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Island Holiday

(Part 1 from 3)

Tim Marks looked out of the plane window as it dropped towards the ground. He caught sight of deep blue sea and white beaches before they were replaced by the grey of tarmac as the plane touched down. What followed was a hectic hour as the Marks family collected their luggage and made their way to the other side of the airport where a charter aircraft waited. Climbing onboard Tim found himself sitting beside his sister Sarah, Sarah was a year younger than Tim; her petite form was turning into that of a young woman’s. Her pert breasts pushed out the cut-off shirt she wore, her long blonde hair flowing free down her back, the ends resting on the swell of her buttocks. She was almost a double of the woman who sat across the isle from her; Debbie Marks was dressed in a light summer dress that clung to her figure assenting her breasts and slim hips. Like her teenage daughter she wore her hair long and just like Sarah’s it was a pale blonde, cascading down her back.
As the plane left the runway she turned to her husband Jake and kissed him,

“Mmm, I’m looking forward to this holiday”

Jake smiled before returning the kiss as he felt Debbie’s hand brush over his cock, feeling it begin to swell in his trousers as her hand squeezed it.

“So am I, but you’d better stop that or there will be an accident”

Debbie laughed and snuggled into her husband’s chest, she couldn’t believe how horny she felt, her body was on fire with need to feel a good hard cock. She had to stifle a moan of pleasure as Jake slid a hand under her dress; a finger pressing against her panty clad clit. She bit back a cry of pleasure as Jake’s hand slipped into her panties, a finger sliding easily into her wet pussy as his thumb pushed against her clitoris.
Quickly she looked around to make sure no one could see and then trying not to disturb Jake’s probing digit she raised up and pushed her knickers down. Jake’s free hand helped her move them down her legs; then with a quick kick she sent them under her seat. A feeling of wanton desire engulfed her as Jake raised her dress so that her dripping pussy was on view to anyone who looked.
Sitting beside his sister Tim looked around the cabin, it looked as though the aircraft had seating for about fifteen, although it was currently carrying only about half that number. A strange groan made him look towards his parents, what he saw caused his cock to jump to an immediate erect state. His mom was leaning back against the airplane window while his dad fingered her naked pussy, he looked around to see if anyone else was watching, but he quickly realised he was the only one who could see.
Debbie lay back trying to muffle her groans of pleasure as Jake’s hand sent her rising towards an orgasm. Through partially closed eyes she saw Tim looking at her, the realisation that her son could see her dripping pussy pushed her over the edge into a body shaking orgasm.
As her body recovered she lifted her face to look directly at her son and then as he watched she lifted her husband’s pussy juice coated hand and licked it clean. She smiled as she saw Tim turn away, his face flushed with a mixture of arousal and guilt. Turning her face up she kissed Jake deeply before snuggling up against him and relaxing.
It took almost an hour to reach the island where the Marks family would be spending the next three weeks. A hire car was waiting for them at the small grass strip where the plane touched down. They stopped in the small village to buy groceries before heading across the island to the house they had rented.
The house stood surrounded by trees in a secluded, private cove, a beautiful white beach stretched from the porch to the deep blue sea that lapped in gently waves upon the sand.
After unpacking the groceries and luggage; Debbie stood in the main bedroom and looked out on the picturesque view.

“What are you thinking?” asked Jake as he slipped his arms around his wife.

“Just thinking how quiet it seems”

“It should be, our nearest neighbours are three miles along the coast”

“Let’s go for a swim”

Pulling away from her husband Debbie allowed her dress to fall from her shoulders, as Jake watched she removed her bra freeing her firm breasts topped with large nipples to his lust filled gaze, her pussy was already naked, her panties left on the plane Jake quickly undressed thoughts of swimming the furthest thing from his mind as he gazed at the goddess figure before him. Naked he moved towards her; his erect cock bouncing with each step, the cock-head already glistening with precum. Pulling her close they kissed, tongues entwining as their bodies pressed together.

“I thought we were going for a swim”

“Later” answered Jake.

“We can’t do it now lover, the kids might walk in any time”

“Fuck the kids, I need you”

“Is that first part a suggestion,” Debbie asked with a lust filled gaze


“Nothing lover, come here”

Debbie pressed her body against Jake’s feeling her cock slide over her stomach leaving a snail trail of precum on her. Kissing she sucked his tongue into her mouth and gently bit it, her mouth filling with warm air as Jake moaned in desire.
A cough from the doorway made them pull apart, Jake moved to stand behind Debbie as they looked towards the door, trying to hide his erection from his daughter Sarah who stood in the doorway.

“What is it honey?” asked Debbie

“Tim and I are going for a swim”

“OK baby, your dad and I will join you soon”

“Have you got mine and Tim’s swimsuits in your bags, cause we can’t find them”

“No honey, are you sure you can’t find them”

“No mom, I thought I packed it but….”

“It’s OK baby,” said Debbie walking over to her daughter “We’ll all just have to go for an all over tan”

Jake tried to hide his erection as Debbie moved away from him; he could feel Sarah’s eyes burning into him. For some reason the thought of his daughter seeing his hard cock sent sparks of arousal through his body and so, as though in a dream, he dropped his hands. As Debbie hugged their daughter he wrapped a hand around his cock and started to stroke it, on each up stroke he moved his thumb over his cock-head, smearing it with precum.

“Now why don’t you and Tim go for a swim and your dad and I’ll join you in a moment”

As Sarah left the room Debbie turned, her eyes widened at the sight of Jake slowly masturbating.

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