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Mistaken Identity

(Part 1 from 1)

Tony was half asleep on the settee when he heard the door bell ring . He was dressed for bed in just his pyjamas, having promised himself an early night. He opened it, and he saw a pretty blonde lady, very slim, very petite, but equally well proportioned for her size. She was wearing a white tightly belted raincoat that reached only half-way down her shapely thighs, together with black knee high boots with high heels. Her hair was cut in a page boy style, and her makeup was a shade on the heavy side. Her perfume was strong and very highly erotic.’

"Are you Mr. Tony Nash ?" she asks. Deliberately putting one foot in the door to stop him shutting it in her face.
"Yes that’s me, can I help you?" Tony replied.
Taking him by surprise she pushed Tony back , and slammed the door behind her, she stepped forward and reaching up on her toes, she threw her arms round his neck, giving him a long, wet, french kiss. Her small but quite firm tits pressed firmly into his chest, and she pushed her groin forcibly against his now very hard cock as her tongue searched out his mouth hungrily. His back was now against the wall and he automatically put his arms round her body.

Then she broke the kiss and said. ”You don’t know me, but you know my daughter well enough - you fucking pervert.”

With that she started kissing him again. Tony automatically responded, and his tongue pushed hers out of his mouth, and searched inside the blonde's mouth with increasing passion, and he pushed back into her body with his own crotch. His cock was hard as a rock now and his cock had come into the open through the slit in his pajama trousers. There groins were mashing together and his cock was now almost inside her raincoat..

Finally, you both come up for air, and with your hands pawing furiously at each other, you ask.
"Do I know you?" Tony asked.
"I' think you do now and you will know me much better by the end of the night. " says the gorgeous blonde woman. "If you don't know my name, you're going to have to guess it. I know this about you - you're a fucking pervert, a dirty minded, schoolgirl fucking pervert and I'm here too see if you can cope with a full grown woman, instead of seducing teenage schoolgirls who should know a lot better."

"I’m not sure I know what you are talking about!” Tony responded.
You have fucked both my daughter and her two friends, so much so that they can do nothing but rave about how good you are in bed.

“I did and when was this?”

Tony asked totally dumbfounded that this woman seemed to know so much more about what happened in his private life than he did. He was nut fucking any schoolgirls at all, but the lady seemed to think he was guilty of something. However , he was not going to argue with this beautiful but obviously a raving lunatic of a lady who wanted him to fuck her. As his mother always told him “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

She pushed her way into the apartment. Then she turned and pushed the latch down on the front door and dragged him into the lounge. She looked up at him with a smile on her face as she reached down and grabbed his rampant cock .
“Well I suppose that seeing the size of you cock , I suppose I can not blame the girls at all.” She said half grudgingly.
“But where did you hear all this nonsense ?” Tony asked.
“Well teenage girls talk amongst themselves , and they don’t know that Mamma has big ears, when she wants to know what her daughters do in their spare time.”
All the time that she was talking, she was pushing his pajama trousers to the floor, and was undoing his pajama jacket

Suddenly she steps back her eyes never leaving his, and unbelts her raincoat letting it slide to the floor and Tony could see that she was totally naked underneath, then without speaking she knelt down in front of him.

Her hot wet mouth slid down the length of his throbbing cock, and the wonderful sucking sensation she created sent him into a state of supreme ecstasy. Her head bobs up and down on his cock as her fingers get to work fondling his balls. Soon he was shooting his seed into her mouth She gulped his sperm down greedily, holding his softening cock in her mouth until it was completely soft again.

"Thank you," she says, "that was gorgeous, Mr. Pervert. I love the taste of a mans sperm. It'll will make the rest of the night better for us , because you'll be able to last much longer now.

"Listen," what's all this about? Tony asked, What have I done that deserves all this? What are you going to do?"

"I’m going to fuck you silly until you plead for mercy. Then I will want to know why you have been fucking my teenage daughter and her two friends. Then I will decide whether it’s a case for the police, or whether we can come to some sort of personal agreement? "

As she was speaking her hands reached down and took Tony’s now very engorged cock in her hand pulling him by his cock, she led the way into the adjoining bedroom where she wrapped her naked body around him again, and planted another long, lingering wet kiss on his lips Only this time, standing there in the middle of the bedroom Tony could see just how beautiful this woman was.

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Her hot wet mouth took as much of his length in her mouth as was humanly possible creating that wonderful sucking sensation that sent him to a state of supreme ecstasy. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock as her fingers gently fondled his balls. Soon you are shooting your seed into her mouth She gulped your sperm down greedily, and held his softening cock in her mouth until it is completely soft again.

"Thank you," she says, "that was gorgeous. I love the taste of a mans sperm. It'll only make the rest of the night better for us, because now you'll be able to last much longer now.

As she spoke she pushed him down on to the bed.

