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My fantasy for my sister

(Part 1 from 1)

I’m sure every boy in his teens has thought about a relation of his in a sexual way, whether it is an auntie, cousin or even a sister. Make no mistake you’ve had these fantasies and you’ve wanted them to be a reality. Well, for me, they were.

It didn’t happen suddenly at all, far from it, my sister lived away from my dad and me, so she used to visit every four to five months, which was always cool as I’d always got on really well with my sister. She used to stay down for a week, and just help round the house, stuff like that. We’d talk constantly about how our lives were going. My sister, Stephanie, was 32 with a boyfriend and a baby to look after, so she had a lot going on in her life. Me, however, was 17, was still in college and had a bum job.

Anyway, on her second visit down of the year, I noticed I’d began to feel differently about her, I began to see her differently. I found her attractive, and I felt really happy whenever I saw her, and I had realized I’d missed her when she went back home the previous visit. Stephanie, in my eyes was beautiful, gorgeous, and funny. But, she was my sister.

Everything started out as it normally did when she visited, we’d talk and stuff. But one night I couldn’t resist the urge to masturbate whilst thinking about her. My dad was working, and my sister was in the other room watching TV, it was perfect chance. Just thinking about her made me hard, so it wasn’t long before I had a full erection. I lay down on my bed, pulled out my dick and starting wanking, all the time I was thinking about Stephanie; how beautiful she was, what she’d look like naked. I had been wanking for about 10 minutes and was fully lost in the moment when I heard a knocking on the door and my sister walked in. I had little time to do anything so I just lay there with my hand on my dick my bell end covered with cum. My sister saw what I was doing and left quietly, I was embarrassed and nervous, and I didn’t finish myself off, but just cleaned up and pulled up my pants again. I waited at least ten minutes then went to join my sister in the living room.
“I saw what you doing, Jon.” My sister said to me.
“I know, I’m sorry”.
“It’s okay” she told me. “It’s normal… do you do it often?”
“Uhm kinda yeah, about five times a day” I told her honestly.
I heard her gasp and that was the end of the conversation. I thought that’d be the end of it, but I wasn’t expecting the next night at all.

Stephanie or I didn’t mention anything the next day, but just went on as normal. Everything was normal; my dad went to work again, as he works nights. I stayed out of my sister’s way that night, so I told her I was going to watch a movie in my room. I couldn’t concentrate on the movie at all, the only thing I had in my mind was my sister. So, I took a quick peek out the door and looked into the lounge, my sister looked like she was sleeping. I didn’t want to make any noise so I left my door ajar just a little. My thoughts came to Stephanie again and I was hard within seconds. I started to masturbate hard, tugging on it like there was no tomorrow. When my sister suddenly came in, sat down on the bed, and asked if I wanted her to finish me off. Now for someone who was wanking about her, I didn’t say no.
She grabbed my cock, looked at it for a second, and then slowly started to wank me. It was the best feeling I’ve ever felt in my life, and by the look on her face, and by the way she was fondling my dick, she was clearly enjoying it too.
“Ohh God Steph, this is the best ever.” I told her.
“I thought you’d like it, I saw you doing it last night, and was turned on myself.”
“Really?” I said. “But what about your boyfriend?”
“Ha, compared to you…” she didn’t finish the sentence. As I was about to cum, I told her and she bent down, her mouth just at the edge of my cock.
“Are you sure?” I said.
”Yeah, Jon. It’s okay, shoot your load into my mouth”

I didn’t need a second invitation and I started spurting my cum into her mouth, it came thick and fast for a few minutes, then more slowly. Stephanie didn’t waste a drop and put her mouth round my dick, enclosed her lips and started to suck and lick what was left. I started to scream with pleasure; this truly was the best thing ever. She started to masturbate me once again to make sure I had the full pleasure and I’m pretty sure she loved what she was doing too. I came again this time harder than I’ve cummed ever before, she let me shoot it into her mouth again.
“Jesus Jon, you know how to jizz a lot don’t you!!” she laughed as she swallowed load after load of my cum. I just lay back and smiled as I watched my pretty, 32 year old, sister with her head to my cock swallowing my cum.
Afterwards, she lay down next to me, gave me a kiss, and held me. She fell asleep with me staring longingly into her eyes.

The next day, to my dismay was the day she was going back home, to her boyfriend and her baby. I was so sad to see her leave after the experience of the night before. When it came time for her to say goodbye, she said goodbye to my dad and gave me a hug, gently whispering, “I’ll see you soon, Jon”. I didn’t know what she was on about, but I liked it.
To my surprise and enjoyment she told my dad she’d be back down in a month rather than her normal 5-6 monthly visits. I wonder why.

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