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 Jack has always been horny. The problem was that as a normal Teenager he thought of nothing but girls but like most boys he did not have the nerve to say much more than Hi to one. Most of the time he would pick out a girl, decide to approach her then chicken out. This would usually be followed by a quick jerk off in his room. At 17 he met a girl when she moved in next door. Sue was 18 and a good-looking girl for a Goth Chick. She was wearing loose black pants, A floppy black Rob Zombie t-shirt and black hiking boots. When he first noticed her while peering through the window of his room he found her strange. Her body was fine and he dreamed about it but that black theme of hers was something else. He did his usual, shot his load and went on about his business. As he headed downstairs he froze in his tracks. At the front door talking to his Mom were the Goth Chick and her Mother. His Mother said "Jack, This is Jan and her daughter Sue, Come down and meet them". As Jack went down the stairs he noticed Sue's Mother Jan. She appeared to be about his Mom's age of 35 with Shoulder length Black Hair, Her large chest stuffed into a tank top, A red miniskirt and Black Knee High boots. "She looks like a hooker," he thought to himself.

Jack said hello and almost immediately he noticed Jan's sparkling blue eyes. He went through the motions of saying hello but secretly he was recording thus scene in his mind for later. His Mom said "Jack, Jan needs a yard boy, Are you interested?" Jack said "Yes" and agreed to start the next day. After supper he went to his room and jerked off to the thought of Jan, Then as he came all over his hand and stomach "Two in one day, Not bad!" The next day he arrived next door early and Jan let him in. She told him that she had a lot of work to be done but since she did not have much money yet after the move to a new town that she would make him a deal. He was a little cold on the idea of working on credit because of the old people in the neighborhood who thought a full days work of hard labor was worth a couple of bucks. He was still owed enough money to pay for a car from all of the freebie jobs his Mom had gotten him into it the past. Jan surprised him when she said "I can make it worth your while". By her tone he thought he knew what she meant but he was so naive he was not sure.

 "How?" he asked.
Jan told him "I saw you looking at Sue and I yesterday and that that bulge he had was a clue that he liked what he saw". Jack started to blush, "How long did it take you to jack off, Jack?" He stood there stunned and ashamed. Jan said "Relax sweetie" I am a professional, I can help you!" She sat him down and told him the scoop "I am not a hooker, I am an Internet Sex Performer". His eyes and mouth dropped at the same time. He had seen sites with women on them on the Internet before his Mom found out and had it disconnected. "If you will help around the house here, I will Fuck You and pay you but you will have to wait on the pay." He swallowed real hard and said "When?" "Now" she said as she moved her hand to his crotch and started to undo his zipper fly. He was so excited that he felt his heart racing. She said "Whoa sweetie, Don't rush it, I will get you off the right way". He could only nod and groan as she freed his Cock from its restraints. "Mmmmmmm" she purred as she had his pants down to his ankles and started on his buttons, "How old are You?" "17 he said, I will he 18 next month". "You have a huge cock for such a young guy, You could get a job in internet at 18 if you learn to control that thing". He smiled and moaned as she slowly stroked him, He began to buck and felt himself starting to come within seconds". When she saw this she slowed and squeezed his Penis just below the head until the feeling subsided, She then started to stroke him again.

"Savor it baby" she told him as she lowered her mouth to the head of his raging hard on. It was at its full 8". She began to take the shaft into her mouth and throat and blow him. Every time he began to look like he would come she stopped it. In his mind this was amazing, He found that he was getting as much pleasure as ever and it wasn't over in a minute. "I'm going to finish you now" she told him. He did not realize that she had removed her panties and got a big surprise when she lowered herself down on his throbbing rod. With her back to him she worked him in and out of her now sopping wet cunt. After a few minutes she moaned, and groaned before she exploded in an orgasm that covered his Dick with juices this was all he could stand and he shot a load into her as she continued to pump what was left of his erection. "So do we have a deal?" "Uh Huh" he moaned. "Good" she said, "You can start by cleaning the sofa", She giggled and walked out of the room.

