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My Sister Kelly Pt. 3

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My sister Kelly came into my room early in the morning. "Psst, Eric. Are you awake?" "I am now Kelly." She put stroked my face lightly with her right hand, "Oh sorry sweetie. I just wanted to tell you that I am going to go take a shower and I wanted to see if you wanted to join me." My cock went immediately hard which of course my sister noticed. She slid her left hand down my underwear and stroked my throbbing cock. "Hmm, seems your cock want's too, how about you?" "Mom is still here isn't she?" "Yeah but she is still asleep." "But sis, I thought we would only fuck when mom wasn't around...we don't want her to catch us." "She won't know, just leave your door shut like you are still in bed. 

Besides, doesnít the thrill of being caught fucking your sister turn you on a bit?" "Well...I don't know." Kelly stopped stroking my cock, stood up with her hands on her hips and in a pissed tone she snapped at me. "You are such pussy Eric! Shit, here you have a fucking, hot and horny sister who wants to fuck her brother's brains out and you are being puss! How many of your friends want to fuck me? How many of your undersexed, over active hormone friends would fuck their sisters if they were in this position?" She turned and stormed out of my room. I laid there in my bed for a bit thinking about what my sister said. I started to stroke my cock as I thought about my sister Kelly. I was extremely horny and she was right, all my friends would fuck her if they could and would fuck their own sisters too if they could. I heard the water in her bathroom running. 

I said fuck it and thought with my throbbing cock. 'Hmmm, my sister wants to fuck my brains out...I think it is my turn to fuck her brains out.' I thought to myself. I got up and left my room, I went down to my moms room first and peaked into her room, she was still sound asleep and would not be up to go to work for an another hour. I hurried down to my sistersí bathroom; she had left the door unlocked. I slipped into her bathroom and shut the door behind me. I could see her naked silhouette through the frosted shower door. Even with that distorted view I could still see her fantastic 34D tits and her gorgeous long dark red-brown hair. I got out of my underwear in a flash, my hard throbbing red cock leading the way. I slid open the shower door, Kelly smiled at me and said, "Glad you decided to join me in the shower." 

She glanced down at my cock, "I see my little brother is happy to see his sister naked." This was the first time I had seen Kelly naked and wet like this, oh shit did she look fucking hot! Just something about the way the water ran down her voluptuous body. I watched water beads trickle down over her fabulous tits; her nipples were nice and erect. I followed the beads of water down her hard, tight stomach to her beautifully shaved pussy, then down her legs. Kelly saw this and of course made a great show for me. 

She started to lather up and slowly began to wash herself in the most erotic, sexy way I had ever seen. She slowly massaged her tits, tugging on her nipples, and then she lifted her tits to her mouth and flicked her tongue across her hard nipples, sucking each one into her mouth. "I pretend my nipples are you nice hard cock Eric. That is why I am so good at sucking your fucking hard prick...I practice a lot!" Then she slowly moved her hands down her body, to her hips, slower still down to her pussy. I watched as my sister massaged her pussy, she slid a couple of fingers into her hot slit and gave her clit a few strokes. As she did this, she kept looking right at me, her eyes tracing down my body to my cock, which was drooling pre-cum like a hungry man at a feast. Then Kelly turned around showing me her hot fucking ass. 

She began to rub her ass cheeks with the soap and then dropped. "Oh shit Eric, I dropped my soap, would you bend down and get it?" Normally I would have but I wanted to change things up a bit. "No Kelly! You bend over and pick it up." She seemed surprised at my response but she did it anyway, she bent over, touching her toes. As she did that, she spread her legs and I had nice view of her pussy. The water was coming down on her back and that was all I could take. I grabbed my sister by the hips and rammed my cock right into her tight, wet pussy. She let out a nice moan. Then I started to pound her pussy like a fucking jackhammer. I grabbed her tight ass giving each cheek a nice squeeze then I began to massage the hell out of them. "You wanna drop the soap with me? Now I will show you want happens when you drop the soap in the shower." 

