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My Sister Kelly

(Part 1 from 2)

I was home only, my mom was at work and my sister, and Kelly, my sister, had not come home yet from collage for the summer. I was in my room laying on my bed naked jacking off to a magazine. I never heard my sister pull up into the driveway and come into the house.

Kelly came walking into my room; “Hey Eric can you….” Her eyes bugged out as she walked in on me. “Shit Eric, can’t you lock your door when you are going to jack-off!” I was so embarrassed; I covered my swollen shaft with the magazine. “Damn it Kelly, can’t you knock” I yelled back at her. She just stood there looking at me with her hands on hips. Kelly is an absolute hot body knock out. She is 5’3”, 95 lbs., brown eyes, brownish-red hair and beautiful, natural 34D tits. If it weren’t for the fact she was my sister, I would think about her and jack-off her to every damn day.

She was wearing jean shorts and a T-shirt, I thought I could see her nipples protruding through her shirt. She walked right over to the bed and grabbed the magazine out of my hand; by now my hard on was gone. I covered up my limp cock with my hands, I tried to get up to get some clothes but Kelly yelled at me and told me to lay there or she would tell mom what I had been doing. She flipped through the magazine looking at the pictures of all the large breasted women. “So is that all you guys can do, stroke your cocks and blow your load all over yourselves to a bunch of pictures?” “Well Eric, do you do this all the time?” I started to answer, “No, I just was feeling kinda horny sis.” 

“Bull shit, I bet you jack yourself off every fucking day!” She through the magazine back at me and told me to show her who I was stroking myself off to or else she would tell mom. With out even thinking, I grabbed the magazine and flipped through to show her which one; my cock was fully exposed, in all its limpness. I glanced up and saw her take a quick look at my cock. I handed it back to her, but I did not cover myself back up. 

She looked at it and said, “So were you thinking of fucking her?” “Well of course I was Kelly.” “Hmmm, nothing else Eric?” I shook my head no; I didn’t understand what she meant. “You are so full of shit. I know exactly what you were thinking. You were thinking about her sucking your cock. You were thinking about blowing your load into her mouth, weren’t you?” I just looked at her in shock, I could not believe my sister was saying these things to me. “I’ll bet you were thinking about either fucking her big tits, cumming all over them or blowing your thick cum all over her tits and tongue, watching her lick your cum off and swallowing it all!” I tried to answer but she cut me. “Don’t even bull shit me dear brother. I know guys, you all think alike. You want to have your cocks sucked, you want to blow your loads all over women’s tits and in their mouths.” My cock was starting to move, coming to life hearing her talk like this.

Then she stepped back and threw the magazine down to the ground. “Would you jack off for me?” My jaw dropped, “No way, you are my sister!” “So what? Don’t you think I have a nice body?” She started to slowly rub her hands up her hips to her beautiful tits; she squeezed them and turned around bending over a bit to grab her luscious ass. She turned around and looked at me again. 

“Well yeah you have a great body but…” With that she grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and began to pull it up, slowly. My cock started to get rock hard, real quick. She pulled her shirt up a couple of inches, revealing her sexy abdomen, nice and firm. Kelly looked at me and said, “Would you jack off to me now?” I said no. She pulled her shirt up to just under her tits, I could see she had no bra on! She got a sexy smile and asked again if I would jack off to her. I suddenly realized her game, I thought, so I smiled back and said ‘I don’t think so’. My sister then pulled her shirt half way up her magnificent tits. Her areolas are large with nice big nipples. She said “how about now, dear brother?” I responded “I am not sure dear sister”. She looked at my cock, which was now rock hard. "Are you sure Eric, your nice hard shaft is telling me otherwise”. She smiled and then pulled her shirt right over her tits, leaving it just above them. “Oh, yeah Kelly. I could definitely blow my load for you now.” 

My sister then asked me if I wanted her to take her shirt off the rest of the way, I said sure. She said fine, she would take it off the rest of the way if I admitted to her what I was really thinking when I was jacking off. I told her she was right, I was thinking about the woman in the pictures dropping to her knees and sucking my cock. I was thinking about cuming in her mouth and all over tits. With a flash my sister took her shirt off. Then she told me stand up and come over to her. 

I could not believe it; here I was naked, standing a foot away from my topless sister, just staring at her big tits. She asked me if in my fantasy I licked and sucked on their tits. I said yes and then she put her hand around the back of my head and drew it right to her tits. I didn’t need any words of encouragement. 

I grabbed her right tit and started lick her nipple as a fondled her left with my other hand. I ran my tongue all around her big areola and flicked my tongue faster and faster on her nipple. She started to moan. “Suck my tits, come on, suck them hard.” I went from one back to other and back again. Squeezing and sucking on them. Her tits felt so good in my hands, firm and heavenly to squeeze. Then she pushed me off her tits and away from her. 

