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My cousin and my uncle

(Part 1 from 1)

I'm going to tell you a story about my uncle, my cousin, and me. Everyone says I look like Britney Spears with bigger tits, even though I hate her I don’t mind her looks. Well here’s how it starts-

I was spending the night at my cousin’s house, which we did very often. My name is Ashley, and his name is Jim. Anyway we were just talking about stuff like music and actors. Then all of the sudden he said god you’ve got big tits! I was kind of surprised and I said thank you in a weird voice while covering my cleavage with my arms. I always dressed sort of slutty when I went over there because he had some hot friends that sometimes came over. He said, can I see them? I was like why.?.?…? I'm your cousin don’t you love me? I said whatever and pulled off my tank top to show my lingerie. But that’s as far as I was going to go because that was just nasty. I was 16 at the time and he was 17. Oh come on please he kept begging me ill show you my dick. That just hit me like a brick wall I had never thought of how hot he looked. I thought a minute, thinking he wouldn’t do it I said OK if you go first. He said OK and stripped in front of me. He pulled out his cock. OH MY GOD! It was huge! And hard! I felt that tingling and wetness come up in my clit. Well the only thing I could do was take off my bra so I did. His dick jumped when he saw my tits. I quickly put back on my tank top but not my bra and he put back on his pants. When we were together we always played dare but it was always stupid stuff, like drink coke with chocolate milk, all of the sudden he said lets play dare. Thinking it was a change in the subject I said OK. If you didn't do what you were dared to do than it was like committing a crime or murdering someone. He dared me to take of my tank top again, so hesitantly I did it. I dared him to eat a cracker with sardines because he hated sardines. But he did it. My turn he said and he dared me to lick his dick until he said to stop I said no way! Ashley! He started yelling at me OK, OK I said and he took off his pants. I thought,, he is hot and we only have the same grandparents right? He stuck out his huge erect penis and I took one lick MMMMmmmmm! It was salty. He said keep going, I licked it again, oh yeah he moaned, so now more willingly I started licking all over. Until finally I took him into my mouth. And I just sort of teased him. That’s it I said, I didn't say to stop yet, so what? All right you can stop. I dared him to eat the sardines without the cracker and with mustard on them, and he did it quickly. It was his turn again so he said now you have to let me lick your tits. Being horny now I said go ahead and he licked them. OH IT FELT SOOO GOOD. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock so I started jacking him off then I started sucking it again this time harder and faster deep throating his 10 inch cock. He told me to take off my skirt, and after I did that he took off my thong and spread my legs and I started t o massage my pussy. He put his cock slowly into my dripping snatch. I WANTED IT! it felt good he started a rhythm. And slowly harder and harder until I was screaming. OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! HARDER! My tits were bouncing back and forth as I pushed back while he thrusted his big dick into me.
He pulled out and came all over his sheets. He told me to put my clothes back on. I got dressed and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up to the sound of the dryer rumbling in the room next too me I laid there until I saw Jim bringing in his sheets. So it wasn’t a dream I said. He looked at me and said your dad called and said he will be here in 10 minutes, so you'd better get ready. So my dad came and got me and we left.
The next week Jim called me and asked if I wanted to spend the night. I told him yes and asked my parents if it was ok. They said yes and dropped me off on their way to dinner. We went into his room and he told me his dad would be going out for a drink, which he usually did. So when he had left Jim told me that we were going to play with his video camera and his digital. I said ok and he took out a lot of sex toys. When he had asked me to come over I had put on the sexiest lingerie I could find. He set up his video and told me to start acting. I slowly stripped standing up on his bed. Showing off and flashing every once and a while. Then I unsnapped my bra and pulled off my panties and my pantyhose and took a dildo off the nightstand. I took it and licked it and then I started