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My Friend's Little Sister

(Part 1 from 4)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I am 19 years old living everyday life just like everybody else. I have a cool job, a cool car, my own apartment, everything I ever wanted. Except for one thing, I don’t have a girlfriend. Not many girls consider me to be girl material or a cute guy, but I could care less. I was wrong however, one young girl did thought I was cute and she wanted me to her best. This is my story of how this incident came to be. 

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning. The wind was blowing great and usually on Saturdays and Sundays, I don’t work. So what else to do but spend time with one of my best friends. He had recorded two beautiful girls getting it on with each other and he since he knew I was down with lesbians being cool, he wanted to show me his video. Where did he made it? He said it was at some party, these two girls were drunk as hell and they just began to follow orders. Yeah, he fucked them both afterwards too, but he let them get it on first. So I make my way over to his place and I get there. Doesn’t seem like anyone’s there, but I then go up to the door and knock on it a couple of times as the door then opens and I am greeted by my friend. 

“Hey, what’s up?”

- “Nothing much. Where’s the video? Is anyone here?”

“Nah, they are all gone. The video is in the VCR, just hit play and tune the volume from the remote. Hey, listen, I need to go to the store and buy something to drink. Apparently my sister brings her friends over and they always drink away the coke.”

- “Take my car then.”

“No, I’ll take my own. Thanks anyways, just don’t open the door to anyone and if my parents or sister shows up, just turn it off quick and put the video under my bed and just read the newspaper or something. You know, we don’t want to get caught.”

- “No kidding.”

“My casa es tu casa, so enjoy.” (Mi casa en tu casa = My house is your house.)

So I close the door and lock it and here my friend peel out of the driveway like crazy. So I then go lie down on the sofa as I sit up and push play from the control and the TV turns on automatic. One of those new age designs. So it starts and I here my friend say a little into to his video and what was he about to do. What I saw where to extremely beautiful girls that were too drunk to realize what the hell was happening. He begins talking to them by introducing himself as the “King”. The girls then respond, ‘King of what’. He says that was you two have to find out. They are eager to know how. So he tells them that they have to kiss. So they are like, “Eww” at first, but then they decide to give it a try. They then give each other a kiss as they one of them lies down on her friend’s chest. So he then tells them to take each other’s clothing off so they can relax and not feel so hot from the overdose of alcohol . Without hesitation they do. He then moves away from camera view and then begins to tell the girls to go at it with each other hardcore and fuck each other like they really want one another. The girls reply that they have boyfriend and they do not know that they are here. So he replies, “What are you talking about? You girls just broke up with them yesterday?” The girls then reply, “Really.” He then fills them in on a short story of what didn’t happened, but happened. He then tells them that the girls made a pack with each other never to go back out with those guys again. Should they need comforting or love, or anything, they would come to each other for their desires, attention, and their obsession. “Yeah, we don’t need them, we got each other,” the girls reply towards him. So they then begin to kiss each other and undress one another with ease, but with patience. Within a short time, the girls then undress each other to their bra and panties as they then release themselves from their bra’s and then take each other’s panties off. One girl had white cotton panties, and the other girl had a nice thong. So they lie down on the bed in what appeared to be an empty room with background music pounding against the walls, but you could only hear vibrations. The girls then begin to kiss each other yet again, but this time, they slid each other’s tongues into their mouths as they begin to finger each other. These girls were both busty in chest. Not massive, but good enough to fuck and make them bounce. You could hear moaning beginning from the both of them as they seemed to enjoy their little fuck. After the a while, the girls then take turns sucking each other’s wet pussies. Neither one of them was nice with each other, they were both aggressive with each other in jamming fingers, licking and penetrating each other’s pussies with their tongues, almost as if to play, “Who can suck pussy the best!” You could hear screaming coming from the girls that was getting sucked as they took turns. Then the two girls get into a 69 position and begin to flavor each other’s juices all over their mouths as they suck one another wild. They had pretty pink lips with no hair on their pussies. My friend then asked them their names and they reply, “Nicole, and this is my cousin and best friend Alice.” After that, all you could hear was intense moaning from the two girls that were sucking each other’s pussies like hell. He got some pretty good camera views on both of these girls. Just the sight of seeing these two girls getting it on made you want to jump in the TV screen. The TV was loud and then I hear the sounds of water faucets turn off as I realize that somebody is here. I quickly struggle to find the control. I did not realize where it was till after she came out of the shower room wrapped around with a towel with her hair still wet in curls, as she then smiles towards me as I then find the remote and turn the TV off. I then place it besides me as she then comes up to me and I get up. 

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