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Love Potion + Sister = Lust

(Part 1 from 4)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Well. Today was the day. After all my fantasy stories of making love to my sister Jacquee I was now ready to make my move; to turn my fantasies a reality. 

I was visiting a friend of mine in Alabama and was introduced to an old mountain woman who was known for her powers of healing and magic potions. If the little backwoods lady was right, my life was about to change forever. And she had better be right; I paid a ridiculous sum for this “love potion.” Sonny boy you put this in her vittles or drink you will see action really quick, she had said. “Watch out not too much!” Now the only question other than “does it work” was “when” to try it.

I planned the whole thing down to the last detail. I’d plan a week visit to my sisters and put this to a try. I called Jacquee and she was thrilled I wanted to come and see her. Jacquee told me that Phil, her husband, would be gone driving his rig across country but thought she and I could manage to entertain ourselves. Once again: perfect.

Upon my arrival I told Jacquee she didn’t need to cook, as I would order pizza. 
I picked up the pizzas and sodas and while still in the car, sprinkled the recommended dose of the tasteless, odorless stuff on to her side of the pizza pie. Once the stuff hit the top of the pizza, it virtually disappeared, just as the old woman had said it would. My heart rate increased as I closed the lid on her pizza box. We ate and chatted, the usual, half watching TV and half catching up on small talk. I tried to look discreetly for signs that the stuff was working. The old mountain woman failed to tell me how long it might take...

An hour had passed since we finished eating and no sign of anything unusual. Jacquee and I were channel surfing. I passed something that Jacquee wanted to see, apparently; she asked me to back up a few channels. “There! Wayne, leave it here. Let’s watch this. What do you think?” It was one of those 1960”s spring break movies with tons of barely clothed college kids dancing and acting crazy on the beach. I told her it was fine with me. Didn’t look like this stuff was going to work. I was ripped off. While I plotted my revenge against the little old woman sold me that useless crap, at least I’d get a rise out of the action on the TV screen.

I watched the hard bodies and babes strutting their stuff for a bit, fuming at how stupid and desperate I’d been. I had just thrown a lot of money away. I turned to get up to take a leak and was a little surprised to see Jacquee staring at the TV screen intently. She had closed the photo album we had been flipping through, put the album on the coffee table, and was watching the half naked bodies parading across the screen as if she were hypnotized. She didn’t even notice me get up, she just stared, eyes focused like lasers. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were poking against the fabric of her bra and shirt. And it wasn’t the least bit chilly in here. Hmmm.

I walked past her and said, “I’m going to take a shower, OK?” No response from my sister. “Jacquee? OK?” I broke her concentration and she shook herself out of it like she was in a trance.

“Yeah, yes...OK...” she said and returned her gaze to the TV.

My cock was hardening as I entered the bathroom and closed the door. This could be it! The old woman didn’t tell me what to look for, but either I was crazy or my sister was getting seriously turned on by a TV show. I took a quick shower and decided to up the ante a little. I emerged from the bathroom wrapped only in a towel, and my cock was still hard. I’m in pretty good shape; I work out regularly. That and the fact that my cock is about 7 plus inches long when erect should get some reaction from her. As soon as I entered the living room, I saw Jacquee, sitting on the couch in front of the TV, quickly removing her hand from under her shirt! Jacquee had fantastic medium sized breasts that did not droop. Though they weren’t huge, they were my favorite part of her anatomy. She looked at me and blushed; obviously hoping I hadn’t seen it. I played dumb. “Hey. You still watching this?” I asked. She recovered from the shock of me almost catching her feeling herself up, and she looked back to answer and her eyes stopped at the bulge at my groin. “Uh...oh...I...” she stammered, trying to pry her eyes of the shape of my hard-on through the towel. “You can watch what you want. I’m really tired and am going to call it a night”, “ she said as she quickly got up from the couch and walked past me to her room.

”What? It’s early! Jacquee”! “Is there something wrong?” I tried to sound concerned, but I was psyched. Just how well did this stuff work? I had to know. I walked quietly down the hall to Jacquee’s bedroom. Pressing my ear up to the door, I could hear that she had the same movie on in her room...and I could hear something else, too. Yep. It was the high-pitched buzz of her shiny metallic vibrator, changing its tone as it slid in and out of her young pussy. She was trying to muffle the sound of her sexual pleasure by oohing and ahhing into one of the pillows on her big bed. I had known about the vibrator for a year or so by accident. Now I thought I might have finally found the means of making a life-long dream come true: I wanted to fuck my sister bad. She came with an intense yell barely muffled by her pillow, but still clearly audible to me. I could even hear her panting in the afterglow of her orgasm. I snuck back toward the living room.

