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My hot Aunt Brandy and I

(Part 1 from 5)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I am a 18 years old swimmer with a very horny virgin 9 inches dick. I fantasize about by Aunt Brandy every night. She is a astounding 36 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall, blue eyed blonde, with the firmest 36 C breasts and nicest, long legs and a big hard rounded ass. She probably knows how my friends and I lust for her, since she seems to get extra exuberant and sexy when she is around us. Aunt Brandy really puts out a show when we are at the pool or watching a game and my friends and I have to take turns in the bathroom jerking off for her.

One night Aunt Brandy was baby-sitting my little siblings, and she wore a semi-transparent small summer dress with a white thong. After she put them to sleep, she came back to the TV room and started to check out some videos, bending over provocatively and making little talk with me. 

- Would you like to watch something for grown ups now Jimmy?

I couldn’t help but get a big hard-on, and had to go excuse myself to my room to jerk off. Thinking of my Aunt Brandy’ awesome tits and ass, I was sitting on my bed with my dick in my hand when Aunt Brandy walked in.

- Jimmy! What are you doing? 

She caught me literally with my pants down and knew exactly what I was doing. She deliberately caused it anyway. I was so embarrassed, trying to hide my big boner under the blanket:

- Aunt…Aunt Brandy. I…I …I was just…. 
- I know, I know, your poor thing… That’s Ok. It’s very natural for a boy your age. 
- Wha, what do you mean?
- Masturbation is an important element in your sexual development. Now I just need to be sure you are healthy sexually as you are physically. Now don’t lie to your Aunt: Were you jerking off for me?
- Er… uhm, y-yes. I jerk off for you every night Aunt Brandy… you are so… hot… I was just…
- Oh really? How nice! Don’t be ashamed, I like that you jerk off for me!
- You do?
- Yes! I even put this summer dress thinking it would give you something to jerk off about! Go ahead and continue what you were doing and tell me what do you think when you jerk off for me.

I was embarrassed but couldn’t help stealing a few pumps at my dick:

- My friends tell me what a great ass you have, and how they would like to fuck it. I got this image in my mind now… I am sorry… I think you are so sexy!
- Oh no, no! Don’t be sorry. You and your friends are just adorable teenagers full of hormones. I like that you want me like that. Do your friends jerk off for me too?
- They come over just to see you and jerk off in the bathroom.
- Oh my! I will have to have a talk to those boys too. Don’t stop masturbating. Now tell me what do you horny boys think about Aunt Brandy?
- I think of you on your hands and knees, your ass high up and opened. Just like the girls on the net.
- I noticed the way you all look at me. Every time I go by I can just feel your eyes looking at my ass. And when we are talking, you can’t take your eyes off my tits! 

Aunt Brandy got closer moving her hands all over her tits and ass, turning around and pulling up her dress to show off her great hot ass.

- Is this what you jerk off for Jimmy? 
- Oh my god! You are so beautiful Aunt Brandy.

Moving her hands all over her big and firm ass, swinging her hips like a pro stripper, Aunt Brandy started to put up a show for me. Aunt Brandy opened the front of her dress and cupped out her awesome breasts! They were the nicest, biggest, firmest breasts I have seen. With pink, little and hard nipples sticking out. She didn’t even need a bra. She was awesomely sexy. Her nice tits now hung over her summer dress. 

- Go ahead Jimmy! Masturbate for your Aunt Brandy. I want to see you do it.

I couldn’t resist and started to pump my dick faster under the blanket. Aunt Brandy swung around, lifts up her dress and thumbed her white lacy thong. She looked back with a lewd smile and pull it down ever so slowly, swinging her ass in my direction. She ran her hands over her bare ass, opening the cheeks just a little bit for me and turned around facing me. Her mouth half opened salivating toward my cock:

- I have to confess something: Your mother told me how horny you are these days, and that you are still a virgin. She also told me that the size of your dick is quite truly the biggest she has seen! So I couldn’t resist and thought I would give you a real nice first fuck! Do you really have a big cock Jimmy?

Aunt Brandy ogled over my cock, licking her lips in anticipation.

- Well, my friends seem to think I do…
- Let me take look at it then.

Aunt Brandy moved aggressively reaching over and pulling the blanket hiding my boner.

- Oh my God Jimmy! Your cock is so huge! Oh dear nephew! Where have you been hiding this thing?

Aunt Brandy kneeled in front of me and grabbed my fat cock, pumping it a several times and with a surprised gaze she said:

- Let me pump it for you. What a big monster you have here Jimmy! Your cock is so huge!

Aunt Brandy lowered her mouth and mouthed the head of my cock a couple of times:

- Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! I can’t even get my mouth around the whole thing! Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Uhmmmmm, uhmmmmm!..
- Oh Aunt Brandy! Oh my god!
- Do you like when I suck you cock baby? Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! 
- Oh yeah! This is awesome!
- Would you like to fuck your Aunt with that big monster? Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! 

She was so teasing me now. How could she even ask…

- Yes, yes, please. Can I fuck you from behind?
- Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! … You kinky little virgin boy. You want your Aunt on all fours for your first fuck? But of course baby, you can fuck me doggy style with this huge pecker all night long. Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Uhmmmmm, uhmmmmm!..
- Uum... ! Can we try it up your butt?...

Aunt Brandy stopped sucking:

- You want to butt fuck me with this monster?!… Your first fuck ever, and you want it in my ass? I don’t think I can handle your cock even in my pussy…. It will hurt like hell up my butt Jimmy…!
- Daddy said that you would like it…
- Your Dad is a perverted bastard! I can’t believe he told you that. I will think about it! You gonna have to be a real good boy if you want to try to stick this piece of meat up my butt.
- I will Aunt Brandy. I will do whatever you want.
- Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Good good. Then I will make it quite an unforgettable first fuck for you baby Jimmy. Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! 

I always hoped but never thought Aunt Brandy could talk or act like this. 

- Oh Yeah! !.. This huge dick is gonna be so much fun! Uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm!
- Oh Aunt Brandy, I am almost cumming!

Aunt Brandy stopped sucking:

- Not yet my boy. I am gonna have to measure your dick for record keeping. Don’t you do anything, stay right here and I will be right back.

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