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My Brother, My Lover

(Part 1 from 1)


I'm Hannah, and Vinny is my half-brother on my Dad's side. He came to live with us when I was 14, and we bonded instantly because we were so close in age. My dad had an affair with someone when my mom was pregnant and Vinny came to live with us, because up until I was 14 Dad had no idea about him. I never actually found out who his mother was, but I had my ideas.

So Vinny came to live with us, and well, he was gorgeous. All my friends loved him, and threw themselves at him. After a while, I stopped bring friends over, and Vinny didn't seem to mind. So about three months ago, Vinny and I turned 16. 

My parents let me date, and I began seeing Mark. I never did anything really wrong with him, but he was there to amuse me, and I let him grope me, and he thought he was on 7th heaven or something. Personally, I would never even go near him except for the fact that he's the quarterback, and I'm a cheerleader. Yes, it is the typical high school relationship, except I'm not blond or all that stupid or that I'll let Mark fuck me.

I came home from my last date with Mark a little bit frazzled. We'd gone to the local version of "lover's lane" and he'd tried to go a bit further than second base. I got out of the car, and ran into the house, because I'd been so close to giving in to his childish attempts of trying to fuck that I was scared.

When I closed the door, Vinny was going upstairs and he asked how my date was. 

"Don't ask. It sucked."

"What? Did he try something? Cause Mark knows I'd beat his ass if he hurt you."

"Oh, Vin, that so sweet." And in my heart, I knew what was going to come.

"Shut up, Hannah." He went upstairs and I followed, but I went to my parents bedroom to check in. After, I went to my room to get ready to shower.

I pulled on my satin robe, and went to my adjoining bathroom that I shared with Vinny. When I got to the bathroom, I started the shower and got in. I soaped up, and began to play with myself. I was rubbing my clit, when I heard the door open, so I tried my best to cover myself with the washcloth.

"Vin, get the fuck out!"

"Don't worry, I'm just brushing my teeth, and plus, it's nothing I haven't seen before. Oh, and don't stop fingering yourself on my account."

"Vinny, just leave will ya? You're such a pain in my ass!" He left and I returned to cleaning myself, but I was yet again interupted because he had to take a piss.

"You're such a guy Vin, why couldn't you wait like 5 minutes until I am out of the bathroom?"

"Have to pee, what can I say? Plus..." he trailed off, and I got out of the shower, not even bothering to cover myself anymore. Slipping on my robe, I brushed my teeth, and watched him in the mirror.

"So what was wrong with your date tonight?" Vin asked when he was washing his hands.

"Nothing, he just got a bit pushy, is all. Plus, I don't really like him."

"Then why go out? Oh, don't tell me... the whole jock/cheerleader relationship thing?"

"Go away. I've got to get up early for practice tomorrow." I left and climbed into bed, shutting the door in his face.

*********************The Next Day*********************

I got up early and went to practice where Marcie and Zoey asked how last night was.

"Well, he tried to get me to do it, but I pushed him off."

"I can see why when you've got Vin at home!"

"Gross, Marcie! He's my brother." 

"Only your half-brother. And that wouldn't stop me." 

"I know it wouldn't, but see I've got morals and stuff."

"Bull shit." 

"Whatever." I started to stretch and followed the routine, and on the way home I thought about what Marcie said. And I really did like Vinny, but it would be wrong to sleep with him... but that fine line seemed to be a bit finer and I really began to think about fucking him.

When I got home, only Vin's car was there, and I started to think about really going through with my thoughts. 

"Hey everyone, I'm home!" No one spoke, but I heard his radio playing upstairs. I dropped Mark's football coat as I went upstairs, and towards Vin's room. I got to the door and stopped, and retreated to my room. 

I decided to take a shower before I did anything drastic, because I was all sweaty from practice. Stripping out of my clothes I went to the bathroom, and found Vinny jerking off on the toilet.

He stood up, with his dick leaking pre-cum and poking out at least 8 inches from the rest of him.

"Shit, Hannah! Aren't you supposed to knock before you come in here!" I was too busy stareing to answer.

"Vin, I was wondering...." 

"What?" He asked, trying to cover himself up with his hands, but failed to cover all of his cock.

"Never mind." I got into the shower, and started the water. Vin didn't leave, but sat back on the toilet and kept up his activities.

I began to watch him, and finger myself, when he spoke up. "You know there is a way to satisfy both our needs, Hannah."

I turned to him, and he stepped into the shower. "How?"

"By doing this." He kissed me, and I reached down to grab his dick.

"Hannah, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment."

"Well, Vin, lets get into a better position for what I have in mind."

"Oh, and what's that?" I went to my bedroom and he followed. I locked my door, went to the bed, and Vin came over.

"You sure you want this?" He got on the bed next to me, and reached to kiss me.

"Absolutely, I've thought about this, and I think that I've always wanted to, since I saw you for the first time."

"Ok." He moved down to my pussy, and french kissed it. I squirmed with pleasure, while he kept lapping at my cunt.

"Oh, Vinnnnnyyyy, I thinkkkk that I'mmmmm goinnnggg to CCCUUUMMMMM!" I did all over his face and fingers which he'd been shoving into my cunny.

"Hannah, you taste so sweet. Here have some." His fingers scooped up some of my juices and I licked them and agreed.

He kept licking me, but his fingers moved to my ass, swirling them around my little puckered whole, and eventually shoving a finger and two into it.

"You ready?"

"Sure, just make sure it doesn't hurt a lot. I heard that it does hurt some."

"You're a VIRGIN?"

"What'd you think I was. Some little cheerleading slut?"

"Well, yeah. I've heard some stuff in the guys locker room."

"Never mind, let's just fuck."

"I've no objections to that. Pull your knees up to your chest. And when I push in, slide them over my shoulders."

"Alright... but don't hurt me."

"Hannah.... I love you. I'd never mean hurt you."

"Oh, Vinny, I love you too." He poised his cock at my pussy, and began to work his dick into me. 

"Hannah, you've got the tightest pussy I've ever been in!" He hit my hymen, and stopped before pushing all the way in.

My legs were up and over his shoulders in one swift movement, and my pussy ached with the pain of my virginity being taken.

Vin moved, thrusting into my pussy, taking his cock out of me and then pushing back in.

"Do you want me to pull out, or is it alright if I cum inside you?"

"Pull out.... I want to drink your cum." After what seemed like hours, he pulled out and shot his cum into my mouth, while rubbing my clit into bliss. I came again, and swallowed all of his delicious sperm.

When it was over, Vinny and I decided to keep our relationship and the sex going. We both loved each other, and we tried to figure out a way to keep it a secret from my parents.

To be continued...

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