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Lisa Gets it from Stepdad

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is complete fictional!

Lisa slunk home from school. Her boyfriend – or ex-boyfriend, more like it – had totally humiliated her in front of the whole school. He’d told everyone that Lisa had let him take pictures of her – topless pictures, with her arms behind her head, breasts bared, wearing nothing but her school-issued plaid skirt, knee socks, and saddle shoes. She was only a fourteen-year old freshman. How could she spend four whole years at that school?
Thank goodness the nuns knew nothing of it. If they ever found out she’d be expelled from Holy Academy. She arrived at her house, and to her chagrin, saw that Bruce, her stepfather, was home. His red Ford pickup was in the driveway. Her mother was away overnight visiting her sister, and Lisa was looking forward to spending the evening alone.

“Hi, Beautiful,” Bruce called as Lisa entered the house.
Lisa didn’t bother replying. Bruce had invaded her and her mother’s lives when he’d moved in with them three months ago. He might be my mother’s husband, Lisa thought angrily, but that doesn’t make him part of my family.
Instead of responding, Lisa headed for her mother’s bathroom – she still thought of the house as her mother’s exclusively – and ran herself a hot bath in Jacuzzi. This bathroom was her mother’s one luxury, and Lisa liked to treat herself to Jacuzzi soaks whenever she’d had a bad day. Today definitely qualified.
She pulled off her shirt and skirt, and leaned over to check the water. Mmmm. Perfect. She stepped out of her socks and shoes, and, standing in her white bra and white cotton panties, pulled out her ponytail holder and shook out her long, auburn mane. At 5’1” and 98 pounds, she was adorably petite. 
Lisa shed the rest of her clothing and settled into the tub for a long hot soak. She was starting to calm down from her horrendous day when the bathroom door swung open.

“Bruce!” she shrieked, splashing water over the tub’s rim as she pulled her knees to her chest, trying to cover herself up. 
“Rude little bitch,” he growled. “Don’t even say hello to me when you come into my house.”
“It’s MY house,” Lisa shot back.
“We’ll see whose house it is,” he replied. “Get out of the tub. Report to my room in three minutes.
Lisa was terrified. What was he going to do to her? Her day had been bad enough without Bruce barking out orders. Her mother should never have married a former Lieutenant!
Quaking with fear, she got out of the tub and pulled a thick warm robe around her shivering body. She stepped out into Bruce’s room. 
“Lean over the bed,” he ordered.
“Do it!”
She obeyed, her wet hair sticking to her neck, and the robe hanging open in the front.
“And lose the robe!”
She quickly shed the robe, trembling harder than ever.
She could hear Bruce unbuckling his belt and started to cry. Goosebumps rose on her flesh.

“Five lashes, Lisa. One for being rude, and four more for your hesitance in obeying my commands.” He slid his big, rough hands over her tight, pale ass. He squeezed the soft, young flesh and made a satisfied grunt. Lisa cried silently, afraid to protest or move. Still, she couldn’t help wriggling her ass a little as he kneaded her flesh under his calloused hands.
All at once, she heard the belt whistle through the air. She yelped as it landed hard across her rump, leaving a wide pink streak across her pale cheeks. She clutched the bedcovers, anticipating the second lash. Bruce brought it down even harder, and she cried out. Trembling uncontrollably, she felt the belt cut into her flesh three more times. Then she heard the belt drop to the floor. She lay there, crying, then suddenly grew alert as she heard a new sound behind her – the sound of unzipping. 

Lisa rolled over, pulled her knees up to her chest to shield her body from view, and saw that Bruce was stepping out of his pants. He wore only an undershirt and white briefs. She could see the outline of an erection straining against the cotton fabric.
She gave a girlish shriek and tried to scramble out of the room.
“Lisa,” Bruce said, a smile on his face, “What would your mother say if she knew you tried to seduce me when she was away?”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Who’s she gonna believe, Lisa?” he sneered. “Your word against mine. You’ve done nothing but make things difficult ever since I married your mother. Now you are going to pay!”
Lisa knew when she was beat. She curled up on the bed and began to cry softly.

“Now, now,” Bruce said, cuddling against her. “I don’t want my little baby girl to be sad.” He wiped away a tear and cupped one plump, white breast in his hand and fondled it. He leaned over and began to suck on Lisa’s nipple, licking the areola and then the tip, and looking up at Lisa’s beautiful face as he teased her. In spite of herself, Lisa felt herself begin to moisten.
Bruce grabbed her other breast and roughly fondled it, squeezing and molding the flesh between his big, meaty fingers. He stopped just long enough to remove his shirt, revealing his hairy chest and beer belly. He held Lisa to him and stroked her damp hair.
“Now me,” he said gruffly, shoving Lisa’s face into his chest. Lisa found herself forced to lick Bruce’s hairy nipples – he held her head there and wouldn’t let her go – Until suddenly he pushed her away and onto her back. He pulled off his underwear and knelt in front of her. 
“Noooooo,” she moaned, turning her head away from his huge, hardened dick.
“NOW,” he ordered, “Unless you wanted some more belt action on that sweet little ass of yours.”
Crying harder, Lisa tentatively licked his cock, which tasted of salt and sweat. Bruce roughly shoved his whole eight inches into her mouth, and Lisa sucked and sucked on her stepfather’s dick, trying not to gag.

