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My Sister's Slumber Party

(Part 1 from 1)

My name is Brian, I'm 22 and since I couldn't afford to be going to college, and didn't have enough brains to get a scholarship I was living at home, hoping to find a steady job that paid enough to get me out on my own. I had gotten some assistance from an area employment service to get my C.N.A. so I had been working for a month at a local nursing home. Let me tell you, third shift can be hell. Anyways, since I work at night, I'm always up on my days off to keep my sleeping schedule straight. One night I was informed that my sister had invited a couple of her friends over to spend the night and would be using the extra room next to mine to watch movies and listen to music during the night. I agreed everything would be okay as long as they kept noone else up. Well my brother decided he'd go out with a couple of his friends and stay somewhere else for the night. My mother on the other hand was going out to a party that night and would be staying at a motel in the area so she wouldn't have to drive.

At 6:00 my brother went out as my sisters friends Megan and Lisa showed up with a couple of duffel bags full of clothes and snacks for the night. Megan was 16, red hair, slim with a nice chest, sexy blue eyes, and a nice round ass. Lisa was 17 with a little fuller figure, golden blonde hair, blue eyes, a bigger chest and a plump ass that could be nice to grab onto. These two were enough to kill a man left with his thoughts of what he could do. I had always wondered what they would look like without their clothes, but knowing the law I kept my thoughts to myself. Besides, I didn't have to see them all the time. My 17 year old sister, Jenny, was another story. Seeing her coming out of the shower every morning when I got home from work with nothing but a towel clinging to her in just the right ways, her wet brown hair curled around her face and amber eyes sparkling, I couldn't look her in the eyes when I got home. It was agonizing watching this young goddess walk through the house, and she knew it. She was always teasing, and it seemed she liked I was the focus of her teasing.

As Megan and Lisa walked in the house my sister came running out of her room, hugging them both before leading them in her room to make their plans for what to do that night. I was given the task of going to the local supermarket for some sodas, so I picked out some favorites, a book of crosswords to get through, and some tortilla chips and salsa for myself. Getting home I found my mother and brother had gone so I went downstairs to the party room and my bedroom. I put the soda in a small fridge and warned them to keep their hands off the cream soda I bought for myself. I sat down on the couch beside my sister and watched a horror flick with them, getting some enjoyment watching them jump with fright at some of the cheesy effects. Afterwards I excused myself to my room and went through the door adjoining the two rooms. Turning on some music I slipped on my headphones and did a few crosswords. At about 9 o' clock I got up to sretch my limbs and give my ears a rest from the headphones. It was then that I heard my sister and her friends playing 'Truth or Dare'.

I listened quietly as my sister and her friends answered such truths as whether or not they were virgins (which amazingly they were, though they confessed to having made out a couple of times), who they thought was hot and whom they had let feel them up. I also listened to the fun they had with dares including calling up boys to tell one secret or another, and drinking my cream soda (though I almost barged in to stop that one). I decided I wanted to look in on the dares, so I made the excuse of coming in to get my cream soda, got some giggles when I complained about someone drinking my cream soda, and returned to my room, leaving the door open enough I could watch the goings on without getting caught. After a couple of rounds of tame dares my sister saw me looking through the crack of the door. That's when things started to get interesting, as she dared Megan to play with Lisa's chest, and then Megan dared Lisa to play with my sister's pussy. I got quite the good view as Lisa slipped her fingers into my sisters moist cunt and played with her cunt just enough to make it wet. By now my cock had sprung to attention and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. Lisa then dared Jenny to french kiss Megan and I could feel my face get flushed as I watched. Jenny took her turn and decided to let me get my release. She dared Lisa to give me a lap dance and after Lisa voiced her opinion, Jenny called me into the room. I adjusted my pants to try to hide my hard-on and then walked into the room.

Jenny told me they were playing Truth or Dare and that Lisa had been dared to give me a lap dance. I sat down on the couch and agreed to be included in their dare, and sat back as Lisa got up and started to grind her fine ass in front of me. She danced in front of me, running her hands over her chest, and down er legs before straddling my lap and continuing to grind on top of my cock, rubbing her chest on my face and leaning back so I could just see the top of her panties underneath her pajama pants. Unable to keep control, my hard-on became noticeable and Lisa went right on grinding her hips, making sure my hard cock was in the right position to rub her while she grinded, letting her get more and more excited as she went. Jenny and Megan just stared as Lisa let herself go, getting into her lap dance and slowly moving my hands to her waist. I slid my hands around her waist before moving them down and grabbing hold of her ass, listening to her gasp softly as she got more excited. Jenny and Megan were getting aroused at Lisa's display and over Lisas shoulder I saw them rubbing their own breasts getting obviously flustered. I moved my attention back to Lisa, moving my hands up her back, inside her shirt. I undid her bra and slid off her shirt and bra. I leaned into her and kissed her neck. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I moved down, nibbling on her left nipple while I rubbed her right breast with my hand, my other hand behind her ass, grabbing it tight.

