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Incest Family 5 of 7

(Part 1 from 2)

Incest Family

Part 5 of 7

This is only a fictional story.
Any resemblance's to anyone's real life is purely coincidental. 

I asked, “Where is Grandma?

Grandpa said, “She’s at home.”

I said, “I’ve been here the whole weekend & I haven’t met her. Why is that?”

Grandpa said, “Cause she knows why I come her, & she don’t approve of it.”

I said, “Call her & ask her to come over, & by the time she’s leaves, she will approve of it.”

Grandpa being high & drunk said, “Hand me the phone.” Cindy handed him the phone he dialed the number. “Honey, Cindy wants you to come over for a minute. Ok, see you in a minute.”

Grandpa said, “She said, she’ll be right over. Before she gets here, let’s get out of the bedroom, otherwise she will walk out.”

I asked, “How are we going to get her to relax & let us fuck her?”

Grandpa said, “Beer. She can’t handle beer. She turns into a wild thing when she drinks. That’s why she don’t like to drink.”

We all dressed & went & sat at the kitchen table. Just a couple of minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Cindy went to the door & opened it & I watched as my Mom/sister hugged my Grandma. Cindy took Grandma by the hand lead her to the kitchen. Tommy ran & got her a beer to. Cindy introduces us to Grandma. She is so happy to meet us she sits there & sobs.

Tommy & I rush to her side & hugged her. Telling her “It’s ok, don’t cry.”

Grandma said, “There hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought of you guys. I have looked at every boy over the years, & wondered if it was my grandson. My grandsons have grown to be fine looking young men. The people that adopted you guys must have taken good care of you guys.”

We each gave her a kiss on the cheek, & then went back to our seats.

I asked, “Would you mind changing seats, so I could sit by my Grandma?

Cindy said, “Sure, no problem.”

Tommy asked “Grandpa would you mind changing seats, so I can sit by my Grandma?”

Grandpa said, “Ok”

The 4 of us change seats, putting Tommy & I next to Grandma. We finish the beer we had. I got the next round of beer for us all.

We were about half way done with that beer.

Tommy & I moved our chairs closer to Grandma’s. We talked, & drank.

Grandma asked, “Isn’t it on the warm side in here?” as she unbutton the top couple of buttons on her blouse.

Cindy said, “Yes, it is warm in here.” as she also unbutton her blouse, but she didn’t stop with just a few buttons; she unbuttoned all of the buttons, allowing everyone to see she didn’t have a bra on. All of us men took off our shirts.

Tommy pulled out a jay. When he was done, he passed it to Grandma.

Grandma asked, “What is this? What do I do with it?”

Grandpa said, “Honey, just do it like you do a cigarette, but only you hold the smoke in for a second or two.”

Grandma took the jay & did just as Grandpa said.

Grandma passed it to me, then I passed it to Cindy, & she passed it to Grandpa. By now it was dead, after the rest of the beer. 

Grandma was rubbing my & Tommy’s backs. While saying, “What fine looking young men I have for Grandsons.”

Tommy & I both knew it was save to make our move on her. We let Grandpa know we wanted him to kiss Grandma to keep her mind off of what we were doing, while I went for more beer, Tommy went for the video, & popped it in the Living Room VCR. Grandpa did a great job, keeping Grandma busy, cause I don’t think she even knew Tommy & I had even left her side. By the time Grandpa stopped kissing Grandma & rubbing her nipple. We heard the sound of the incest fuck flick coming from the t.v. Grandma turned around to see what the sound was. I don’t think Grandma even knew what she was doing, when she unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on her top. To everyone’s surprise she wasn’t wearing a bra either.

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