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Mom's Towel

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is complete fictional! Never try to do in real live!

   Natalie was in the kitchen pouring herself a cup of coffee as her
son, Mark, came in the back door.  Seeing his mother like that, bundled in that towel, casued a stir in his groin.  Without turning,
she rebuked him, "You're late, Mark!"  Turning around quickly to
confront him caused her towel to flap wildly upward allowing him a
fleeting glimpse of her blond-haired groin.

   "Sorry, mom," he apologized.  "I was at Dave's and I guess the time just slipped by."
   Grabbing both his arms, she again rebuked him.  "You guess?"
   "I said I was sorry," he pleadingly apologized pulling free from
her grasp.  Pushing open the door, he remarked, "I'll go and change."
   Natalie jerked his arm back causing his hand to brush against her
covered breast.  "Oh no you don't!" She angrily blurted.  "I sure as
hell don't want you dripping on my carpet!  That swimming suit comes off in here, young man."
   "But mom," he protested pulling free of her grasp.

   She glared at him.  "No buts, young man.  You either lose that
suit or you spend eternity in here."  Noticing her son's embarrassed
hesitation, she simply asked, "Worried about running into your sister?"  As he nodded sheepishly, his mother continued, "Hey, no
problem.  You can borrow my towel."
   Mark looked at his mother.  Was she serious?  Would she actually
let him borrow her towel?  Did she realize, if she did give it to him,
she'd be allowing him to see her unclothed?  Trying not to seem anxious, he asked, "Are you serious?"

   Sipping her coffee she sat down at the table, and grinned an answer, "Absolutely."  Looking at him the way she was he was sure she
could see his hardening penis clearly outlined against the thin red fabric.  "Now get that suit off," she ordered.  Seeing her son's hesitation, she added, "I need some insentive, honey.  Tell you what, you take off that wet suit and I'll give you my towel.  Okay?"  Looking at him she smiled seeing her son's full erection clearly defined.  With a sexual smirk, she said, "Come closer so I don't miss anything."

   Stepping almost into her lap, he wondered if she was putting him
on the spot.  Sure, he'd take off his suit and then she'd boot him
out smack into his sister.  "Well, what the hell," he thought and
slipping his hands into the waistband he saw a hint of excitement in
his mother's eyes and, as she bent down practically kissing the suit, he could just see the tops of her breasts.  Sliding the suit off caused his flaying erection to slap her in the face.  "Sorry, mom."

   "Don't worry about it," she said as he stepped back.  Getting up she looked intently at the member sticking out in front of her son.
"Gee honey," she commented with a smile.  Taking a sip of coffee for courage, she untied the knot in her towel.  Just as she was about to hand it to him, she jerked it back not even allowing her son a peek.
Teasingly, she said, clutching the towel tightly against herself, "Go ahead and take it."

   Mark stepped forward and, slipping his hands under the towel, felt
his mother's breasts and, tweaking her nipples, yanked it off.  He smiled at, at last, seeing her breasts.  As she looked down at his
hardon, he noticed her nipples begin to swell up.  However, he didn't
possess the towel.  He looked at her and noticed the towel was clenched tightly against her crotch.  Without hesitation his hand went under it and, as his hand felt her hairy forest he smiled, and jerked off the towel.

   Natalie stumbled into him, due to the sudden jerk, and her nipples grazed his lips just as his hard penis jammed against her blond triangle.  Regaining her footing, she apologized, "Sorry, honey."
   Mark shrugged it off.  Here she was, his own mother, completely
unclothed in front of him, her 18 year old son.  He admired her
body seeing, due to the lightness of her blond hair, just a hint of her slit, and commented, "Gee, mom, you're pretty."
   Suddenly hearing her daughter's footfalls on the stairs, she picked up the towel.  "You better let me put this on you.  Kim's coming."  Girding him with the towel, taking liberty to figorously stroke her son's penis, and folding it up under the towel she felt
pre-cum moisture.  Withdrawing her hand she licked it off.  "Umpth,
not bad."  She went to get another cup of coffee just as Kim entered.

