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My Mom Sister

(Part 1 from 1)

My mother’s sis to had always had been inclined towards me. She too was my favorite and as a teenager I was a great admirer of her body. A perfect hourglass figure busty boobs 38C and a hairy pussy that I had often seen when peeping.

She had this fear of sleeping alone so whenever she was in our place I was to sleep with her. Once we both were not very sleepy and while watching a movie, we got down chatting. I was 19 then. She shifted the topic to my girlfriends and asked whether I was physical with them. I lied and said no. She rested one of her legs on my crotch. I was feeling very uncomfortable as I had a massive hard-on. I kissed on her neck and said I was going to sleep. In the morning I got up early and was staring at her body her gown was raised enough to reveal her ass cheeks. I caressed on her butts and masturbated to a mighty orgasm I wanted to plunge my dick inside her but resisted.

She got up late and left in the evening. She had called up the next morning that she had safely reached and asked my mother to remind me to call her up. I called her and she said that she was coming down next week and was to stay at the tourist lodge and made sure that I was there. I promised her and began countdown with hopes that this was a chance of a lifetime to fulfill my cherished dream. I was by now desperate to have a go at her and masturbated almost daily thinking of her.

On the D-day I was up early and prepared for the best. I enquired with the clerk at the reception to which room she was staying. As I climbed the stairs I had cramps in my stomach in anticipation to meet her. I knocked at the door and she was there very pretty dressed in a salwar. We hugged and I could feel her warm boobs pressing on my chest. She picked the phone and ordered for some tea. I kept staring at her. My dick was hard pressing against my pants. As we sipped tea I asked her to get ready to go to our place. 

She agreed as I insisted and said that she had to change her dress. She opened her luggage and I could see small pink and yellow panties tucked in one corner. She opened her shalwar and I could see her black panties through the slit of her shirt. As she bent over to pick something her shirt rode high and her massive butts and panties showed. She looked so sexy that I mustered enough courage and got up and caught her by the waist from behind. She was surprised and asked me what I was doing. I kissed her on her earlobes and said I was madly aroused. She turned her and said I was being naughty I gave a short kiss of her lips and moved my hands up to her boobs. She was shivering and hugged me tight. My hands were cupping her butts and we began kissing furiously. 

She moaned me pleasure as my hands were inside the thin material of her panties and cupped her bare ass. She held my crotch and rubbed on the cock. I unzipped my pants and held out my dick. She held my cock in her soft hands and was surprised at the massive size and stiffness. She whispered that she would love to have me fuck her. I lifted her shirt and saw her pussy hairs peeping from the sides of her panties. I kissed on it and opened her panties. She was frothing bushy wet and I began sucking on her clit. She tightened her muscles and moaned loudly and began gyrating her pussy on my face. She had orgasmed. She held me tight and said that she had never experienced such a orgasm and begged me to fuck her. 

She lied on the bed and raised her legs high. I positioned myself between her legs and she took charge. She held my dick and placed in on the lips of her pussy and said “ Dear M, push baby, shove it in”, “oh aah aaaaaaaah, that’s it, hard”. My dick slipped easily in the slippery clit. She was not very tight and said that she was nipping. Suddenly I felt my dick clasping by her pussy. I fucked her steadily and soon I was cumming. She said to cum in her pussy as I cummed she too had a orgasm. She said that it was for the first time she had a double orgasm in her life. I collapsed on her.

We rested 69 and soon my dick was hard she said it is sexy fucking with panties on So she slipped on a tight panty and parted the folds to reveal her pussy and ordered me to fuck her doggy. Her panties clung to my dick and soon I had a terrific orgasm.

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