 10 P.M. so they wouldn’t see me. (I was single then)

After a while I felt perverted. So left the lights on after 10 P.M. Then their blinds would always get shut. But one night, at about 1 A.M., I noticed the room get bright. They came in from a party or something. I turned on the light so they would see I was there.

They didn’t notice. The got undressed and started having sex.

I got up and stood in the window. They didn’t stop. I got turned on so took of my underwear and started masturbating in front of the window. They finally saw me. But they did not close the blind. I was masturbating while watching them.

When I came I turned off the light and continued to watch them. They fucked for a while. She gave him a blowjob. He ate her. After they fucked some more. I turned my light back on got in front of the window again. Started masturbating again. But felt like a pervert and stopped masturbating turned off the light and continued to watch. When they finished the lay there a while, on top of the bed nude. I watched for a while and then went to sleep.

They always closed their blinds after that. Except sometimes, when he was away, she would get undressed with the blind open. After she got dressed, I would turn on my light. (Before she turned off her reading lamp so I make sure she was looking at me.) And masturbate in the window.

Once I started masturbating while she was undressing. But after she put her clothes on she closed the blind. So I never masturbated in the window while she was changing again.

= = = = = = = = = = =

When they moved out another neighbor moved in. There was a couple, and a single girl living there. They had no blinds at the beginning.

On one of the first nights after they moved it, the two girls were alone in one of the bedrooms.

One girl was showing the other her collection on lingerie.

They tried. Occasionally looking into the window to make sure no one was looking (my lights were off). I saw both girls pussies, asses, tits. Everything.

They never did that again. (At least while I was watching.)

I would watch them every night. And one night she caught me (Only one girl, while she was changing. My light was off, but I was right by the window.) She immediately turned off the light.

I though the show was over. But the next night her boyfriend came over and they treated me to a show. He had the biggest cock I ever saw. She knew just how to take care of him. I left the lights off. He fucked her for about twenty minutes, all kind of ways. I was soaked in my own cum from all the masturbating I was doing.

The next day I was outside. I picked my downstairs neighbor’s cat. She came up to me, and asked me if it was my cat.

I said, “No.”

Then she asked if I lived there.

I said, “Yes.”

She asked me if I lived in the upstairs apartment.

I said, “Yes”

I knew she knew. I wish she would have asked, “If I saw anything the night before.”

She married her boyfriend and moved out shortly after.

During the entire time the other couple lived there I would see the girl nude very often. While home she often pranced around nude. I never saw the man nude. They never had sex with the blinds open.

= = = = = = = = = = =

When they moved out and another old ugly woman moved in. I have only seen a few of her female houseguests nude. And it does not happen often. I did however try and masturbate in the window for her. But she does not seem interested. She is still living there. But I am married now, and don’t need a reputation in my own neighborhood so I don’t expose myself to the old lady or her guests anymore. (My wife does not know about my exhibitionism.)

= = = = = = = = = = =

From my rear window I could see another apartment. There is a bunch of girls would routinely change in front of an open window. (I guess they used it a changing room.) The youngest girl was the most fond of putting her small tits (She was 13 or 14) right in the window. I would occasionally at night (when my wife was out) turn on the lights and walk around nude so they could see me. I saw all the girls fully nude at one time or another.

Once I was able to walk around with a full erection because I stroked myself before standing up and undressing.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

In another apartment, behind me, I would sometimes see a girl about 13 year old getting dried off by her father after a shower. He would always pat her dry bum. I would watch. The blinds were always closed but they had improperly closing horizontals. From above at a 45-degree angle I could see through them perfectly. They had big sliding glass doors.

Once her parents were not home and she pranced around the kitchen naked. She then washed her hair in the kitchen sink. She took a while. Her tits were just budding. And so was her pubic hair, I could still see the pussy crack through the hair; it was still very thin like peach fuzz.

