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My Hot Sister

(Part 1 from 1)

This Story is completely Fictional! Never Ever try this at home.

All this happened after I turned 17. My elder sisters name is Tina. She’s 18.She is drop dead gorgeous. In school all guys just fantasize her. She is a goddess to look at with 42DD bra size. I started to fantasize about my sister from the time she began puberty.

I remember playing with her naked & all but that was before puberty, so you know it was different.
One day after my dinner I went into my room. Tina was changing & left the door unlocked by mistake. The moment I saw her naked luscious body she gave me a instant 9” boner. I was in my boxers so she could clearly see my tent.

She said “ I’m sorry I should’ve locked the door properly”
So I said that it was my fault, I rushed outside of the room covering my boner with my hands which she probably took notice of.
Me & my sis share the same bedroom. After a while she said that it was okay for me to come in. After that we went in to our beds, when she said “ Tim am I good looking?”
I said “ Are you kidding! You are the most sought after gal in senior high. All my friends like you & adore you. All of them want to date you including me.”

She said thank you with a nod of appreciation. I couldn’t go to sleep that night . Every time I closed my eyes I saw her. Later that weekend my mom & dad had to go for a conference to the next town. They were out for two whole days & we had the house to ourselves.

After they left I went into the den to play playstation. Tina said that she was going for a bath so please attend the phone. The moment she said that my lump came to life. After she had gone upstairs I couldn’t help thinking about her. I went into our room & thought of the perfect plan to have her all to myself.
I took out one of my porn mags & kept it on my desk. I only had my boxers on down to my knees . I sat on my bed and put on a blanket with the mag in my hand. I waited for the perfect opportunity. The moment I heard the door open I opened the mag & removed my blanket. That’s when Tina entered the room & saw me naked ready to masturbate. I acted as if I hadn’t noticed her, when she said looking at my fully erect pole, woowww!

She said Tim how come you have hidden your friend from me for so long. God he is gorgeous. So I said with a vicious grin on my face you aren’t so bad too. She said “ can you let me be friends with him?” & she took my pen into her wet mouth. It was so big that she had difficulties fitting the whole of it into her mouth. I still couldn’t believe that my big sis was giving me a blow job.

She licked & licked moving up & down my shaft. After a while I could hold my cum no longer & I shot it all over her face.
I happily replied that it was my turn to give her a handjob. I ripped her towel off & sat there admiring her beautiful body gigantic pink tits & blonde pussy. I put my fingers in her pussy & finger fucked her. She was cumming so I licked her juices & put my tongue in her pussy. Now she had an orgasm & she moaned in happiness. Breathing heavily she said “ oh Tim please fuck me”

I said I would be most obliged. I grabbed her by her waist & pulled her towards myself in an assertive manner and laid on top of her. Now I was ready to fuck her doggy style. I put my rock hard dick into her pussy & started the to-&-fro movement. I could swear it never felt that good whenever I used to masturbate. I started picking up the tempo & now I was fucking her insanely fast & in the process broke her cherry. She screamed in pain but then she had a massive orgasm & she was in the seventh heaven. I said “ Shitt Tina I can’t hold my load any longer Tina” and released 8-10 squirts of my warm hot cum all over her tits & near her pussy. Later we cleaned up the mess while still naked. I was still so damn excited that seeing her naked yet again gave me a boner so she gleefully accepted to give me blowjob. Later that night we had lots of sex & it was incredible . My parents had no clue what had happened during the weekend & now me & Tina play with each other whenever we get the chance.

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