Megan Gets Punished

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Megan Gets Punished

Let me just tell all the readers that this story is based on a true girl. The events may not be true but Megan is a real person.

One afternoon after school Megan had her boyfriend Toby over. They were all alone and for the most part just talked. Megan was a stunning 14 year old. She stood about 5'7, with beautiful green eyes, shoulder length light brown hair with blonde high lights, good sized breasts for her age (we'll say a big B cup), and the most perfect ass. Her ass was just undescribable. Its a little big, but its got perfect shape, and best of all its tight and looks especially tight when she packed it into the low lying jeans like she was wearing that day. They stopped talking for awhile and since they had really nothing else to do they started to make out. When Toby was about ready to leave Megan offered him something to eat and he accepted. After they had finished, being that he was a sophomore in school, he got in his car and left. Megan neglected to clean up the plates and layed down on her couch and watched TV.

At about 4 o'clock Megan's father, Brett, arrived home from work. Brett was in his late 30's, and was still in great physical shape. Both of Megan's parents were strict and Megan was never allowed to have people over after school, especially a boy. Her dad saw the two plates, but instead of yelling at Megan immediately, he went upstairs to his room.

Megan could tell by the volume and tone of his voice that she was in big trouble. She made her way into his room and asked, "Whats wrong, Daddy??"
"Shut the door!" he commanded. Megan did as she was told. "Did you have anyone over here today??" he asked.
"Uhm, no daddy" Megan lied.
"Oh, then why are there 2 dirty plates on the dining room table??" her dad responded.
"Oh..." Megan had now realized she was caught and didn't attempt to defend herself.
"Damn it, how many times have I told you that your not allowed to have your little friends here without supervision?? Hmmm...what can I do to get you to stop???" he said. He took a minute and thought to himself. "Take off your pants" he commanded.
"What???" Megan said in total shock.
"Thats right. Your gonna get a spanking. You wanna act like a little girl, I'll treat you like one. Now off with those jeans!" he commanded again.
Megan shook her head and said, "No!" and began to walk towards the door.
"Don't you walk out on me!" Brett yelled. Before Megan could leave the room, Brett jumped in front of the door and said "I said take off your pants!" Megan again refused. "Fine, we will do this the hard way!" he responded and pushed Megan to the floor. He then grabbed her by the neck. "Now on your knees, and lean over the bed!"
he commanded again. Megan now seeing that her dad was not playing around did as she was told and leaned over the bed on her knees, sticking her ass in the air. Brett came from behind her and roughly undid the buttons and zipper to his daughter low riding jeans. The he quickly pulled down his daughters pants revealing that perfectly tanned and shaped ass. "Now get ready" he forwarned. And with all his might amd power he began to smack his daughters ass. Megan had under estimated how much it was going to hurt and shreiked in severe pain, and even teared up a little. "Wait, what the hell are these?" he said has he pulled on the strap of his daughters sexy bright orange thong, which was very silky and also very revealing.
"Its a thong, daddy, I have been wearing them since 7th grade" she replied in fear.
He pulled out some scissors out of a dresser drawer and said, "Well you won't be wearing these things anymore!"
"No daddy please not this pair! These are my favorite pair!" she said, but it was to late as he sliced the silky treasures until they fell to the ground. Megan pussy was now fully visible from behind as she was in a doggy-style position. Her father noticed and immediately became aroused. He teased it now on every smack just gently hitting it. For the first time he began to realize how sexy his little girl had become and it turned him on. Without even thinking he ran his hands up Megans shirt and slid it over her head, revealing a matching bright orange bra, which he immediatly undid, leaving Megan totally naked in front of her father. When Megan tried to ask him what was going on her ass was met with another sharp painful slap. Megan's ass was now turning a bright shade of red from all the smacking. Megan was in obvious shock at the turn of events but nothing could compare to what was to come.

"Get up on the bed, now, without question or I am gonna keep spanking your little ass" he ordered. Megan did as she was told. Brett then went into the closet and pulled out 2 short strands of rope. You see he and Megan's mother had used the bedroom many times when he tied Megan's mom to the bed and fucked her. He walked over to Megan, and tied both of her arms to the head of the bed. Megan was now terrified at what could possibly happen and asked
"What are you doing Daddy??" she asked sounding like she was about to break down and cry.
"Your not through being punished yet, damn it" he scowled. Brett then undid his pants and slid them down to his ankles, allowing his massive 8 1/2 inch erection to be free. Then he quickly rammed his powerful rod into Megan's little tight virgin asshole. Megan was overcome with pain as the monster dick literally tore apart her asshole. It hurt like hell.
"Oh Daddy, your hurting me, please stop." she pleaded, but then her ass cheeck was met with another hard spank. She continued to sob and cry in pain with lots of tears running down her face. Megan was scared that if he didn't stop, the little tight ass that she loved so much would loosen up from the ripping and pounding it was taking.
"Too bad, your gonna learn to love it just like your mother! I have ass fucked her so much that she loves it now and so are you! God damn your ass is fucking hot and tight!!! I am gonna fuck it so hard you aren't gonna be able to sit down for a week! Holy shit! " he warned while at the same time smackin Megan's ass on the side beating her inner cheecks on his dick, "Now your gonna tell me what you did today and who was here after school or else"
All Megan could do was sob. She could feel her beloved tight ass loosening with every penetration of her father's massive dick. She couldn't imagine what he would do if she didn't tell him what happened. "Ok, I had my boyfriend over" she screamed in pain.
"Your boyfriend?!?!?" he said and then purposely rammed his dick as deep into his daughter's ass as possible. "What did you 2 do?" he asked again.
"We kissed daddy thats it," she yelped in pain. Megan was now beginning to understand what her father said about her mother growing to like the ass fuck. She was getting used to it and now it was feeling pretty damn good. But she her lil virgin pussy desperately needed attention as it was beginning to dampen. She desperatly wanted to bury her hand in it but couldn't since it was tied up.
"Thats it??" he asked. Megan nodded her head. "OK then" he said and he began to untie her. "Now get down on your knee's and suck daddy's dick like your Mom does, or else!"
Megan agreed and sat her father down on the edge of the bed, spread his legs, and engulfed her daddy's cock like a hot dog. She started with most of it her lil mouth and made her way down to the head, which she tickled and licked with her tongue. She began to finger her little pussy as she repeated this excercise.
"Do you like sucking daddy's dick?" Brett moaned as his daughter sucked harder on it like she was gettin the juice out an orange, then she deapthroated him. After swallowing all her daddy's cum. She licked her lips and said smiled "Yes," to his previous question.

"Daddy I love your big dick, its so thick I love it. Oh daddy I love you" she said and started stroking his cock. She got on top of him and gave him a lap dance. He rotated his dick between his daughter's ass hole and her tight pussy. "OOOOH FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME HARDER!!" she moaned.

Megan then got down on her knees and pleaded with her dad for another ass fuck saying, "C'mon daddy fuck me! OH deeper!" Her dad once again abliged by ramming his dick in what once was a tight ass hole had now become a gaping fuckhole. Megan began to finger herself as her dad clogged her ass. Then her dad rolled her over on the bed and fucked her pussy. He began to suck on his daughter's little erect nipples and nursed on them like a little baby nursing on its mother engulfing the whole nipple in his mouth. Megan was now having the time of her life.

For the next few weeks Megan and her father continued to fuck nearly once or twice a week. After awhile Megan began to love her loose booty and especially loved having Daddy's dick shoved in it.

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Home : Incest Stories : Megan Gets Punished Click here to rate Megan Gets Punished sex story!

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