“As she played with his now flaccid cock, to gradually restore it to its full operating size, she said. “Tony I don’t understand why you have been wasting this lovely cock on young girls.“
Before he could respond, her mouth once again fastened on to his. Soon she had restored his cock to its full operating size. Tony needed no more of an invitation as he took her in his arms, kissing her passionately, feeling her bullet hard nipples pressing into his chest. He pushed her back gently on to the bed. By this time although totally intrigued he wanted her so badly, as she smiled invitingly up at him; her beautiful blonde hair splayed out across the pillow, showing just how beautiful she was.

She opened her arms in invitation as she said “Come to me pervert. Let’s see just how good you really are with a real woman.”

As Tony straddled her body, he knew that she wanted him just as badly now, as he wanted her. Her hand took his cock and pushed it gently against her pussy lips as she guided him in as he gently pushed deep inside her.

Then she said. “ No pervert let me come on top, you are much bigger then me.”

Her arms clung round his neck as Tony took her body and rolled over on to his back taking her with him without losing his cock. She sat up straight lowering herself back down on to his cock very slowly, once again bringing a myriad of mind blowing sensations. Then she leaned over to kiss him, her long blonde hair hung down around their faces as they kissed. Her body swaying slowly, and rhythmically as she moved. Her kisses were wet and extremely passionate.

She rode up and down his cock, pushing them both closer and closer to the brink with each careful stroke. Then she leaned right back, her hands resting on the bed behind her, her face frozen in concentration as Tony could feel his cock pushing right into her, at a slightly different angle, bringing a whole new range of sensations and responses that raced through their bodies, with a piercing scream their climax that came simultaneously as she slumped forward on to his body.

For a few moments they clung on to one another, enjoying the sensations that washed over their bodies. Eventually she slumped forward onto him, smiling and passionately kissing his face and lips, as she tried desperately to get her breath back, while she gripped tightly on to the last inch of his straining cock.

The rest of the evening and following night was a time Tony would remember for years to come, as time after time they brought each other to new peaks of passion, and to new heights of ecstasy. Time after time he managed to slow her down, carefully prolonging their wonderful agony.

Every time he wanted to turn over and go to sleep she made him wake up and perform time and time again. Seemingly having the knack of bringing his flaccid cock to full operating size. It seemed as though this woman was insatiable. The morning light was just peeping through the curtains when she decided that she too needed some sleep, and she let sleep take hold of them both. They slept locked together in each others arms.

It was almost lunch time when they woke. But once again she took the initiative. She straddled him, her body covered in perspiration as she sat her weight down on to his cock, forcing him right up inside her, as far as he could go, she told him she could feel his cock touch her deep inside.

She tried vainly herself to prolong their act, but it was rolling on to the inevitable, and they both succumbed to another fantastic climax, even as she sat still feeling his cock getting even harder and even bigger inside her. It felt too good to stop, and Tony didn't really want to. He looked up at her flushed face, and he realised that he was developing strong feelings for this beautiful lady. When she felt him begin to gush inside her, she had no option but to follow him into the waves of pleasure as her muscles gripped and vibrated round his pumping cock.

When it was done, Tony felt even bigger inside her than when they had started, and she told him she was a little sore as she eased up off of him, and flopped down again on top of him. She laid contentedly her head on his shoulder.
“Well pervert I must admit I can not blame the girls - I just wonder now why you are not married?”

“Well I suppose I have never met the right lady, until tonight and I do not even know your name, can you tell me now please.” “Yes my name is Megan Fellows and my daughter is Tina Fellows.”
Tony sat up and looked down at her and said “Yes I know Tina, but I assure you I have never ever had sex with her.”
“But I heard her describe it to her friend and I read the full account blow for blow in her diary !”
“From memory I think Tina is sixteen am I right?” Tony said. “Did you ever wonder whether she was just fantasizing, and it was only her fantasy you were reading about.?“
“No she is not a girl like that - I know my daughter too well.”
Juts then the ringing of the front door bell made Tony put on his dressing gown and went to answer the door. Stood there was Megan’s daughter Tina. Looking very worried.
“Is my mother here sir please?” She asked looking rather shamefaced.
“Come in, we were just talking about you” Tony said.
“Oh dear - I’m so sorry Sir. But I did not know she was reading my diary.”

Just then Megan appeared in the doorway dressed to leave.
Tony I have to believe you.” She said. “I will go and get out of your way.”
“No you are not going anywhere - or else I will ring the police and have you charged with grievous sexual assault.”
Then Tony said “Don’t be sorry if its any help I can fantasize that I have fucked her if it will help to continue our relationship. I have really enjoyed our night together.”
Megan said “So have I - so where do we go from here?
“How about you cook Brunch - and if you are any good I might just let you both move in with me.?”
Tina then said “What about me?”
Tony looked at Megan and then Tina and said. “You never know fantasies do sometimes come true!.”

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