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Jane and her older sister who teaches her how to do it right

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi It's me again Jane, and here's the third part of my story. After my sister and I had gotten each other off in her room a couple of times that day we didn't do it again until that following weekend. I had to wait two dam weeks for her to lick my pussy again! I was so hot for it too! But, what I wanted was to suck Danny's cock and taste it! It was because Joann had told me about the time she and her boyfriend have had oral sex and we both masturbated each other as she told the story. Read part 1 & 2 of Hi, if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's pretty hot! Anyway, it had been about three days and finally Saturday came and I went out with Bobby's younger brother Danny! Danny is 16 and I'm 14, well almost! 

We parked his car at the bowling ally where we were to meet up with 4 other couples. I kissed him and we stayed in his car until we were hour late getting in the place. It was dark and Dan parked the car way far away from the lights. I let him touch me but only on the top and then outside my clothes. But, tonight, if he tried, I was going to let him have a hand full of my very wet pussy. We made out and sucked each other's tongue and then I felt his and running up my front and cupping my left breasts. I didn't stop him as his hand went between my bottoms. In fact I opened one for him. He cupped my bra and sucked on my tongue hard as I let my hand drop in his lap! Like my sister had told me, once it's in his lap touch him! If he moans or jump you know he likes it! I could feel Danny's cock jumping with excitement as I held squeeze it on the outside of his cutoffs. He moaned as I began to rub it up and down. He moved his hand under my bra and lifted it up out of the way! I whispered: "Oh Danny! That feels so good baby!!" and, then I took a chance.

 I said: "Lick them Danny! Lick my nipples!" He moaned again but went for them like a starving man! He had his mouth over my nipple sucking and biting on them as I continued to stroke his growing cock. We continued like this for awhile playing with each other. I told him: "OH Danny that feels so good! I love your mouth on my body! Would you like to have oral sex with me?" He stopped and looked at me saying: "God Jane! Oh god baby! Yes! Let's do it!!" I told him: "Hold it boy! We have plans tonight that we can't get out of. Come on let's meet our friends. Later we can talk about this! OK?" He didn't like it but he went along with it. We met our friends and bowled. On the way home I sat real close to him and kissed his neck and put my hand on his cock. It started to grow immediately! God that was hot! I mean it started to grow right away, as soon as I touch it! I whispered: "I want to take your cock out Danny! OK?" He said deeply: "Yes baby! Yes do it! Take it out!" I unzipped his jeans and pulled it up and out the top of his underwear! It was so hard! I started to slowly play with it jerking it up and down as he drove. I had almost all of it out now and saw it was about 6 inches long and hard! 

My sister was right there were drops in the pee hole and I took my finger and wiped it out. He told me he couldn't drive while I was doing that and pulled the car over and down the dark street where I live. He went to the bottom of the hill and we parked the car. As soon as we did he pushed the seat back and gave me more room. He pulled his shorts and underwear down past his knees and opened his legs so I could get to all of his meat! He was telling me what felt good and what felt great! He was so hard! He especially like it when I ran my fingernails over the head of his hard cock! I asked him: "So what do you like best Danny?" He said: "Oh god Jane it all feels so good. But rubbing the head feels the best." I said: "Like this Danny?" And I rubbed his swollen cock head around and around and around driving him crazy with desire! He moaned and I asked him: "What can I do to make it even better baby?" He swallowed and said: "Suck it! You could suck it Jane! Sucking it would be so much better that jerking it off. Suck my cock Jane. Please!" I smiled at him and made him melt with passion. And, then I said: "OK! OK Danny I'll suck it if you really want me to because I love you. But, you have to lick my pussy next! Deal? Fair is fair" He said: "OK!" And now I had to do what I said I was going to do. I had to suck his big fat cock!

