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My First Time, hot and steamy.

(Part 1 from 1)

Katie paced the windows of her penthouse apartment, lonely she sat back on the black suede sofa, pondering what the night might bring her. Alone and cold, she raped a mink throw around her body and watching the snow drifting past her window. New York was a pretty place, especially when it snowed, central park became a winter wonderland and the streets looked ultra pretty dusted with a layer of glimmering snow. Katie an eighteen year old student was new to living alone, only 3 weeks ago she moved out of her parents Manhattan home, living alone had become a new thing for Katie. Normally on a week night she'd catch up on college papers, or have early nights in watching programmes recorded off TiVo. Weekends got more exciting when her best friends Maria and Miranda would visit, they'd party up in NYC and sleepover at Katieís, most times more than one night.

But tonight Katie wasn't in the mood for catching up on collage work or TV. Lazing on the couch, she left her fingers wander into the unknown, soon her Victoria Secret Night dress was around her hips. She let her fingers sooth her mind, one stroke two strokes, it was hard to resist. Faster and faster her heart pounded and the sounds of wet fingers being thrust around gave her the determination to get going. Now Katie was never a girl to muck around, and before she knew it her underwire bra was catching her nipples. Erect and now stiff her hardening nipples wanted in on the actions. Lavouring her fingers in her sweet juices, Katieís fingers soon wound their way to her pink nipples. Twisting and pinching she groaned at the pleasure, stopping for a breath she'd taste her on juices before re-applying the moisturising lubricant to her delicate fingers. Katie knew it was wrong to play with herself in broad view of her neighbours, but she couldn't resist.

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Thrusting her legs onto the back of the couch Katie was in a deeper position. Reaching over she grabbed or round bristle brush complete with a rubber grip, after placing it there after brushing her hair that morning, now was the best use her hairbrush had. Gentling brushing her landing strip of pubic hair Katie tempted herself by running the bristles over her clitoris, moaning with great pleasure she dunked the handle end into her sweet savouring pool of juices. Soon overflowing onto her stomach her secretions were running fast. The pumping action of the brush didn't help, thrusting them out at all directions. Once the handle had been moistened she was in for the full course, twisting and turning, thrusting the brush in, her vagina was taking a beating. Thrusting it in with groaning delight Katie was now covered in her own juices. Soon there was a knock at the door, disturbing her intimate session. Not knowing what to do but in a horny mood, she rose to her feet and headed for the door.

Tip toeing the peer through the peep hole, Katie could feel something cool slipping down her inner thigh, distracted by the knock, she'd forgotten about her pool of juices, now dripping on her feet. Peering through the peep hole she noticed her boyfriend Jordan in his sweats. She soon flung the door open fully stark naked, "wow this is a nice surprise," Jordan exclaimed, flushed red from his run, "I was passing by and thought Iíd pop in, but I was nowhere near expecting this," Katie looked at Jordanís 6 pack covered by a fitted singlet, she reached out and pulled him inside, pulling him closer to her beautifully shaped lips.

Slamming the door ever so sexy, Katie was in a fully locked embrace kissing her boyfriend, whilst dragging him to the secretion drenched sofa. Once there she released her embrace, taking in his gorgeous blue eyes, "babe its tonight, I want you to pop my cherry and lose my virginity, itís you I want to lose it to," Eager and now horny Jordan started to remove his shorts, "but first" Katie popped in "I want you to lick me dry" with her sexy voice. "Of course anything for you my baby," Katie was soon laid out on the suede couch with her legs wide open...

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