Lisa gives it to her daddy

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Do not try this in real live!

I’m 35 years old and I have a beautiful wife and daughter. Both of them are very beautiful especially my daughter, she’s just like her mother, even prettier. And having them make me proud.

Having sex with my wife always satisfy my sex hunger. We always have sex every night and my wife, Suzy is addicted to my 10-inch dick. One early Saturday morning, when I woke up, Suzy was still sleeping, and looking at her beautiful face and body really turned me on. So I opened my boxer, pulled her nightgown up and immediately slammed my dick into her love hole. As I kept thrusting my dick in her wet cunt and playing with her tits, Suzy was moaning and screaming with ecstasy. This worries me, as I was scared that our daughter, Lisa is going to hear us and would found out what was going on.

And then I felt my balls tighten and I quickly told Suzy and she quickly sat up and inserted my dick into her mouth giving me a blowjob. Feeling her tongue licking and sucking my dick head make me wanna cum hard. After a few moments my dick burst cum into her hot, loving mouth. I cummed so much some were leaking out of her mouth.

Then we went downstairs and saw that Lisa has already woke up. Then Suzy said, “oh my goodness! We’re getting late already and I haven’t make breakfast!” and quickly rushed to the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee Suzy said to me, “ I forgotten to tell you that I going to my sister’s there and I won’t be back tonight.” “What? You won’t be home tonight? Then how am I gonna satisfy my sex…” “Shhh!!! What the fuck are you doing? What are we going to do if Lisa heard what you just said? And because of that I forgot to make breakfast! You just have to control yourself!” Suzy said angrily. “ Geesh…” I said disappointly as I walked out of the kitchen with my coffee.

After we had breakfast, Suzy said to me on the doorstep, “ just control yourself while I’m gone, ok?” “Alright,” I replied as Suzy kissed me. Then Suzy sent Lisa to her tuition and then to her sister’s house. As it was weekend and I don’t have to go to work, and Lisa got her tuition and won’t be home after 1pm and now it was just 9pm, I decided to satisfy my sex hunger by watching porn.

As I was watching porn in my bedroom, I slowly jerked myself. It was about a girl masturbating herself naked in a room, then a man walked into the room and started to lick the girl’s cunt. The girl moaned and was screaming real hard. Then the man inserted his penis into the girl’s wet cunt and starting to fuck her. As I heard the girl moaning I was starting to cum too. Then I suddenly heard another sound, and it was another girl moaning. I stood up from my bed and open the door, which wasn’t close properly and saw Lisa was half-naked sitting on the floor fingering herself. Both of us were shocked and I asked her, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at tuition?” She replied, “I …I …my tuition teacher was sick…so I walked home by myself.” As she was saying this I noticed she was looking at my penis, then I suddenly realized that I wasn’t wearing anything at all! I quickly went inside to my bedroom and locked the door. A few moments later I heard her slowly walking away.

We didn’t talked much after that but I still kept thinking about her fingering herself, fantasizing myself fucking her tight wet love hole. But I kept reminding myself that Lisa is your daughter and you shouldn’t be thinking like that. At night as I was walking out of my bedroom, I saw Lisa walking out of the bathroom with only a towel covering herself. When she saw me she was shocked and she let go her towel and it went falling to the floor. There she was, standing naked in front of me, wearing nothing and I realized how gorgeous she is, even prettier than her mother. Her breasts were still developing but her nipples were standing up full erect. And she got a little hair growing in front of her pussy. I quickly got turned on.

When Lisa realized that she was naked, she quickly picked up her towel and ran towards her bedroom. After standing on the hallway with my dick pushing my trousers for a few minutes, I realized what I did and I walk to her room to apologize. Upon reaching her bedroom door, I heard a slightly moaning sound coming from it. As I slowly opened the door, I saw Lisa lying on her back still naked with her hand between her legs. She was lying there fingering herself after I saw her naked! This quickly made my dick gone raging hard again. There I was, standing there watching my own daughter fingering herself without her noticed. As I couldn’t resist the temptation, I slowly walked towards my daughter’s bed. As Lisa saw me, she gasped and quickly sat up and covered herself.

As I touched her wet cunt and she slightly shuddered and was slowly spreading her legs. I started to insert my index finger into her wet tight pussy. As I was doing this, Lisa let out a soft moan and was starting to spread her legs again. Then I continue to insert my second finger into her love hole and starting to move my two fingers in and out of her wet and tight love hole with my other hand playing with her small tits. After doing this for a few minutes, I felt Lisa’s body shuddered and I could see her love juice dripping out of her pussy. She was looking at me with ecstasy and said, “ I love you so much daddy, ooooooohhhh ppppllleaassse do it again,” hearing her saying this I lowered myself down and smelled her pussy. Oh man she smelled so good! I couldn’t resist myself from licking her pussy and tasting her sweet love juices. She was moaning loudly with ecstasy as I was eating her pussy.

Lisa was bucking her hips into my face and kept moaning to me asking me to lick her. I was licking and sucking her love hole while my hands are squeezing her nipples and tits. After a few moments I could feel her cumming over and over again. As her pussy was flowing with love juices I managed to swallow almost all of it. I couldn’t control myself anymore so I stood up, undo my trousers and let out my 10-inch dick and got atop of Lisa and inserted my dick into her wet hole. I felt her pussy starting to penetrate as my dick was slowly inserting into her tight pussy. As I was doing this she moaned and said, “ oohhh daddy, I love u soooo much. Pleasseee do to me what you do to mom this morninnnggg!” so she saw what we did this morning but I don’t care that anymore as I was focusing fucking her.

Then I felt my dick head pushing against her virgin wall. I couldn’t stop anymore so I slammed my dick into her tight pussy, breaking her hymen. As I felt her hymen breaking, she was crying and shouting with pain, so I stopped without withdrawing my dick and after a while she was starting to moan again. So I continued to fuck her in and out and she was now moaning really loud. Wow, she was better than Suzy. I couldn’t push my entire dick into Suzy but now my balls were slapping Lisa’s ass! And her pussy was so tight I starting to feel my balls tighten. We were now breathing very heavy and were fucking like animals. Then I couldn’t control it and I was shooting tons of sperms into her wet hole. Lisa had cum so much I lost count of it.
After that we both fall asleep with each other. When we woke up it was already morning and we promised to do that again next time.

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