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Lil Sis

(Part 1 from 3)

Note : this story is completely fictional! Never try to do it in real live - it bad!

One thing I've learned over the years is that brothers and sisters play around. That is to say they 'play nasty', Anyway, that's what my family called it. Other families call it by other names like 'playing doctor' , 'playing post office', 'playing naughty', etc.
Now, I've played nasty with all three of my sisters at one time or another. Mostly just brief 
encounters that lasted a few minutes and didn't happen again for anywhere from a few months to a year or more later, and those encounters wasn't anything that was planned, they just happened.

For example: Once, when I was seven or eight years old and living in Oklahoma with my Grandparents and their daughter (my aunt), I had quite a few sexual encounters with her. She was only three years older than me, so you know they had her late in life. Well, one afternoon during summer vacation my grandmother decided that we needed a nap (I think she was the one who really needed the nap), so she put us to bed and she also laid down for a nap. We were laying at opposite ends of the bed for about half an hour and were still awake and bored. I can't remember who started this but, one of us started to play with the other's foot. Not the tickling kind of playing but, more of a stroking kind of playing. Now, this part I don't really know how to explain but, it happens almost every time two kids play nasty. We came to a kind of mutual understanding, agreement, arousal or something that all kids do when they know what the other want's to do and they do too. So, we quietly got out of bed and went into the living room. This was the first time I'd played nasty with her and didn't really know what to expect. She whispered in my ear that she'd be back in a second and to 'get ready'. Well, I didn't really know what 'get ready' meant, so, I just backed against the wall and pulled out me dick. I figured 'Hey, I'm ready!' A few seconds later she came around the corner doing this 'Bump and Grind' thing, which I had never seen in my entire eight long years of life and to this day have only seen strippers do, much less ten or eleven year old girls. Well, I admit I was a little scared and a lot turned on. My little pecker was giving it's full three inch salute. She kept bumping, grinding, thrusting and swaying closer and closer to me. I have to admit I was mesmerized. I was like a mouse in front of a cobra.

She finally reached me and laid a kiss on me that was so hot and so fierce that to this day I've
haven't met many adult women who could do better and, all the while that she's kissing me she's still bumping and grinding her crotch into my dick. I was in ecstasy! I had never felt anything like this before! If an eight year old could die from too much sexual stimulation, I was a prime candidate.
I could feel the heat of her pussy right through her pants. We were kissing and she was grinding her little pussy into my dick and I got the first really good dry nut of my life. I thought something went wrong with me but, it felt so good. Then it ended with a similar mutual agreement as it did when we started. We went back to bed and actually managed to take a nap. You know how fast kids get tuckered out.

I played nasty with her one other time that I really remember and it's probably the only time I'll ever have two girls in bed with me at the same time.

It was about two years later and everyone was now living in Kansas City. It was during the winter and a school day but, me, my oldest sister and my aunt all had a cold. You know how it is when a kid gets a cold, all the kids get the cold. So, the three of us are home from school, sick, all running a fever of about 101 degrees. Now, I don't know about you but, when I have a slight fever I can still get horny and sometimes I think because of the fever I get horny. I don't know what it is but, I guess other people do too because I remember wives and girlfriends jumping my bones when they were running a fever. Maybe it's the increased body heat, who knows? Well, at any rate, my mother and grandmother got tired of the three of us complaining about being sick and said " Why don't you kids go in there and try to lie down for a while? ". The bedroom that they motioned to when asking this only had one bed but, I wasn't thinking of this at the time (really!). All I was thinking about was that, 'Laying down right now sounded like a pretty good idea'. We got into bed and crawled under the covers to nap out but, this bedroom was one of the coldest rooms of the house (I did mention it was winter). Well, we all three kind of snuggled to warm up and if you've never experienced this before, one girl in front and one behind is the best snuggle situation you can get! Yes, I was in the middle! 

Well, we quickly warmed up and all three of us were lying on our backs. I slid one hand down
my sister's pants and one hand down my aunt's pants and grabbed a handful of panty and pussy in each hand, and was that pussy HOT!!! Each pussy was so hot that their juices was just dripping out of their panties. I thought I was in heaven then but, both of them slid their hands down my pants and started stroking my cock and balls at the same time! They just completely bypassed my underwear, so I shoved both hands down their panties. What shocked me on the left side was that my aunt had hair! Real hair! This was the first time I had actually felt pubic hair! Then I slid my other hand over my oldest sister's cunt. She only had some fine pubic hair but it was silky soft. I started working my fingers over both pussies now and my fingers were so wet that my fingertips were wrinkled afterwards. Let me tell you, there's no better felling than to have two girl’s stroke your cock and have your hand down their panties at the same time. I've never had two girls rubbing my cock and balls at same time before and probably never will again but it was heaven! This dry nut eclipsed all other nuts I had ever had before but, not since. As you'll soon hear.

I had played nasty with my sister a few other times after that but it wasn't anything great. Just
a little touchy feely here and there. Plus she was getting older and having boy friends. Then my
parents divorced when I was thirteen and my mom got custody of my sisters and I stayed with my
dad. That pretty much ended playing nasty with any of my sisters. Until I was about fifteen years old. At this age I was also messing around with some different girls in the neighborhood so don't get the idea that I was looking for relatives as my only source of arousal. I hadn't lost my virginity
at this point but it wasn't for lack of trying and that was only a few months away. No, it wasn't with a sister. 

By now my mom had remarried and they were all living in one of the suburbs of Kansas City. One summer during school break I thought I would see how I liked living with my mom, so I moved out there to try it out. My oldest sister was sixteen or seventeen by now, so our days of playing nasty was pretty much over. My next to oldest sister was overweight, so I really wasn't attracted to her , and I considered my youngest sister to be just too young. She is three and a half years younger than me. Age differences mean more the younger you are. For instance, when you're thirty years old, a women three and a half years younger than you is nothing but, when you're fifteen, a girl who's twelve and a half is way too young. I think that's because at fifteen you almost consider your self an adult and twelve is still a little kid. Well, let me tell you, 18 year old girls can be very horny and nasty.

This all started one summer day while I was living with my mom, her new husband, and my sisters. It was Sunday and that meant it was also the day to go to the grocery store to stock up for the week. The house that we lived in wasn't like within walking distance of a mall or anything really so, the chance to be able to get out of the house was usually taken advantage of by everyone except me. I hated going to the grocery store then and I hate it now. So, I always stayed home and had the house to myself. Well, this time my little sister decided that she didn't want to go either, which struck me as odd because, like I said it was a chance to get out of the house. Then I kind of got that feeling I was talking about earlier. Almost a silent understanding that maybe she had a reason for wanting to stay. I thought I'd play it by ear and see if she gave any signals that she wanted to play. Hey, I was and always have been a very horny person and will very rarely pass up a chance to have a little fun. So, the cab gets there, they leave and I'm thinking "Well, if she does want to play we should have about an hour and a half alone at least". I figured, five minutes to get to the store, an hour to shop, fifteen minutes in the checkout, a few minutes to wait on the cab, and five minutes to get home. An hour and a half bare minimum. Plenty of time. 

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