  As his sister entered the kitchen Mark saw that she was wearing her silk robe.  Being tightly tied about her it actenuated her developing figure and Mark could just make out the outline of her small breasts. Upon entering Kim noticed her brother in the towel and stared at the elongated bump.  As she sat down at the table she nudged her hand against it as Natalie sat down quickly putting a bowl of pretzels on the table.   Looking at Mark, with an inquisitive look, she asked,
"What you got hiding under the towel, dear brother?"
   "Don't be so nosey, dear," Natalie interjected.  And winking at Mark, she added with a giggle, "I know but I'm not telling."
   "Okay fine then," Kim shot back looking at her mother as she ate a pretzel.  Noticing her mother's naked breasts, she sighed, "Oh mom."
Being curious, she dropped a pretzel.  "Oh geez, I dropped a pretzel,"
she blurted out and bent under the table to pick it up.  As she did
Natalie quickly spread her legs apart affording her daughter a view of
her pubic forest.  Returning topside, she blushed, and said, "Oh."

   As Mark sat down at the table Natalie went for another cup of coffee.  Staring at Kim he wondered what she looked like under that robe.  Hoping to catch just a mere glimpse under it he went to
get some soda.  As he gave her a soda she decided to cross her legs and, deliberately lifting her leg high, he saw her fuzzy, sparsely-haired mound plainly seeing his sister's slit.  He straddled his chair with his legs on either side of it.
   Grabbing another pretzel, Kim suddenly said, "Shit, I dropped another one!"  Bending under the table to pick it up she looked in her brother's direction.  Eating the pretzel she grabbed another one
and just smiled at her brother.  He grinned back at her and she knew he knew  that she had seen under the towel.

   Natalie sipped her coffee and turned around.  Putting her hands
on the counter, and spreading her legs, allowed her children to see
her pussy lips.  "What say we all go into the living room?"
   "Yeah," Kim replied.  "First one gets the lounge chair."  Both Kim and Mark bolted for the door.  Arriving at the door at the same time his hand brushed against the bumps in her robe and slipping under his arm, she pushed the door open and sprinted for the lounge chair.
   Natalie came in shamelessly sprawling on the couch as Kim jumped into the chair.  Mark sat down next to his mother and looked with envy at his sister.  With her legs slightly apart she jerked the handle to recline.  Doing so allowed Mark a fleeting glimpse of the entrance hole to his sister's vaginal cavity.  "Please Mark," she pleaded as she looked over at him, "please let me see you without the towel."
   "Go ahead, honey," Natalie prodded. "I dare you."
   Getting up he went over to the lounge chair, and looking down at her, asked, "Gonna show me what you're hiding?"
    "Setting conditions, are we, Mark?" She asked stroking the covered bump in the towel.  She smiled up at him as he looked at that tight silk robe, and added, "Oh, what the hell, why not.  But only one condition though," he looked at her wondering what it could be, as she set her condition, "I get to remove the towel and you, dear brother, can take off this robe."

   Natalie interrupted and called Mark over to the couch.  Grabbing his neck she pulled him down.  As she whispered in his ear he massaged her pubic mound probbing a finger into his mother's vaginal cavity.  Kim was straining to hear what was being said as Natalie let Mark go and, readjusting the towel patted his covered butt, said,
"Okay Mark?"
   Making his way back to the lounge chair, he stopped midway and,
turning his head, winked at his mother.  "Hey, Kim," he said.  As she looked up he strutted, causing the toweled bump to sway back and forth, upto the lounge chair.  Putting one hand on the sash of his sister's robe he grabbed her hand with the other.  Shoving her hand under the towel he quickly removed his hand, putting it on the farther lapel of her robe nudging her breast in the process.  Meanwhile as Kim felt her brother's balls and hard shaft he slowly slipped his hand under her robe palming her pussy.  Looking at his mother, who nodded, he yanked the lapel pulling off his sister's robe as he pulled away sliding her hand on his dick.  Both the robe and the towel came off at the same time.

