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Me and my Sister-in-law

(Part 1 from 1)

It was just an ordinary day and nothing could be said except that me and my sister-in-law Molly had to go to our guesthouse as the pest control people would come for cleaning. Molly was a plum female with large breast may be around 38/40 size and the waist and backside was nearly the same. A friend of ours was using the guesthouse as there was a marriage at their place. The guest had moved away and being badly used by them we thought before locking it to use some pesticides and lock it. We were in the flat before the cleaners could come and molly was busy dusting the furniture and I was looking at the rubbish left by them. Molly was around 34 years old and I was 30. She got married later than me and that to my elder cousin. We were very friendly but since she never had anything attractive so the thought of sex with her did not arise.

She was busy cleaning when one bugs managed to get into her saree. The moment she realized it she jumped up and picked up her saree and started dusting and screaming with fright. I immediately turned towards her and what I see is a very hairy and shabby entrance of the pussy. She was so scared that she totally forgot that I was standing in front and straight looking at her pussy. I quickly bent down and threw the bug away. In the bargain what happened was she was holding her saree on top and I was kissable distance from her cunt. I could even get the smell of her pussy. I stood up and said that she could put her saree down as I had thrown the insect. Saying this a turned around and went into the other room. I think she started thinking that in a hurry what had she done? She had shown me her pussy, which for years was only my cousin’s property.

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She followed me into the room and said I am feeling very embraced as to just what happened. I said, “forget it”. She said “I hope you don’t say about this to anybody” I said “no”. I said after some time breaking the silence “why do you keep the hair of your pussy so dirty”. She said “ I want to trim it but I am scared of getting hurt and I asked your brother to do it and he says he doesn’t have time for these sort of thing as it is he rarely does have sex with me these days”. So long during her talk I was not thinking anything but her last sentence immediately struck my ears. I started thing so long I was having sex with my wife only so why not have another person at home with whom I can have sex. With this in mind I told her that see what ever happened cannot be undone but if she wants I can trim her hair of her pussy. She immediately jumped up and said “ really you’ll do it for me”. I said “yes”.

We looked for a scissor and found one and put some old newspaper on the bed. I told her to open her saree and petticoat so that I could start. Just when we were about to start the doorbell rang. I asked her to be in the bedroom and close it whilst I answer the door. I went and found that the pesticide people had come for cleaning. I told them that I had phoned their office to tell them to come in the afternoon but why have they come now. They said we never got such instruction but since you have informed we will come around 2pm. With those words they went away.

I went inside the bedroom were Molly had opened her saree and petticoat and was waiting for me. She had her bra and blouse on and her breast were just bulging out. She was initially shy but only a couple of minutes then I told her to lift one of her legs onto my shoulders were I could have a broader view and place to work on. As I started trimming she said to wait and she put her leg down. She sat up and said “this is not correct, I will be naked while you sit with your clothes on, you also open your clothes”. With that she put her hands forward and pulled out my shirt and then went for my pant. I said is it ok now she said what happens to your underwear, which is hiding your dick she opened it out, and my dick was in her hand. She started playing with it but I said let us finish the work and then she could play with. With these words I once again made her lay down lifted her leg and gave her a good trim. As the trimming was more and more her pussy started emerging. I put two fingers into her pussy and pulled the side a little so that I could cut the hair on the sides. This went on for some time till in was nice and clean. I told her to get up and have a look at the mirror and she was delighted to see herself nice and clean. She was very thankful. I told her to open her bra and panty and see herself better. She did as I told her and now we were standing both of us naked. After looking at herself she came and caught my cork and started kissing as a sign of thank you. I put my arms around her and slowly went to the bathroom there I put on the shower and we both stepped in I soaped her well including her pussy making sure all the left over hair was cleaned she in turn caught my dick and soaped it well. After our bath and wiping each other well went to the room. I put my hands on her breast and said she really worked hard for that size. She in turn said that her husband may not be having sex regularly but he spent quite sometime every night with her tits.

She slowly bent down in front of me and started playing with my dick. She rubbed it with both hands and then she put it in her mouth. She started sucking it hard and strong and I could not bend and touch her. Only my hands were on her head in rhythm with her sucking. After sometime I was hard and I said I was coming. She kept it in her mouth and took the whole cum. She liked it completely not leaving a drop. I pulled her to the top and made her lay on the bed. I started sucking her breast and slowly came down. I kissed the clan shaven part and went further to the pussy. I kissed it and put my tongue inside her pussy. She shivered and I could feel her breath going faster and faster. I gradually increased the speed and put my hand on her breast and pressed them hard. She in turn caught my cork and started doing up and down. In no time she said she was Cumming and she filled her pussy with juice. I liked the juice and got up. I spread her legs and put my dick in slowly and gradually. We started up and down movement and she started moaning. She asked me to fuck her harder and I kept doing it till we both came together and discharged. We lay in that condition for about 5 min till the dick shrunk. We wanted to have it once more but since the people would be coming we decided that this was our start to our lovemaking and sure enough as I thought she became my 2nd wife.

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