Bruce felt himself starting to go, but wasn’t ready. Not yet. He pulled out of her mouth and looked at her, his virgin 15 year old stepdaughter lying helpless and naked on her back, with her warm, soft breasts and smooth creamy skin. Her pussy was covered in light brown curls, and he got down between her thighs and sniffed her young pussy juices.

“Smells like you’re just about ready for me,” he grinned, holding down her hips while Lisa started up a struggle. “It’s a little late for that,” he sneered. “You must want it. Otherwise you’d have gotten away before now.”
With that he began to lick the inside of her creamy thigh, causing her to shudder. His tongue followed a path all the way up to her pussy. His hands still firmly holding her hips in place, he began to lick her clit slooooooowly, causing her to moan almost inaudibly. Bruce continud with his slow licking until even his strong hands could not keep Lisa’s hips from bucking madly. “Ohhhhhh Goddd!” she moaned. “Ohhhhhhhhh Bruuuuuce……Noo…….noooooooo…..oh please…..God, no…..Bruuuuuce!!!!” He licked faster and faster, anticipating her ecstasy.
“Oh God please yess! Yesssss………..ohhhhhh myyy …” Her hips continued to buck up and down as Bruce ‘s tongue stroked the insides of her hot pink cunt. “Bruuuuuuceeee…….ohhhhhhhhh……noooooo……oh God…..oooooooooHHHHHHH YYYYYEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Lisa’s legs were out of control. Her feet shot into the air high over Bruce’s head and she shoved her pussy into his face over and over again as she came.
Coming up for air, Bruce grinned. “Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” 

Lisa was still breathing too hard to respond. Without waiting for her to catch her breath, Bruce leveled his face with hers and kissed her long and hard, filling her mouth with her own juices. The thought of making her taste herself drove Bruce crazy. He gave her one final kiss before putting the tip of his cock up against her.
“Call me Daddy,” he said gruffly. “Tell me I’m your daddy and I can fuck you how I want and when I want.”
“Daddy,” Lisa called out weakly.
“Tell me you want me to fuck you,” he growled. His round, hairy belly was up against Lisa’s smooth, flat stomach. 
“No,” Lisa whispered, regaining her senses. “Noooo.”
Ignoring her pleas, Bruce grabbed his cock and with one strong thrust, shoved it up inside her tight, virgin pussy.
“NOOOOOOOOOO…….OWWWW!” Lisa shrieked as she felt Bruce force himself into her. She couldn’t move. She was no match for his massive weight. Bruce grabbed hold of Lisa’s hot little ass as he slowly pulled part way out, only to plunge into her again.
“NOOOOOO!” she screamed again, as the pain coursed through her. Bruce grunted as he squeezed her ass cheeks even tighter, feeling Lisa’s tight pussy wrapped around his dick.

“Call me daddy!” he ordered, digging his nails into her ass.
“y” she shrieked.
“Like you mean it!” he grunted, digging his nails in further.
“Daaaaddddeeeeeee!” she moaned as he picked up the pace, cupping her ass in his hands and establishing a rhythm.
“Yeah,” he groaned, as he pumped her tight little pussy. “That’s my baby girl. Aw, fuck me baby girl, fuck your Papa nice and good…….yess.s……yes….”
His balls slapped against her ass. He thrust harder into her and pushed her little ass up toward his cock. His gut slapped against her tummy and through the tears in her eyes he could see the welling passion.

“God you’re so hot and tight,” he moaned, pumping her slick pussy with his meat.
“!” Lisa cried, getting into it. Her juices were flowing all ofver her stepfather’s cock now. “Pa…pa! PAAAAPAAAA!” Ohhhh Daddddddeeeee!!!!!!” she cried, cumming all over him, her young hips bucking wildly as she came.
“Oh God. Oh god…..Fuck me….fuck me good you little cunt…..fuck me…”
Lisa did as she was told, giving Bruce’s rod a good fucking. He rammed into her harder and harder, squeezed her ass tighter and tighter… “OOOOhhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhh yes…….you are so tight…..”

With one final thrust, Bruce shot his load deep into Lisa and collapsed on top of her, his big, hairy body sweaty and slack across her young smooth one.

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