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Kristen gives virginity to dad!

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!!!

My name is Kristin, and this is a story I wanted to relate about the first time my I had sex and with whom I gave my cherry. It was the night of my eighteenth birthday. I was a little pissed off because I had to spend the weekend I officially became a women with my Father. My parents divorced when I was six. Every other weekend I had to spend with my dad. I had always harbored dark desires for my Father sexually. I knew any fantasies I had for him would never come true. I had tried earlier in my youth for the chance to have sex with him, but was always turned away. I knew he slept in the nude, and tried to sneak peeks of him. I did things like sneak into his bedroom while he was sleeping, slowly sliding my hand up his leg towards his manhood, only to be denied by his waking and ordering me back to the couch. Every time tried I never got my hand higher than his knee. I gave up doing these things after the harshest of all speeches I received from him describing the indecency of my behavior. He told me how I was a child, and I should keep to childlike games.

My Father had gotten me a nice, but rather short, summer dress for my birthday. Honestly, I would have preferred blue jeans and a tank top. I was never a skirt wearer, and the concept was new to me. I was a tomboy, and liked it that way. To make him feel like he had gotten me something I wanted, I put it on right after dinner. I figured I would wear it in the safety of his house where none of my friends could see me. As I sat in the recliner across from Dad on the couch, I gave up trying to sit like a lady, as it was just too much work. I started to fantasize about my Dad stealing glances up my skirt at my pink cotton panties. I was getting really wet between my legs even though my Dad would never do such things. I did catch him looking at me a couple of times, but figured if he had any interest at all he would be staring my way. I even went as far as scratching an itch on my crotch trying to get his attention. He didnít show any response, but the quick touch of my clit got me wetter. I decided a trip to the shower to get myself off was what I needed. It had been a long time since I fingered myself fantasizing about my Dad because I convinced myself nothing would ever happen.

I had just started really going to town on myself when my Dad announced he had to go to the bathroom. Only having one bathroom, I knew I had to say come in or he would be forced to pee in the sink. I did dishes in that sink, yuck. I heard him start to go and quietly tried to get a peek of his penis. I parted the shower curtain just enough to see my Dad. What I saw blew my mind. My Father, the prude, had my wet pink panties to his nose and mouth. My Dad was smelling the aroma of my pussy, and I could tell he actually had a hard-on. I accidentally coughed and he dropped my panties scurrying out of the bathroom. I gave myself a fantastic orgasm with visions of my Dad having his mouth between my legs instead of on my panties.

I finished my shower only to discover my Father had headed to bed. I heard him snoring and was a little disappointed he had fallen asleep. As I stood in my towel outside his bedroom door, I contemplated on sneaking in like when I was younger. I knew any attempt to touch him would be futile, but worth the effort even if I got yelled at once more. I quietly entered his pitch-dark room. I slowly crept to the side of his bed. I slid my hand under the covers. I could feel the hair of his leg as it tickled my hand. I started at his knee and very, very slowly moved my hand up his leg. I could feel my heart pounding as I felt disconnected from my body. I felt like I was looking at myself and not really doing it myself. I reached the top of his thigh and could feel the heat radiating from his crotch. I could tell I was close to his cock, but in the darkness I didnít know how close. I didnít know if I was inches away or just millimeters away from his dick. I froze in fear. This was the highest my hand had ever gotten. I could feel the adrenaline race through my veins. I had always wanted to touch his manhood, and now I was faced with the moment. Thoughts raced in my mind of whether I should continue or stop. If I continue and am not stopped by my Dad how far am I willing to go? If I stop and head back to the couch, will I regret not knowing what might have happened?

With trembling hand, I reached towards the heat. I felt softness. What was I touching? Did I miss? Was this his stomach? Where was his dick? I pulled my hand back to his thigh. I was so nervous I was ready to pass-out. I reached again, my fingertips touching the hardness of his shaft. I moved my hand over his cock. My Father had a hard-on. I was shocked. I thought since he was asleep I would find him soft. I rested my hand there feeling his heartbeat in his erection. I stayed in this position for what felt like an eternity too afraid to move. I felt my Dad run his hand over my still damp hair. Oh my God! He was awake! He was awake this whole time and didnít stop me. He sat up and pulled me onto the bed. Without saying a word, he climbed over top of me and opened my towel. I felt him kiss over my breasts working his way down my stomach. I heard him breath in deeply as he grew closer to my pussy. I felt him exhale over my excited clit. My Dad ate my virgin hole with what I believed to be experienced skill. He continued on me until I exploded with orgasm.

I wanted so badly to put my Fatherís erection into my mouth, but as I leaned up he pushed me back to the bed. My Dad crawled up my body. I felt the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. He gently pushed the head of his cock deeper into me. I felt the resistance as he pressed his dick against my hymen. With a snap and sharp pain, I felt my Father take my virginity. He must have known because he did not move until the pain had subsided. Very slowly and very tenderly my Dad began to work his penis in and out of my vagina. His pace quickened causing me to experience my first cock-induced orgasm. I wrapped my legs around his back to hold him to me. I suddenly felt a quick gush of wetness pour into my pussy. My Dad had just cum into the depths of my vagina. My Father and I exchanged no words between us before, during, or after the event.

As my Father lie there breathing heavy, I grabbed my towel and headed back to the bathroom. I examined the liquid leaking from my vagina. I ran my fingers through it, even tasted it, before wiping myself clean with the towel.

My Father and I have never had sex again since that time, but I will always remember the special person to whom I gave my virginity.

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