Then with out another word, my sister dropped right on her knees and grabbed my cock! She held it against my stomach as she started to lick the underside of it. She ran her tongue from the base, slowly up to right under my piss slit, circled the head of my shaft with her tongue and licked her way back down to my balls. She then started to suck on my package. She sucked my balls into her mouth, running her tongue all around them. Then she ran her lips up and down the sides of my throbbing, steel shaft. Pre-cum was already oozing out of slit. Kelly looked at it and then took a long, loving lick and cleaned up all the dripping pre-cum, drooling out of my prick. I could not believe it, my sister was licking and swallowing my pre-cum.

“Suck my cock Kelly. Please suck it!” With out a word she let my shaft go it fell forward, pointing right at her. She looked up into my eyes, smiled “Eric, look how red I have made your cock. Mmmmm, your pre-cum tastes so good.” Then she opened her mouth wide and slid my cock on in. She took all of throbbing, pre-cum dripping prick into her mouth. I have an average size cock, which my sister seemed to love. Kelly started to suck on it like there was no tomorrow. I just looked down at her, her brown hair head bobbing up and down on my cock. She was sucking my prick hard; her tongue was working all over my shaft as she kept in her mouth. I could not believe it, my sister was an incredible cocksucker. I moaned as she increased her pace. The sounds of her slurping away on my cock, feeling her tongue all over it, the wetness of her mouth and then seeing pre-cum mixed with her saliva dripping out of the sides of her mouth was becoming more than I could stand. 

Kelly could sense I was getting ready to cum. She took her mouth off of my saliva covered, bright red-purple cock and looked up at me. She kept stroking my cock as she spoke to me. “Do you want to cum in mouth and watch me swallow all your load of will you jack-off for me and blow your salty-sweet cum all over my tits?” I was in so much ecstasy I could not decide. My raging hormones and my lust took over. I placed one hand behind her head and another on my raging rock hard rod. “Open wide sis”, which she did willingly. Then I thrust my prick back into her mouth where it belonged. Within a few more strokes of her mouth on my cock I fired my load into her hungry mouth.

“Kelly I’m gonna cum…uh yeah, I’m gonna cum”. “Here it comes sis, here it comes” With that I sent a huge spurt of my thick cum back into her throat. Spasm after spasm after spasm surged into her mouth. I watched with barely open eyes as Kelly swallowed each burst from cock. Some of my white love juice came out around her mouth. After I was done cuming, she let my cock out of her mouth and licked up the remaining cum from around her mouth. 

My sister then stood up and asked me if that was all of my fantasy, just getting a blowjob. I told her no, as I was still breathing heavy. I told her I also fantasized about fucking the hell out of the women. She smiled and got up on the bed. She lied down on her back, her tits glistening with sweat. 

“My pussy is really wet. Would you lick it clean? Or is my brother too shy about licking his sisters pussy.” I leapt for her shorts; I quickly fumbled with the button and zipper. I grabbed them so I could grab her thong as well. In a flash I had her shorts off, oh wow, she had a shaved pussy! Kelly then spread her legs wide, showing me her dripping wet twat.

With out another word I lay down and buried my face in her twat. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her love slit all the way up to her engorged clit. I could not believe how sweet my sisters pussy juice tasted. I wanted more, a lot more. I went wild and started to suck and lick her pussy like a sex crazed, sex starved guy. I looked up at her, my sister was moaning away, loudly, playing with her nipples. I watched as she writhed around every time I touched my tongue to her clit. Her breasts did a dance that was keeping my cock rock hard. 

“Oh yeah, suck me, lick my clit.” “God Eric you are so gooooood.” “Please finger fuck me. Shove your fingers into my wet pussy.” So I did what my sister told me to do. I slide my middle and index finger into her tight, wet box. I curved my fingers up and slid them in farther and slowly at first until I hit my sister’s G spot. When I did she arched her back up and let out such a scream of please. “Oh yes!!! Right there Eric, fuck me, fuck me hard and fast with your fingers.” I thrust my fingers in out as hard and fast as I could making sure I kept pleasuring her G-spot. “Kelly, your pussy is so wet and tight. I love it. You taste so good, I could spend all day eating your twat!”

As I continued to fuck my sister with my fingers, I kept licking and sucking her wet slit and her clit. After only five minutes or so my sister came on my face. She locked her hips and thighs around my head. She ground her pussy into my face as she writhed around wildly on the bed. I thought the neighbors would hear her screams and moans of pleasure. When she came, she arched her back way up, her tits bounced around so much, I just thought I would cum right then and there. Sweet, girl goo flowed out of her twat; I kept lapping up as much as I could. I had no time to savor her sweetness until the end of her orgasm. 

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