I trotted to my room and slipped on a pair of boxers. I went into the kitchen to grab a drink and when I returned, there was Jacquee. Wearing a short nightshirt. She stood next to the dining room table, her nipples poked out from her boobs like spikes. “I couldn’t sleep. Don’t know what it is but I just couldn’t sleep!” Then, eyeing me up and down as she approached Jacquee said, “Hey, Look at you! All that time in the Army is really paying off!” She walked over to me and reached out and put her hands right on my bare chest and started feeling around with a big smile on her face. “Bet the ladies all over the world were all after you.” I pulled back a bit; no matter how badly I had wanted my sister, this was so out of character that it troubled me a bit. “Hey! What’s up with you? Loosen up a little big bro! It’s just me, your sister!” She had sort of a wild look in her eye, as if she had a lot of energy and didn’t know how to use it. My dick was growing again. It would be tough to hide in these shorts. So I wouldn’t.

I told her I was going to see what was on TV and walked away. I could feel her eyes follow me as I moved toward the couch. I sat down and began surfing the channels and as I was doing so she sat next to me much closer than usual. “Let me have that remote,” she asked, hand out reaching for the remote. It was inches away from my pecker, the thin material of my boxers perfectly accentuating the shape of my stiff dick. As Jacquee took the remote, I caught her looking right at it. Then she re-focused onto the TV. “Let’s see what’s on pay per view?” She watched as the schedule scrolled down the screen; I think I know what she was looking for. She asked me about some action movie I had already seen; I said sure, whatever. I didn’t care what was on, as long as I could sit next to my horny sister. She picked up the phone and punched in the numbers for the movie we agreed on. Or so I thought. In a minute or two we were presented with an extreme close-up of a blonde girl sucking a huge cock! The logo in the corner of the screen said “Barely 18.” Oops! Apparently the cable company had made a mistake.” My thoughts were, “Yeah right.”

“Whoah! I Guess they screwed that up!” as her voice quickly trailed off. She was staring at the larger than life blowjob-taking place on the screen in that trance-like state again. This guy’s cock was enormous; the blonde was having a difficult time getting her jaw around it. I acted upset and asked for the phone but she said, “Oh, can’t we watch this a little more? I’ve never really seen a real porno movie before. I’m curious! Um? Come on, Wayne, it’ll be fun!”

“Are you sure, Jacquee? This is kind of strange, I mean--” she stopped me there.

“This makes you uncomfortable? Oh, man, you really do need to loosen up! Just sit back and enjoy it. Guys love this stuff anyway, right?” She slid even closer to me on the couch to where our hips were touching.

“Yeah, sure we do, but...well if you’re ok with it, Jacquee, then I’m up for it.” She looked down at my dick, its head almost popping up from under my shorts.

“Yes, it seems you are.” she said, smiling at the TV.

We watched the sex unfold silently for a while, though I did notice Jacquee’s breathing becoming more noticeable, more urgent. Each of us tried to make jokes here and there, to kill the tension, but soon Jacquee was concentrating on the action more intently. I think if the smoke alarm in the room went off, she wouldn’t have flinched. A scene began featuring a very well built guy and a small, petite girl who fucked doggy style for what seemed like a half hour; Jacquee was obviously unaware that she had been leaning into my side for a while, her tit pressing into my ribs. I could feel how and when the rate and intensity of her breathing increased as she scrunched herself up to me; we were practically cuddling! 
As the scene continued, the couple had moved into the missionary position and Jacquee reached across her stomach and grasped my arm. She pulled it over her head and put it behind her neck, my hand falling on her shoulder. “I’m cold,” was all she said, rather curtly. She clasped a hand over the top of my thigh. She moved up even further against me, and my hand was now hanging just in front of her breast. She put one foot up on the couch, leg bent at the knee; her legs were generously spread. I could see the crotch of her panties with minimal effort. A few dark brown pussy hairs showed on either side of the crotch of her white cotton panties. She was lost in the movie and the intense sex action on the screen, oblivious to the fact that she was really “letting it all hang out”. My cock was throbbing as my fantasy came slowly to life before me. God bless that wonderful mountain woman! I knew, when the guy on TV blew his load onto the girl’s stomach and Jacquee was practically panting as she squeezed the top of my thigh, that the next move was mine. There would be no resistance. But I would move slowly.

The next part of the movie developed into a girl on girl scene. A wide smile appeared on Jacquee’s face, “This I’ve gotta see!” she said, seemingly to herself. As one girl went down on the other, I checked out Jacquee’s crotch again and saw a small dark, shiny wet spot. She was ready. As soon as I saw that ultra focused trance like state on her face again, I slowly reached a few inches down and ever so gently ran my index finger around the areola surrounding Jacquee’s bullet hard nipple. I pinched the tip lightly through her nightshirt. “Ummmmm.” Her eyes were still locked on the TV, where the two girls were working into the 69 positions, but she made no effort to stop me. I couldn’t believe it. Since I was 10 years old I had wanted to touch my sister’s tits, and thanks to that wonderful stuff, whatever it was, she loved it. Jacquee’s hand moved up my thigh toward the leg opening of my shorts and slipped under. She moved her hand up as far as she could, almost touching my balls, but not quite. She slid her hand back down and moved it up to my groin, rubbing over the thin material. There. On the outside of my shorts, her hand was palming my balls and the bottom of the shaft. I was almost breathing as heavily as her now.

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