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Lesbian school girls : part 1

(Part 1 from 1)
     We had just walked in the door from a long day at school when Sarah asked me what 
I thought about Heather's story of her first lesbian experience. Her story had gotten me hot, 
although I had never considered sex with another girl. Sarah said that she was curious 
now, about what it would be like to have sex with a girl instead of a boy, and what exactly 
you do with another girl in bed. 
     "Well, I guess first you undress each other, just like you would with a boy", I said. 
     "Ok, why don't we try it?" Sarah asked.


      Heather's description of kissing and fondling another girl had turned me on me on so 
much that I was already wet and willing to try anything, so we began slowly removing 
each others school uniforms. I unbuttoned Sarah's white blouse while she did mine. I was 
surprised to find that underneath her blouse she wore no bra. I had seen her tits before, 
since we were best friends and often changed clothes in the same room, but standing so 
close to her and removing her clothes as I was made it somehow different. I wanted to touch 
and caress them like the boys had done mine. I slid her plaid skirt off her hips gently, as we
made our way to the kitchen leaving a trail of our clothes behind..

     Sarah was completely naked by the time we made it into the kitchen, except
for her white socks and red Keds sneakers. Other than my socks and Keds, I was 
left only in my panties. We stood face to face for a few moments wondering what to
do next, before Sarah began to caress my tits and slowly roll my nipples between her
fingers. I could feel my pussy throbbing and new it was very wet by now. I wondered
if she was as excited as I was? I ran my hand across her ass and her thighs, and
reached between her legs to see if she was. Stopping at her clit I massaging in small
circles for a moment, then gently slid two fingers into her. She was as turned on as I was,
and I wondered now what it was going to be like licking the wetness between her legs.

          Sarah then began working my panties down my thighs and over my Keds, leaving
my socks and sneakers on. She worked her way back to standing by kissing up my now
naked body, stopping to lick and suck my swollen clit. I had never had a girl touch me 
there and I found it so exciting that I though I was going to cum right then, before we had
really even started! She moved her tongue in slow circles over my clit pushing my legs 
farther apart with her hands as she did. She worked her way up taking my nipple in her
mouth and sucking in a hungry rhythm. 

     I pushed her gently up onto the table and for the first time kissed her. The feel of our
tongues touching and exploring inside each others mouths was just like Heather had said.
It was so erotic standing there kissing another girl, that I couldn't wait to do more. I moved 
down her neck nibbling and biting softly and took her nipple in my mouth. She threw her head
back and moaned as I sucked and ran my hands all over her body.....
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