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"Did you get paid honey?" his Mom asked as he entered the kitchen. "Yep" he said and passed her on his way to his room. He was so worn our that he did not even touch his Dick, He showered, Did his Homework and went to bed. Every day after School for the next month he "worked" for Jan. She did not always Fuck him but that was fine, When she did it was awesome. By this time she was also paying him money since she now had her web cam setup and was back in business she was giving him cash too. Jack also started to come out of his shell with the girls at school. He had found that as soon as he approached one willing girl and the word got around that he was packing and could please a girl he was a very busy young man. The day after his birthday he went to Jan's because she told him she had a present for him.

As he arrived at the door Jan let him in and after she closed the door she patted him on the Ass and said "Happy Birthday Stud!" She led him upstairs to the "Room". He had not been in here; It was where she did her work. There was lighting equipment 3 web cams 2 computers and a makeshift bed with colored sheets draped around to look like a bed. He asked if they were going to "Do it" for the cameras but she said "No, you are going to take Sue's Cherry Live on the Internet, You see I have kept her a Virgin for just this occasion, I have spent the last month teaching you to be able to last, After all we want the viewers to get their money's worth". She left for a minute and when she returned she had Sue with her. Sue was in a School Girl outfit complete with knee socks. "Okay you two, It's Showtime!" I moved to sue and guided her to the mattress gently lowering her as I raised her top over her head exposing the lacy bra she was wearing. I was surprised with her shape, In regular clothes she had a firm tight set of tits and a flat stomach.

She joined in and started to undress me, She took a deep breath when my Cock sprang free in her face. "Damn Mom, You did not tell me he was hung, How will I take all of that?" Jan giggled and said "Like a woman". As he laid her back to take off her skirt and panties He got a big surprise, She was hairy, Real hairy around her wet Virgin Cunt, He thought to myself "It must be a Goth thing", He had seen some of those pages of European girls and retro porn pages but this muff was real and waiting for him. The thought it was a turn on. He started to caress her tits and cunt in a long circle while she played with my cock. It was in her face so he pushed it nearer and without missing a beat she began to lick the head and the side of the shaft making me groan. Soon she was trying to deep throat him but there was no way she got about 3/4 of it down and that was that. It was okay though. He looked at the clock and saw that we had been "on" for about 10 minutes and he knew that if he did not get away from her mouth soon there would be a "Money Shot". He guided her away from my Dick and told her to get on her hands and knees. I was going to enter her from behind and take her Cherry so that the camera could catch the blood scene. As he rested the head at her hairy opening if felt wet, warm and oh so tight.

He thrust into her until he got to the Hymen. He waited a second and then pushed on through like to the hilt. She let out a scream and then moaned, He asked her if she was okay and she nodded yes. As he pulled out for the first time he knew what he was here for so he slightly pulled his hips to the right so that Jan could catch the blood mixed with love juices from her daughters no longer Virgin Cunt. She smiled and nodded at which time he started to drive into Sue like a Jackhammer. She bucked wildly and screamed, "Fuck Me!" every time he entered her sopping hairy cunt. He Fucked her hard for 10 more minutes; Thank god he had learned some control. As she bucked harder and her pussy muscles started to contract around His Dick she came in a massive array of sounds and actions. When she went he went but he did not pull out and come on her for the camera he made the first one special and filled her now reddened cunt with what seemed like buckets of come. Ss much in fact that it was running down her legs and his and as he pulled out her Mom told him to slide out of the way as she moved in for a close up shot to show the massive cream pie on her daughters twat that started at her Asshole and went all the way down. The last shot before she faded out was of a 4 or 5 " strand hanging from her Cunt like a Cum Waterfall. "Cut" Jan said "Fucking awesome! Are you okay honey?" Sue could only shake her head before she collapsed on the mattress.

As I left Jan had me sign a Model release and copied my Drivers License for her records. After all it is not legal to do this if you are under 18. She paid me $300 and told me "See sweetie" I told you I had a job for you". I smiled kissed her on the cheek and left for home next door. "Hi Honey", Said Mom, "Working late?" "Yep" I said. "Did you get paid?" she asked. "I sure did Mom. More than I ever did". "Good son, Don't do anything for free". I just smiled; She did not know the half of it. Jack had finally found a way to make money and get off. He was a very happy boy!

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