My sister braced herself with her hands up against the shower wall as I fucked her hard and fast. She looked over her shoulder, "Fuck me Eric, ooh yeah fuck me good!" Her tits were bouncing around, so I reached forward and began to grope the hell out of her. My sisterís tits felt so fucking good in my hands; I began to tug on her hard, erect nipples. Kelly moaned even louder! "You like that sis? You like having your brothers cock in your hot tight pussy?" She looked back at me with half shut eyes, "yeeeahhhh! I...I should have been fucking you long ago." I grabbed my sister long, wet hair, pulling her head back, not to hard; I did not want to hurt her. I thrust my cock hard into her tight pussy and stopped. "Hey sis, you are not fucking me! I am fucking you! You wanna fuck my brains out? Well it is your brothers turn to fuck your brains out." Her eyes widen and she licked her lips. "Do it Eric! Fuck my brains out!" I went back to slamming my steel rod of a cock into my sistersí pussy. 

I just let my lust take hold of me. I reached down to Kelly's pussy and I began to rub her clit. Well that set my sister off! She started to squirm like I have never seen her before, moaning to the point of almost screaming. She started to fuck back at me, slamming her ass into me. "Oh fuck Eric, oh God don't stop. Fuck me! Rub my clit...ooh fuck I'm cumming...I' cummmmminnnnng!" Wow did my sister cum. Her pussy tightened up and I could feel wave after wave of Kellyís orgasm. My sisterís pussy drenched my cock in sweet pussy juice as she kept bucking her hips. She moaned "Eric cum in me...please cum in my pussy." As I felt her orgasm subside, I slide my pussy wet cock out of her. "What are you doing? Don't stop!" I wrapped my arms around my sister, my cock thrust up against her sweet ass. I fondled her tits, kissing her neck. "I am fucking you remember! I will cum when I want to! I turned her around so my back was now under the shower spray. I pushed Kelly up against the side of the shower. 

She grabbed my cock and started stroking it. "I wanna suck your cock, I wanna taste all your cum in my mouth." My sister began to drop to her knees; I quickly put my arms under her armpits and pulled her back up. As much as I wanted to have my sister suck my cock, I wanted to see my cum spurting into her mouth, I was not done fucking her! I pushed her right up against the wall as I did this; I planted the hottest, wettest kiss on her sweet lips. My sister thrust her tongue into my mouth. She lustfully explored my mouth as her she ran her hands over my ass and then to my cock. I grouped the hell out of my sister, grabbing her ass first. Then I moved both hands to her fucking awesome, large tits. I pulled away and went right for her tits. I grabbed each one, fondling, squeezing them. I ran my finger tips over her areola and nipples. 

I flicked her nipples around making my sister moan. She put her hands behind my head. "Suck'm Eric! Fucking suck on them!" Kelly didn't have to tell me again. I opened my mouth wide and took her nipples right in and sucked away. I wanted to suck the tit milk right out of them. I worked my mouth and tongue back and forth between my sister fucking awesome tits and nipples. Kelly moaned away "Oh fuck I am sooooo glad I have such a horny brother. You are best fuck ever!" With that I lowered my hands and spread her legs. My sister grabbed my cock and guided it right into her waiting pussy. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around me, I love having a small sister; it is so great to be able to puppet fuck her. I began to ram my aching cock into her hot pussy. As I fucked her hard, we kept kissing our tongues mingling our incestuous juice. I was really getting close to cumming now and Kelly could sense it. "Please cum in mouth Eric. I want to taste your cum so badly!" 

My sister is such a cum lover, she just loves swallowing my cum; which of course I have no complaints about. I withdrew my cock and told her to get down on the shower floor. She dropped right to her knees, what a sight, my sister on her knees in front of her brother, her mouth wide open, her tongue sticking out waiting for me to cum. I told her no and to get on her back. She leaned back down, I moved down quickly, my throbbing cock in my hand, I told her to spread her legs. She had one leg-foot on the shower door, the other on the shower wall. I slide my cock right in and began pumping her for I was worth. It didn't take too long for me, after about a minute or two I could not hold it any longer. "Sis...sis I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fucking fill your tight pussy with my cum!" "Do it! Give me your brotherly cum!" Well I did. It was fucking great! My cock hardened, and then spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt of cum gushed out of my cock deep into my sister's pussy. 

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