Part 2

He wasn't as big as Joann told me Bobby's cock was. Danny is his brother. Bobby was 9 inches long and Danny was maybe 5-6 inches! Anyway! So as I kept jerked him off as I lowered my head and covered his hard cock head with my mouth! As I kept jerking him off I sucked hard on it and had just about all of his cock in my mouth. I moved my hand out of the way and took more of him into my mouth! He was very big, but he was thick! His cock hair was tickling my face and nose!! So I move back up on it a little and worked my mouth and hand on it! I could feel it swell in my mouth and hand as I did him! He was moaning and lifting his hips to pump his cock into my mouth. 

I bobbed my head and really sucked on him! I took my tongue and made circles around the head and kissed it and licked it and pulled it out of my mouth and licked under it and around the entire shaft as he watched me. Jo was right there wasn't much taste, more salty if anything. His throbbed like crazy! He moaned and I sucked on him harder! He loved it! And, then, I stopped! I sat up and told him: "OK Danny! It's your turn! Fair is fair babe!" He said: OH God Jane not now!! Don't stop now!!! I'll do you afterwards I promise! Oh come on suck me!! I really want to get off! Oh come on don't stop! I'm hurting, my nuts hurt bad!! But, I got in the back seat and opened my jeans pulling them down to my feet. I kicked them off one foot and sat there in my bikini panties squeezing my titties! I said: "Come on in the back seat there's more room back here. I want you to eat me now. If you make me cum , I'll suck you some more. I promise." He moaned and he climbed over the seat. His cock was still out! I sat against the side of the car and put one leg up on the top of the seat and the other one on the floor. I was wide open for him and he moaned loudly as he knelt on the floor of the car looking between my legs! He put his hands on my thighs and pushed my legs opened even more as I slide down on the seat. Then he put his head between my legs and licked around my panty line and up my thighs. I smiled down at him and took my fingers and moved them to the side showing him my sweet, young, swollen pussy for the first time. He looked up into my eyes and told me: "Oh God Jane, let's do it baby! Let go all the way. You're driving me crazy. 

I want to make love to you so fucking bad! Come on let's fuck!" I told him: "NO not tonight! Tonight I want oral sex, only oral sex! But, I promise you Danny that if you eat my pussy good, I'll suck you off, even better!! I'll even let you cum in my mouth! I promise! Now lick my pussy baby!" When he heard me say that, he moved in and began to lick around my pussy. I took my hands and guided his head into the center of my sex and then pushed his nose into my very wet and waiting pussy. He said: "God Jane you're wet down there! I know you want it! Come on let's fuck! Come on baby! Let's do it we can always suck each other some other time. I'm so hot for you and seeing your pussy and your legs wide open here makes me want to cum right away! Oh god come on let's do it before I cum on the seat!" I didn't say anything, I just pulled his head back into my open cunt and moaned when I felt his tongue licking the middle of it for the first time. His mouth was sucking my pussy and I was in heaven. But, I knew he was new at this maybe I was his first pussy that was pressing against him face. I didn't care, Even if I had to instruct him with ever step, he was very willing and listened to me. He did everything I told him to do and soon he was getting much better at it! He kept licking me when I told him to lick and sucking me when I told him to suck! And, before I knew it, I was cumming and he was lapping my juices up as I held his head tightly into my pussy! When I arched up into him having my orgasm he stuck a finger into my pussy hole w/o being told and I fucked his finger while he licked me into another climax! 

He took his head out from between my legs but kept his finger inside me. He then put another finger in me and moved up to kiss me as he finger fucked my pussy! We sucked each other's tongue and he finger fucked me real good for over 10 minutes! It was really nice! Finally he rubbed my clit, I knew it was just dumb luck that he found it, but he got me dancing in the back seat and cumming all over his hand this time. When I finally lowered my ass down on his car seat I pulled him to me and kissed him hard reaching for his very hard very thick very aching cock. I could feel his balls tight in his sack and I knew if I jerked him off for a few minutes that I could make him cum without sucking him at all. But, a promise is a promise and I knew I was going to suck him dry! If he kept eating my pussy every night like he had just done, I would suck his cock every night too!!! 

