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My Tiny Skirt. Part Two.

(Part 1 from 1)

After Sis Mary is out of sight, I further question Eric whether he is comfortable with my dressing? He told me that he is and commented that I look very sexy in the tiny skirt and my T-Shirt blend well with the micro-skirt. He suggested a belt to compliment the denim skirt would look nicer. I accepted his suggestion and I went into the room and choose the beige color belt (about 2”) to try it. It really looks much better with the beige belt on. By then Sis Mary had already brought in coffee for us. Sis Mary also thinks that I look nicer with a belt too. When I sat down beside Eric at the settee I took precaution to slowly sit down with my right hand to cover my front in order not to expose too much of my panty and to prevent my skirt from riding up. I knew Eric kept looking down between my legs whenever I lifted my hand to express something while chatting, a habit that happen to everybody. During our conversation Eric told me that both his parents went oversea for a 2 weeks holiday to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, leaving only their Indonesian maid and him at home only. I told him that if he is feeling lonely he could come over to my house if he wishes. He accepted my invitation. As there are still some time before we proceed to the cinema, I stood up to inform Sis Mary to prepare some light foods for us. When I stood up I knew my skirt had already rode up and I got to tug it down lightly. I knew there is no point tugging it down because each time it would ride up back on the slightest body bent or turning natural position. So I decided to let it be natural and try not to let this problem burden me with thoughts and feeling uncomfortable about it. When I walked to the kitchen I guess Eric must be having a good moment appreciating my back view.

When I stepped into the kitchen Sis Mary said that my skirt had rode up. I told her that I couldn’t help it, it just moved up when I sit or move around. She asked whether I have made up my mind to wear this skirt to the cinema? I responded positively and told her that Eric doesn’t mind at all and it would be most memorable since it is our first date appointed. I told her that I would record it down on my dairy. Sis Mary didn’t object and say anything but caution me to be extra careful. I assured her that I would and told her that I would be back home after the show end and I would not go roaming around. She placed some cookies and 2 curry buns on the plate for me and I brought it to the living room and we quickly finished it so that we will not be late for the movie. After we finished I call out to Sis Mary and told her that we are going off. She came into the living and told us to enjoy ourselves. She followed us outside while we wear our shoes. Eric just slipped his legs on while I walked to shoes rack paced at the right corner from the main door. While I am selecting my shoes Sis Mary and Eric waited and are probably watching me. After selecting a pair of black flat heel leather shoe I held it in my hand a walked back to wear it at the garden bench placed just beside the main entrance. While I was wearing my shoes I felt Sis Mary is watching me and is trying to tell me something (girls instinct, I guessed). She give a slight smile and shock her hear indicating to me that she could see my panty. All of a sudden Eric still standing a step or two in front of Sis Mary sudden loosed balance and was as if about to collapse. He didn’t fall but stood down with his right knee on the ground and both his hand pressing the floor trying to supporting his body from falling onto the ground and his head hung down with eyes closed indicating suffering from some sort of pain. Eric’s sudden “collapse” gave us a fright, Sis Mary let out a shocking high pitch scream and I spontaneously rushed forward to support him. 

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We asked him what is wrong? He shocked his head but kept quite. Sis Mary and I didn’t know what is wrong with him at first? We could see Eric face turned slightly pale even though his head is hung down. We could that he is breathing hard. He stood there for a couple of minutes or three before we supported him into the house to rest. Sis Mary prepared glass of lukewarm water while I when to fetch a wet tower to wipe his face because he looked very disturbed and pale. While we are at the kitchen Sis Mary told me not to ask him any question on the incident. I asked her why? She didn’t answer my question but asked me to cancel our outing for today. I again asked why? She told me not to worry about it and just follow her instruction. She sounded serious so I didn’t ask anymore question. When we went back into the living room Eric looks all right and after he drank the glass of water and wiped his face with the towel, Sis Mary tapped on Eric’s shoulder and told him to go to the washroom. He turned his head and looked at her in surprise. Sis Mary knocked her head when he is looked at her. He also knocked his head, stood up and went straight to the washroom. Many questions flew into my mind, how did Sis Mary know Eric needed to go to the washroom? Why did he look so surprised when told to go to the washroom? There’s something that are known to both of them that I didn’t. I looked at Sis Mary blankly hoping to get some answers but she just walked off with the towel and empty glass avoiding my look. When Eric came out of the washroom he asked me whether I mind he cancel our appointment? I asked him, what’s wrong? He told me not to worry and that there is nothing wrong and assured me that he’s fine. I lost my patient and raise my voice a little, demanding for an answer or at lease to know what is going on here? 

Sis Mary walked in from the kitchen and told Eric to go home first and told him that she will handle everything here. Eric bid goodbye to me and walked towards the main door. Sis Mary followed him to the door and pressed the auto-gate remote button to send him off. I didn’t bid goodbye to Eric because I am angry and confused, I sat at the couch sulking. Sis Mary knew I am sulking, the moment she closed the gate and door she walk over and sat beside me and told me not to throw tantrum and not get annoyed with Eric. 

She said that today’s incident is partly my fault. I am still showing my unhappiness towards her by answering her in an unfriendly tone. I wanted Sis Mary to know that if she is not willing to tell me what is happening awhile ago I will not be bothered and I will also not talk to Eric ever again. Sis Mary knew my temperament well, she told me to cool down first before she explain to me what’s happening showing a little annoyance on my impolite attitude towards her. She got up and before she started walking away I grasp hold of her hand to prevent her walking out on me. She sat down beside me again and told me that she that there are things that are inconvenient to explain on the spot especially in the present of Eric whom is the victim. “VICTIM” I asked, sounding surprise when Sis Mary used that strong word. I pleaded to Sis Mary to explain to me. Sis Mary revealed that Eric is not sick neither he had the intension to breaking the date with me. She said that Eric had an unprecedented ejaculation. I didn’t understand ejaculation mean at first so Sis Mary explained to me that she guess Eric was sexually aroused by my sexy dressing and had attend sexual orgasm. She explain that he must have sexually aroused when he saw the sight of my white panty showing slightly while I walked to the rake and the moment I bent down slightly to pick up the shoes showing even more panty view that his sexual arousal reaches its peak. He loses his sexual control and subsequently ejaculated. Ejaculation is a process where whitish liquid or sperms shot out from the male sex organ, the penis urine passage, she elaborated. When guys ejaculate it causes the persons to lost its bodily strength and the whole body just go limp and the few second and in actual fact it is the most enjoyable moment in one’s life. So he is not feeling pain as what I thought, I enquired? She smilingly said no, on the contrary that is the most wonderful feeling ever felt. 

She further explained to me that some guys would get sexually excited or sexually aroused when they saw sexy events. They might even loose some of their humane senses and got “sexually crazy” at that moment and committed rape, an unpardonable offence.

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