After washing her hair she dried them with a towel. After a few minute she left the kitchen. As she did, she passed her brother’s room (It was off the side.) He followed her. (I don’t know what happened then.)

The occurrences stopped soon after that, I guess she was just growing up.

= = = = = = = = = = =

After about a year, at 28 I saw three girls (the one who washed her hair in the last story and two others) playing outside. I went outside with just a robe on. No underwear. And sat on a chair on my balcony. I spread my legs just a little to expose my penis. They stared for only a few minutes then went inside. (But I saw them staring at my penis from the through the big glass window. They were trying to hide behind some large plants. But I could easy see them stare.) During this I stroked myself a few times but never got an erection. The watched me for about half an hour and then left.

When her friends left. I was still outside she came into her kitchen with her pants and underwear down to her knees. She stayed that way, in front of the sink for a few minutes. Then pulled up her pants and left into a part of the house I could not see. I went back inside.

= = = = = = = = = = =

I discovered a nude beach about 40 minutes from home. I went there not knowing what to expect. The first time I sat about 10 feet from a couple of fully clothed females. I waited with my clothes on and then took them off after about 15 minutes. When they were not looking I tried to get an erection by masturbating. I would masturbate until I got hard, then stop. Then when my erection subsided a little I would start masturbating again. Unfortunately after about 20 minutes I came. No more erection. I cleaned myself off and left. I don’t thing the women saw me cum.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Another time I sat beside a family (all clothed) I waited and the girl (about 15) walked into the water and came back very slowly to look at my cock and testicles. She stopped and stared for about a minute. I did not stroke myself to try to get an erection. I had however shaved my genitals and my bum for the occasion.

Later my wife asked me why I shaved my genitals. I said it was for her. She said she didn’t like it. So I did not do it again. Sometimes I shave the bottom of the testicles and the bone between the testicles and anus. She doesn’t usually notice this. But lying on the beach I can show of my balls better to someone staring from under me can have a more unobstructed view.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Another time I sat with a bathing suit on. Behind a family of a nude husband, topless wife, and two girls with bathing suits on (14 and 15 I think.) My pubic hair was still more or less shaved. The husband took a walk. Then the wife took off her bottoms and one of the girls took of her top. I went into the water to stroke myself under my bathing suit. When I got an erection, I left the water. Then when I was sure the girls were looking at me I got undressed. They both stared at me. The mother was looking towards the lake. The one who still had her top on stared at me, and never took her eyes off my cock, unless someone in her family talked to her. When the mother and father went to the water together I started to masturbate (not to come, just to maintain an erection.) She was still staring at me the whole time. I would stroke myself to get erect. Then stop masturbating when my cock was standing tall. Then stroke again it went a little down. Unfortunately after about 10 cycles like this I exploded. I cleaned myself up got dressed and left. The whole time she never stopped looking at my cock. She saw me cum. I really came a lot. I made a big mess all over myself.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Much closer to home there is a regular beach. Where the men's changing room has a door that is stuck open. There is a place you can stand where people from outside, can see you change. When I see a woman (or girl) standing near the door, or lined up to the door and looking in I go in and rapidly strip for her. I only wish I could have an erection when doing this.

If a girl or woman looks away, it is because she thinks I see her (I do) and she stares again. Some women stare continually, some stare on and off but no women leave.

= = = = = = = = = = =

When I go away on business trips I try and be naked when the maid comes in.

Once I was lying on the bed nude. Covers off. The embarrassed maid looked away right into a mirror where she could see my face and my cock very easily.

She was apologizing for about a minute and while still looking at my cock in the mirror. She though I didn’t think she could see my cock in the mirror.

I kept saying, “don’t worry about it.” She kept saying, “I’m so sorry sir.” I never made any attempt to cover my penis.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

On another business trip I waited in the bathroom for the maid to come.

This time I was waiting in the bathroom wearing nothing. The maid didn’t knock. From the bathroom I herd her open the blinds. I herd her start to pull the sheets off the bed.

