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Me and my sister Jennifer

(Part 1 from 1)

Hey my name is Cloud. I'm an 18 year old guy, skinny with short brownish hair and blue eyes. A week ago I had the most amazing experience. My sister Jennifer came to my place to visit unexpectedly. She was depressed because her fiancé broke off the wedding because it turned out she couldn't have kids. She asked if she could stay for the night. I of course said yes. 

Now my sister worked part time as a model so she is very very hot. She is tall, long brown strait hair, tiny ass and perfect long smooth legs. She is always smiling and giggling, and she was looking at me weird all day.

Jennifer: Hey can I ask you to do something for me?

Me: sure

Jennifer: on top of everything els thats happend to me these past few days, I think ive found a small lump in my breast.

Me: do you think its serious? are you sure your not just being paranoid?

Jennifer: I dont know. do you think you could see if you could feel and find it?

Me: uumm...

Jennifer: Please no one will find out. it wont be that bad=)

Me: well alright.

I admit this started to get me a little hard even though she is my very own sister. She was wearing a very tight dark red shirt with blue jeans. Jennifer stood infront of me in the kitchen and pulled her shirt over her head. Then undid her cotton white braw and set it on the table. I never noticed she had pretty big tits that really stuck out pretty far and her nipples were small and very pink. She had this big smile and half embarrassed look on her face.

Me: so witch one is it?

Jennifer: just feel them both and see if you can find it.

Me: okay

I raised my hands and cupped her breasts then started feeling them all over. They were the softest tits I had ever felt and I knew they were real. My penis was getting that heavy throbbing feeling.

Jennifer: well do you feel anything?

Me: not a feel fine.

she pointed to the spot she thought she felt it.

Me: maybe there is a little something there but I wouldnt worry to much about it. maybe get it checked just to be safe but I dont think its anything.

Jennifer: ok thanks.

Me: this may seem wrong comeing from your brother but these feel extremely good.

Jennifer:hehe oh really thanks.

After a minute she put her cloths back on and we just chilled for the rest of the day. Later that night I asked what the sleeping arangements were going to be and she said she would just sleep on the couch. I said she could take my bed if she wanted to because it gets kind of cold out in the living room. She said not to worry about it she likes couches. After awile I told her I was going to bed. I got in my room took my cloths off(I sleep in the nude) and got under the covers with the heater on.

A couple hourse later I wasnt asleep yet and I heard her come in my room. 

Jennifer: hey, you think I could bunk with you its to cold out there.

Me: sure, could you just hand me my boxers.

Jennfer: oh dont worry about it, you felt me up today. I think we should be comfortable with our bodies.

Me: alright...

She sat on the bed to take her shoes and sox off then she stood up and pulled down her pants. Even though it was dark I saw her small cotton panties and perfect legs, witch got me hard fast (I am about 6 in a half inches and mostly shaved). She laid down and got under the covers then put her arm around me. 

Me: ill be right back I have to go to the bathroom.

Jennifer: wait a minute.

Me: what?

Jennifer: uum.....are you...going to go jerk off.

Me: what makes you think that?

Jennifer: I saw your penis for a second it looked a little tall=). your a bit bigger than my ex. is the average size really 4 inch?

Me: hehe no I think its 5 or 6

Jennifer: I knew he had to be lieing.

Me: is his really 4 inch? or are you just saying that because you hate him now?

Jennifer: no its almost 5 inch I think. Hey if you want I could take care of that for you.

I suddenly got this rush all over my body, but told her I didnt think we should do that.

Jennifer: its ok no one will know. ill make sure its really quick dont try and hold it in long.

Then without warning she put her hand over my rod and removed the blanket off it. she fondled it for awile then started stroking me slowly.I started to grunt a bit then she kissed my sack and then the head. She then smiled at me ant licked my shaft from bottom to top. After a couple more kisses she engulfed the whole thing into her mouth. She bobbed her head slowly and I began to moan. It didnt take long for her to start going really fast untill I shot a huge string of hot sticky cum into her mouth.

Jennifer: so how was it? (with some dripping off her chin)

Me: that was great.

Jennifer: do you have a towl around here. I usualy swallow it all but im not used to the size of your cock and you came alot.

I handed her a towl from my side table.

Me: well you pleased me alot.

Jennifer: hehe good. I love you

Me: love you to.

A few moments later we relaxed again and she put her arm and leg around me and closed her eyes. Her leg felt so good on top of mine. She was just sooo smooth. Her panties rubbed up against my side and I could tell she was wet. I fell asleep for about 20 mins i think. normaly I wouldnt have been able to but I was tired that day.

Me: I cant sleep, are you asleep?

Jennifer: nope

Me: hey, we have done something pretty wrong but theres no turning back you just want to have sex?

Jennifer: yeah why not. we just have to swear never to tell anyone.

Me: of course, there isnt anyone id want to tell about this.

Jennifer looked at me then sat on me. She pulled her shirt over her head followed by her braw. They sprang out and looked at me again and they looked better than ever. Then she pulled her panties off and got to see her perfect pussy. Perfectly shaven. There she was my big sister completely naked on top of me. She put her arms around me and started kissing me very passionately with her breasts falling on my chest. I felt her all over every place I could reach. 

I then rolled her over so I was on top and looked into her eyes. She wrapped her legs around me and held me tight. We were both breathing heavily. My hands and my mouth made there way down to her tits. I began licking her nipples and then sucking on them. Jennifer asked me to see how much of one I could get into my mouth. I got about half way and had to release. Leaveing druel all over it. I kissed her neck a bit then went back to her lips. Then I gazed into her eyes again.

Me: how wrong is this?

Jennifer: hehe very very very wrong. but I guess we will worry about that later. Right now I want you to start fucking me.

She started grinding against me until I slid my rod inside her.

Jennifer: mmmmmmmm

Me: oh your pussy feels sooo good.

We began to moan really loud when we started humping. I barely got started and she stiffened up and let out a loud scream and dug her fingernails into my back. 

Jennifer: oh little brother that was so good. keep going I want your cum inside me

I started to thrust and pound on her as fast as I could.

Me: oh god sis your to beautiful I cant hold it anymore! aaawww!!!

I shot the largest stream of cum ever into her as I looked deep into her eyes. We slept naked together the rest of the night.

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