to rub it into my pussy. I did that until I opened up where I could finally put it in. The camera zoomed in on my pussy. I moaned and groaned but it felt great. I stopped and took out a pump type thing put it on my pussy and started pumping and pumping, I was gasping for air it felt so good and when I couldn’t wait anymore I popped it off. OH MY GOD! I screamed. I immediately started fingering my self. Jim was jacking off watching me lick my fingers and rub my tit. I said come on big boy in my most feminine voice as possible. He jumped on the bed and I got on all fours. Oh yeah he said. He stuck his cock into my leaking twat. Oh yeah big cock in a small pussy I moaned. I love the way your tits bounce he moaned back. He pulled out once again and got a vibrator. He told me to get on my back, he took my pantyhose and tied my hands to the bed post, took a rope and tied my legs spread to the same post, I didn't care I was loving every minute of it. He took the vibrator and shoved it into my pussy I screamed and I'm sure the neighbors could hear me but he didn't seem to care. He did it again and again until he put his cock all the way into me. I screamed louder than ever and I couldn’t move. SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! Every time he pumped in id scream. AAAUUAAAUUAAAHHH! YES YES YES YEHUEHUEHUEHUS! He pulled out spat on my ass and stuck his dick in it. I had never done this before, I didn't know if I liked it or not. But after a while I got used to it and it started feeling good. It hurt still but I liked it. All of the sudden I hear a car door… and then another one. Holy Shit! We both yelled out at the same time. He locked the door to his room (its somewhere around 1:30 at night) and started getting dressed. Untie me I told him quietly. He told me to ssshhhh and turned off the lights. A few minutes later he untied me and told me to get into my underwear, so I did and laid onto the little pallet of blankets next to his bed. I couldn’t sleep. A couple of hours later he said are you asleep… I didn't say anything so he got up and opened the door where I could hear moaning, and screaming in the other room until he shut the door. And I heard him open the door to his dad’s room and close it behind him. I opened Jim's door to see if I could hear what was going on. I heard Hey Jim, in his dads voice this is Catrina from cloud nine
(the local titty bar) hey, I heard in a woman's voice. Is Ashley asleep? Said his dad, yeah Jim said, The door? His dad said again, yes Jim said adgitatively. Can we go already, came Jim's voice. Who wants a ride next? Said Catrina. You can ride me said Jim ) OK. I heard Jim's clothes hit the floor. Lye down and ill sit in your lap she said. Ooooh Jim moaned. I creaped to my uncles door and cracked it to see a twenty year old looking blonde bouncing up and down on Jim's cock while his dad was jacking off. Jim picked her up and sat her doggy style like I was earlier and started fucking her as his dad put his even fatter dick into her mouth to stifle her screams. MMMMM! MMMM! MMMMMMM! You could hear her try to scream but her mouth was full of huge salty cock. I pushed the door open just a little bit more, accidentally right as Jim was looking towards the door. Fuck he said and ran toward the door but before he got there I pushed it open and started unsnapping my bra and I dropped it. I said may I join in? Catrina had sat and covered up my uncle just stare at me with wide eyes sure he blurted out. I knew you had fucked her Jim, but I didn't know she was this willing said my uncle. Come here hun said my uncle and spread me on the bed. Pulling my underwear to one side he stuck his huge cock into my throbbing pussy. OOOOHHH! He had only stuck his head in and I was already screaming. His cock was 3 times fatter than Jim's even though it was about the same length. I like a girl who screams said Jim. Me too said my uncle. He pushed farther and farther OOOOOHHH! About half way through he started pumping UNCLE RANDY UNCLE RANDY UNCLE RAAUAAUAAUAANDY! Jim started fucking Catrina and she was screaming. Go get your camera Jim said my uncle. All right he said and ran into his room and came back with a few extra tapes. Pop out the one you made earlier and put it into the VCR, my uncle said with his cock still inside of me easing back and forth. And Jim did as he was told. Rewind it and press play he said. Jim did this as well. I popped up on the TV stripping. My uncle started pumping harder saying you are beautiful. Next thing I know I'm fucking a dildo.

To be continued…..

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