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My Sexy sister Nicole

(Part 1 from 5)

Note : This story is completely fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

My Sister Nicole was the sexiest thing I ever saw in my life, growing up in a 
small household proved difficult with just my mum and my Sister. My mum and dad had broken up a year before, leaving me growing up in a household of women.

My Sister was eighteen at the time, & I just was fifteen when this incident took place. I had always been a small kid and people always thought I was about a couple of years younger. My Sister Nicole however was every guy's dream. She had long blonde shoulder length hair & big blue eyes which you could just stare at all day, and what a body ! She had a body like a porn star, built solely for fucking ! I reckon she must have been at least a 34C-28-34. I cannot remember the number of times I had jacked off over my Sister each night, it must have easily run into the hundreds and hundreds, she was a BABE !

I would sometimes look through her bedroom keyhole and watch her getting ready to go to the gym. I could never see any further down past her stomach which was tanned a golden brown, this would always annoy the hell out of me as the keyhole was a funny shape. Although sometimes I would catch a glimpse of her perfectly round tits as she bent down to put her panties on. Each were the size of a large round grapefruit with nipples that resembled small bullets. How I fantasised about what her pussy looked, smelled, and tasted like, I bet she had a beautiful pussy just like the rest of her perfect body.

Nicole had the most perfect breasts I have ever seen. They almost seemed to defy gravity ! They were both the size of a pair of large melons, each one perfectly round and perfectly formed with nipples that looked like small bullets. They would always bounce up and down when she came running down the stairs, even when she was wearing her sports bra. Mmmm, how I fantasised about freeing those globes and sucking each one greedily in my hands. Little did I know that all my fantasies were going to come true very soon !

It was October the 28th and it was Nicole's nineteenth birthday. She was going out that night with her friends from high school, about ten of them altogether. 

I overheard them talking about going to some new night-club in town, and how they were going to find her a sexy guy. Believe me, my Sister didn't need any help in getting men, men just drooled over her where ever she went. She had just broken up with Her boyfriend Mike about 3 weeks before, so her friends were going to find her a new guy. I thought to myself, it's going to be some lucky bastard's night tonight, little did I realise that the lucky bastard would be me!

My mum had also made plans to go out that night with her boyfriend Dave who was picking her up at 9.00 PM. My Sisters friends would be coming round at 9.30 PM to pick my Sister up, so it would just be me on my own tonight. I had already decided to jack off to some porn videos as soon as my mum and Sister had left, so I didn't mind being on my own.

I went into the living room and crashed out on the sofa in my shorts and t- 
shirt, which is what I normally wear when Iím lounging around the house. About 10 minutes later my mum came down, "are you sure your going to be all right on your own tonight honey ? "Yes mum", I replied as she walked into the living room. She was obviously making an effort for Dave tonight, she was wearing her little black outfit and looked really sexy. "You look nice mum", I replied. "Thanks honey", I thought I'd better make an effort as Dave's taking me to a really posh restaurant tonight". Yeah I though, I bet that's not all that's going to be on the menu tonight. "Remember if there's an emergency or something call me on my mobile, ok ?" "yes mum", what on earth could go wrong in one night I thought ? "I might be back late honey, so don't wait up ok ? "ok" I replied.

A few minutes later I heard a horn sound outside as Dave pulled up in his new BMW. "Dave's here mum" ! I shouted, "yes I know honey" ! "Remember to call me if anything happens", "yes mum" I replied, "now go"! She kissed me on the cheek and then left through the back door. "Thank god" I thought. Another twenty minutes and my Sisters friends would be here. I would finally be able to jack off over my porno movies, my cock was starting to twitch at the very thought of it.

What the hell is Nicole doing I thought, she must have been in her room for 
at least two hours now. What seemed like eternity, I finally heard her bedroom door open and footsteps as she came downstairs. I pretended to be watching TV as she casually walked into the living room. The sight that greeted me was enough to shoot my load there and then ! My Sister was dressed like a slut on heat !

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