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My daughter Diane

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

It happened one night when my 16 year old daughter Diane came home from a party drunk off her ass. I’ve always thought she was beautiful as I watched her grow up .I made a peephole in the bathroom so I could watch her. I watched her body form into a sexy woman. When she would shower I would take her panties and smell them while I jerked off dreaming of her pussy. Any way this night she came home very drunk about 1am. 

My wife and I were in bed I was dosing when she came in. she talked to my wife for about a half an hour while I pretended to be asleep. Then they went to sleep. I waited till 3am and went to Diane’s room. I slowly opened the door she was asleep. Form the waist down she was under the blankets on the top she was wearing only a bra. I turned on her television for some light and sat on her bed next to her and waited to see if she would wake up I didn’t think she would. Next I put my hand on her shoulder still nothing so I decided to go for it and I started to unhook her bra I fought with the clasp for a few seconds until it opened I then slipped the bra strap over her shoulder and exposed her left breast. I placed my hand on her breast and rubbed her nipple it hardened to my touch. I was so excited my cock was at full attion. Her tits were so firm I fondled them for a while then I lowered my head and gently sucked her nipple.

It was now time to do more, I slowly lowered the blanket to find she was wearing sweatpants. I pulled them down slowly to find she was not wearing panties. Her ass was such a lovely site so I pulled them all the way off .Now she was totally nude I gently rolled her on her back and opened her legs. What a site her pussy was nicely groomed with a small patch of pubic hair. Her pussy lips were cleanly shaven. I moved my hand to her pussy and rubbed it. Parting her pussy lips with my fingers. I couldn’t believe I was finally touching the pussy I longed to touch. 

After a few minutes she started to get wet I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted her wetness It was so sweet I found the entrance to her pussy and gently slid my finger inside her she squirmed a little but did not wake up her pussy was getting more wet as I finger fucked her. I had to taste more of her so I lowered my head between her legs, her swollen pussy was only inches from my face I dreamed so many times of this and now it was happening. 

My tounge found her pussy as I slowly licked I was truly in heaven. Then all of a sudden I felt her hands on my head. I was so scared, but instead of pushing me away she pulled my face into her and started to grind her pussy on my face! Then she said “oh pukey” that’s her pet name for her boyfriend So I knew all was still ok. So I ate her pussy for all I was worth Soon she was cumming all over my face.

I moved up next to her on the bed and she cuddled up to me still out of breath from cumming so hard. Soon her breathing calmed down and she snuggled into my chest. Then to my surprise her hand slid down my chest and into my sweatpants and found my hard cock she slowly stroked my cock God did it feel good. She was giving me a great hand job. Now she had my sweatpants down and was stroking my cock I just laid there with my eyes closed, then I felt something warm and wet on my cock. When I opened my eyes there was Diane sucking my cock Her eyes were wide open looking into my eyes. She just kept giving me the best blowjob I ever had . ”Do you like the way I suck your cock daddy” she said “you’re the best baby” I said, “I want to make you cum like you did for me” and she went back to my cock. Soon I felt my balls swelling. “Baby I’m going to cum soon”. "I want you to cum in my mouth daddy”. So I did I came in my daughter’s mouth I can’t believe I came in her mouth.

She swallowed most of my load some cum was running down her chin. “Did you like that daddy” she asked as she came up to kiss me. “ I love you daddy,” she said as she kissed me. “I love you too Diane” I said as our lips and tongues met. Our kissing became more passionate. And soon I was hard again “Daddy I know you’ve been watching me” she said “I like when you watch me I get real horny when I know your watching” “and I’ve been watching you for awhile I’ve watched you jerk off. Do you think about me when you do? I think about you when I masturbate” 

Her hand was stroking my hard cock again. “Daddy” she was looking at me with her beautiful green eyes and little poutie smile. “Will you fuck me? I want you to be my first. Please! “ I don’t know Diane.” “Please, Please, please I promise it will be our secret” “ok it will be our secret” She was so excited that she jumped on top of me and kissed me her tongue filled my mouth. 

I was in heaven my beautiful 16year old daughter just gave me the best blowjob I ever had asked me to take her cherry and is laying on top of me totally nude tongue kissing me. I can’t believe my fantasies are coming true I rolled her on her back and started kissing my way down her body I stopped at her breasts and kissed and suckled her nipples while my fingers found her clit and massaged it. She started breathing faster and moaning with delight. I lowered my fingers to the opening of her pussy I couldn’t believe how wet she was. I slid a finger in her pussy and then two, her breathing was so heavy now I knew she was ready to cum “ fuck me daddy please fuck me” she begged. 

I moved my self so my cock was at her pussy opening her legs were spread wide slowly I entered her pussy she was so tight but I slowly worked the head of my cock in “are you ok “I asked “It hurts a little but don’t stop “she said. I worked more of my cock into my daughter’s tight pussy until I was hitting her virgin veil. She was moaning with delight. “Do it Daddy pop me I want all of you inside me fuck me daddy fuck me!” With one final push I broke her cherry and filled her pussy with my cock! She let out a moan and tears came from her eyes “Di are you ok?” “Yes daddy it feels so good, I knew you would make me fell good” I couldn’t believe I was inside Diane’s pussy. It was so tight never has sex felt like this, I wanted to stay here forever. Slowly I started pulling out and pushing in she was so wet. Now she was fucking back her hips were moving in rhythm with mine. 

We seemed to be fucking forever I don’t think I ever lasted as long as I did that night. I started to feel my cum starting to boil and by Diane’s breathing and moaning I could tell she was ready to cum to. “Di I’m going to cum” “So am I Daddy cum with me Daddy inside me” Just then her body started cumming Her pussy was squeezing my cock and I couldn’t hold back any more and I filled my daughter’s pussy with my cum. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had. When I came I triggered another orgasm in Diane her whole body was shaking.

After the two of us were laying in each others arms, slowly placing gentle little kisses on each others faces “I love you daddy” “I love you Diane”. “ Daddy will you keep fucking me”?“ If you want me to “”Oh daddy I do I do” The morning was coming fast so we kissed some more and I went back to bed. 

More to come...

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