    Mark surveyed his sister's 18 year old body as she stared
at that thing between his legs that was sticking out.  As she put a hand on the arm rest he came back upto the chair sliding his balls against her hand as he gently massaged her small breasts.  As she slid her hand on his dick he felt her nipples swell.  As he bent down to lick her pouty nipples she felt pre-cum moisture.
    Feeling the moisture, and his tongue on her nipples, she breathed a sigh of escatasy, "Oh, mother."
    Natalie joined them as Kim gently continued stroking Mark's hard shaft.  As Mark explored his tongue downward he licked her clit which caused to sigh heavily with delight.  Grabbing her daughter's hand,  noticing that her son's penis was slippery, she cautioned Kim,
"Stop now Kim," as she pulled her hand off.  Lifting Mark's head she probbed her daughter's vaginal opening, rimming it with her finger.
As Kim squirmed against the pleasant intrusion, Natalie sighed with
delight, "Oh sweetheart, you're so wet."  Withdrawing her finger, she added, noticing her son's dick was glistening with moisture its entire length, she whispered sexually, "Oh sweetheart, let Mark put his penis inside you."

    Kim looked at her mother, and breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling rapidly heaving her hard nippled little breasts, sighed,
"Oh, mother, please, please let me feel my brother inside me."
    As Natalie helped Mark on top of his sister he could feel her
heaving breasts against his chest.  Grabbing her son's hard shaft and, rimming it against her daughter's pussy lips, slipped it slowly into her sex cavity.  She whispered, "Mark, enjoy the sensation.  Do it slow."
    As Natalie slipped his dick into Kim he felt the tightness of her vaginal muscles against his penetrating penis.  Pumping slowly, penetrating his sister deeper with every stroke, he felt a strange sensation in his groin.  Kim sighed in escatized delight as she, too,
felt a strange moist sensation on her vaginal walls as Mark pumped
deeper and deeper into his sister.
   Natalie grabbed her son's nuts and, massaging them gently, felt them tighten up as he started to breathe heavily, along with his sister.  Natalie, utterly delighted, felt his balls constrict as he streamed hot cum into his sister's tight little pussy overflowing
her just as she moistened his shaft.  As both came, they sighed together, "Oh, mother, oh mother."
   As Natalie helped Mark off his sister, she sighed, "Oh, mother,
I loved it, oh mother, I loved it." 

   Meanwhile Mark stood up still breathing heavily and looking at his sister still heaving her pert little breasts, he sighed, "Oh, mom,
she's so tight, so lovely."
   "You both are," Natalie commented.  Grabbing Mark's hand she rimmed
her vaginal opening with his finger.  As Kim got out of the chair
Natalie pulled her son down to the floor with her.  As he probbed her pussy she fondled him, stroking his penis erect.  As Kim watched, she withdrew his finger and slipped his, again erect, hard shaft into her
vaginal cavity. 
   As he pumped his shaft hard, deep, into his mother's pussy he could feel she wasn't as tight as Kim's pussy was.  As he pumped faster Kim massaged her mother's breasts sucking on her hard nipples.
Suddenly Natalie sighed loudly, "Oh god, don't stop!  Please don't stop!"  Mark pumped his hard shaft deep into his mother as Kim sucked harder on her mother's nipples.  As Mark felt his balls tighten he pumped faster.  As he felt himself about to cum he grabbed his sister's tits massaging them roughly.  As he kissed his mother she drew him tighter sucking his lips against hers.  Squirming in escatasy she could feel that sexual something she hadn't felt in a long time.  Mark felt his balls tighten and as he streamed a load of his hot cum into his mother's pussy she convulsed in escatasy tightening her vaginal cavity against her son's penis, soaking the  penis impaling her with her, almost endless, cum.

   It had been so long that she had felt a penis inside her she continued to hump it, milking her son's penis dry.  After she could
feel no more cum moistening her vagina she withdrew her son's penis.
   All three sat down on the couch.  Mark took turns licking, and even sucking, their tits as he massaged and probbed their vaginal cavities.  As Natalie and Kim took turns fondling his balls, they
alternated stroking and sucking his penis.  Suddenly all three came.
Natalie and Kim soaked his hand with their cum as they, both stroking
his penis, saw his white cum shoot into the air.  Swaying his penis,
they both felt the hot cum on their tits.
   Natalie went to get another cup of coffee as Mark kissed his sister deeply, sighing, "I love you, Kim."  He fondled her breasts and massaged her pussy.
   Meanwhile Kim, as her brother kissed her, fondled his unerect penis and balls, and sighed, "I love you too, Mark." 

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