Jenny and Megan had moved from exploring their own bodies to exploring each others, kissing each other and removing each others clothes. Megan playfully nipped at Jenny's lips as she pinned her to the floor, her hand rubbing Jenny's thigh as she kissed her way down Jenny's body. Jenny spread her legs for Megan and Megan rubbed Jenny's pussy lips while she kissed and sucked on her breasts. Jenny writhed underneath Megan, begging her to eat her pussy and Megan traced her tongue down Jennys stomach before gently kissing Jenny's pussy lips. Megan slid her tongue between her pussy lips, before plunging her tongue deep inside, making Jenny arch her back. Megan drank greedily from Jennys pussy and slipped two fingers inside as she moved up to Jennys clit and sucked on it softly. Jenny pinched her nipples, squirming from Megans probing fingers and talented mouth. Megan brought her fingers to Jennys mouth and Jenny sucked on them, tasting her sweet juices as Megan went back to drinking them from her pussy. Jenny's pussy squeezed on Megans tongue before she came, screaming in passion while Megan lapped up her cum and never let a drop hit the carpet.

While Megan was eating Jenny, I moved Lisa on her back, and slipped her pants and panties off, spreading her legs and kissing up her thighs. I licked her already moist pussy lips and slid my tongue over her clit, causing her to moan and writhe as she climaxed. I drank her sweet juices and then kissed her, slipping my tongue in her mouth to let her taste herself. I stood up and undid my pants, letting them and my boxers fall to the ground. Lisa looked at me as my cock stood strong and she sat up, hungrily sucking on my cock as I took my shirt off and threw it into the growing pile of clothes. Moving my hand to her head I pumped my cock inside of her mouth, feeling it touch the entrance to her throat. As she sucked harder and slurped loudly on my cock I quickly got near climax, but instead of cumming in her mouth I popped out and stood Lisa up. Sitting down on the couch I pulled Lisa to a straddling position and slowly entered her wet cunt. Putting my hands beneath her ass I lifted her almost all the way off my cock before slamming her down on top of my hard cock, breaking through her hymen. The sheer feeling made her pussy clench my cock and I poured my cum inside. Lisa came with me, as I pumped my cock into her tight pussy, bringing her to several more orgasms before I laid her back down on the couch exhausted.

By now Megan had finished with Jenny and they both crawled over the floor and sat at my feet. I looked down at both of them as Megan took my cock in her hand and Jenny, my sister, moved over my cock, taking it into her mouth. I knew then and there that my sister was no amateur at sucking cock and I relaxed on the couch as she sucked me in and rolled me around in her mouth. Megan took place just beneath Jenny's bobbing head and sucked my balls into her mouth while she played with Jenny's tits. With two girls on my cock it didn't take long to cum again, Jenny taking most of my load in her mouth while Megan licked the drops running down my shaft and down Jennys chin. I moved down to the carpet and got a hold of Megan, pulling her pussy on top of my face while Jenny mounted my rapidly stiffening cock. I slipped a finger inside Megan's ass as I ran my tongue inside her sweet pussy and over her stiff clit. Jenny moved back on my cock, the tip breaking through her hymen as she grinded her hips against mine. She was leaned forward, pinching and nibbling on Megan's tits, driving her wild as she rubbed her pussy on my face. Soon both Megan and Jenny were cumming, their moans filling the room. 

Megan and Jenny got up and switched positions, Megan taking my cock this time, letting me take her virginity as I lapped up the load I left deposited in my sisters cunt along with her juices. Megan then turned around on my cock and leaned backwards so she could suck on Jennys clit while I reamed her tight pussy. My sister laid on top of her, rubbing Megan's clit and massaging my balls. In mere moments all three of us were shaking again, caught in the tide of orgasms rippling through our bodies. Lisa had gotten up off of the couch, and while me, Jenny and Megan laid there, exhausted from our exploits Lisa proceeded to lick the pussy juice and cum left on my cock. She then went on to both Megan and Jenny, sucking their cunts dry and tasting all three of us. After ten minutes I got us some blankets and pillows, and we all fell asleep, a huddled mass blissfully glowing cumsoaked bodies.

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