Part 3

As I sat up he asked me: "How did I do Jane?" I told him he was wonderful. If he did that to me again I just might let him do it to me afterward. You know go all the way! But it had to right and it was my decision." He told me he understood. Hell, I don't know if he did or not! But, I know he'll eat me again to try! Soon he'll eat me every night we make out! Mummm it will be heaven! I was stroking his cock really slow and I knew he was close! He whispered in my ear as he licked my neck down to my tittie that was now out of my blouse:. His tongue felt real nice on my nipples and I knew I would have to have him do that again! He moaned: Mummm Jane your hand feels so good on my cock. But, can you suck me some more now baby? I really need to get off too! Suck my cock baby, make me cum! Oh god!! Oh god I'm so fucking hard Jane!!!!" I smiled and said: "I know Bobby! I know you are ready! And I know you want to cum baby!! I'll fix you up baby! Fair is fair, right?" He moaned: "Right!" And, I pushed him back down on the seat and I sat on the floor between his legs. His cock was sticking straight up in the air and jumping with excitement. His sack holding his nuts was as tight as it could get1 he'll cum in seconds once I put my mouth over his cock head! I took my tongue and licked it over the big hard cock head first. I really didn't want him to cum immediately! I wanted to experiment to see what guys liked the best as you suck them.! I wanted to learn how to do this right! When my lips touched his cock head he moaned again and is cock jumped from my touch! I slowly covered his head with my mouth and sucked hard on the big fat head! I wondered as I sucked him how this fat cock would feel inside my pussy! I knew I would find out whenever I wanted too! Danny was ready to fuck me whenever I wanted it! I had the power and it was great! He raised his hips up trying to get more of his cock into my mouth! 

So I took more of it and he cried out in passion as I continued to suck him and jerk him off. He put his hands on my head and began to fuck my mouth just like my sister told me he would. I knew he was going to cum and I prepared myself for the first shot of cum! Seconds later I got it! God did I get it. Danny let his cock ram down my throat and he shot load after load after load into my mouth! Most of it hit the back of my throat and I gagged on it! He was moaning out: "Suck it Jane ! Oh yes! Suck me baby! I'm cumming! Yes! Oh god !Suck it Jane1 I'm cumming!!! Oh fuck yes baby! Mummmm!!! Ahhhhhhh! Yeaaaaaa!! Ahhhhhhh!!" As he finished he released my head with his hands and finally stopped pumping his cock into my mouth and down my throat! I held it in my mouth sucking it just like my sister told me to do. I sucked the last drops of his cum out his pee hole and held his cock head in my mouth sucking easy on it until I could feel it start to deflate. I finally let it fall out of my mouth and moved up on him. I kissed and shoved my cum covered tongue into his mouth letting him suck his own cum. We continued like this for along time. He continued to try to get me to fuck him. He begged me But, I didn't give in, but this time! We finally got dressed and back into the front seat. As we drove towards my house, I pulled his soft cock out and played with it al the way home. By the time we got to my house he was hard as a rock again. I kissed him and whispered in his ear: "Goodnight baby! I'll suck your cock again if you eat my pussy again tomorrow Danny1 What do you think? Deal?" he took me in his arms and kissed he like I have never been kissed before. He slid his hand down my jeans into my panties and squeezed my cunt as he said: "How about now Jane? Would you like a good night kiss on your pussy baby? I moaned in his ear and licked it saying: "We can't I'm already late and you know how my mom is! If I to late I won't be able to get out for a week. And, I can't wait a week for your tongue baby!" I kissed him again and got out of the car walked to the door and went in waving goodnight! 

When I got inside I went to my sister's room and I told her everything. She smiled and told me I was growing up! I can't wait until Danny is licking my pussy again and I'm sucking his cock. I went to sleep thinking about Danny's brother Bobby and his big long 9 inch cock in my mouth! Mummmmm!!!!!!

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