I walked out and she was in the space between the wall and the bed. Her back to me, about three foot from me. I was naked behind her. I said, “Opps”.

She turned around and said. “Oh god, sorry. Oh god.”

I said “It’s OK.”

She said, “I better leave.”

So she walked up to me. I moved as little as I had to let her out. But because she was so far into the room it took a little time for her to get out. And she did leave walking backwards staring directly at my cock.

After she shut the door. I herd her yell something. About 20 seconds later her and another maid were staring at me from the other side of the window, the first maid had opened the curtain earlier, when she came in to clean the room.

I smiled at them, one of the maids waved back. They stood around for about 2 minutes as I pretended to dry myself; I was also trying to get an erection; by fondling my cock. Unfortunately no erection happened, I got dressed slowly. After I finally put my underwear on. They left.

Most of the time I try and flash a maid it is a disappointment: The maid just walks in and says, “Oh I am sorry.” And then quickly walks out.

If I am pretending to be a sleep she just leaves without saying sorry.

Once I was pretending to sleep. A maid comes in, and then she lingered for about 20 seconds, looking at my cock. When she left, I got turned on, and started to masturbate. She came back a few minutes later for a second peek. When I heard her open the door I removed my hand from my penis and continued to pretend I was asleep. I had a big erection. She stared for about 2 minutes. I felt my erection starting to fade. This did not stop her from staring however. I made like I was waking up. (I was already awake.) She said the normal, “Oh, I am sorry” and quickly walked out.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Once I was home in my robe. My sister-in-law came over to visit my. I took off my underwear and hid it in a drawer. I sat with my legs spread. She came to say hello to me. My cock was visible. She only looked for a few seconds.

In summer the bathroom door would not close very well do to swelling up to humidity. My sister-in-law came over to exercise with my wife. She went to the bedroom to change. I was in the bathroom taking a shower. She could see me. I could not tell if she snuck a peek. I did not see her nude.

After this she always seemed to have too many buttons on her blouse undone. I however never saw a nipple.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Once my home cleaning lady was over. My wife was out with her mother.

She said she had trouble taking some paint off the floor that was left there from some recent renovations. I took a pail and went into the bathroom. I closed the door and started to pee.

She knocked at the door and said, “Don’t forget the Mr. Clean.”

Then she opened the door while I was still peeing. She stared right at my penis.

She said, “I thought you were filling up the pail.” Still never removing her eyes from my cock.

Again she said, “Sorry, I thought you were filling up the pail.”

While peeing I said, “Don't worry about it.”

She didn’t close the door. But apologized a few more time, always staring right at my penis.

I again told her not to worry. After I finished I shook my penis (for longer then I had too.)

When did up my zipper, she closed the door. Neither of us talked about this again.

I love this incident because it really was an accident. I did not plan it.

= = = = = = = = = = =

I have other things I would like to try. I would like to clean a woman’s house while I was nude. Then masturbate in front of her. (Better yet several women.)

I would also like to take a Viagra and be the stripper at a bachelorette party. The Viagra would just be for a big erection.
I would like to masturbate in front of them.

I would like to have a female doctor give me a genital and a digital rectal exam, after I have taken a Viagra to give me an erection.

I have had a digital rectal by a female surgeon once when I was about 18 (I had a cist on my tail bone.) But somehow there was nothing erotic about especially since about 5 male residents were also present.

I just got Viagra and have only tried it so far only with the hotel maid walking in on me fantasy. It did not work out, at least the last time. Not because Viagra didn’t help me get an erection. Just the timing was wrong. The maid said “Oh, and left right away.”

I think at the beach. I could go into the water. Stoke myself a bit. And then come out with an erection I could maintain for about 15 minutes with Viagra’s help.

Even go into the water, have my bathing suit on, stroke myself in the water. Come out and sit near a couple of women woman with bathing suits on. Take off my bathing suit with a raging erection.

I will let you know.

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