I fucked my step mom!

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

 My name is Tommy. I am 18 years old and I live with my Dad Tom and his wife of eight years Elizibeth. My old man is pretty much loaded, so my step mom is kind of a trophy wife. She was pushing 45 at the time when this story happened. She was still a good looking woman by any bodies taste, but she was still meaner than hell too; You know the kind of woman I'm talking about. The uppity bitch that sends her food back at the restaurant, or the good looking snooty bitch that stalks off in a huff if you even speak to her because she thinks your hitting on her. You know........A real bitch.

I came home from school one day and the garage door was open, so I went in through the garage to the house. As soon as I opened the door into the house I could hear the activity in the living room. I could hear a man moaning, my stepmom saying all kinds of filthy things I'd never heard her say before like "Fuck me! FUck me!", and the unmistakeable sound of flesh slapping flesh.

I peaked around the corner into the living room and boy did I ever get the surprise of my life! Here was my step mother Elizibeth straddling a man on our coffee table. She was wearing one of those ahlf bras that leave most of the tit exposed while still supporting them. It was a dark lace bra. She also had on a black garter belt and long black stalkings. She had a foot on iether side of the guy on the coffee table's top and her ahnds behind her on the man's chest. With her back arched, head thrown back, and titties a bouncin she was humping up and down on the guy's shaft for all that she was worth. I stood there for a few moents and soaked it in. I was pleasently surprised at how sexy my step mother was. She took on a whole new look in my eyes. I'd allways thought she was pretty, and I'd assumed she had a pretty deacent body, but nothing had prepared me for this! Elizibeth's long black hair hung down over her shoulders and partialy covered her chest. Her what now looked to be about 38DD's were bouning up and down and sloshing violently with every bounce. With that half bra on they didn't sag at all hardly. Her nipples looked to be about an inch and a half in diameter and the nipples themselves stuck straight out from her breasts about a half an inch.

She had a nicely trimmed muff with angry red loooking pussy lips that this dude's big shlong was slipping in and out of. And her legs looked exceptionally nice. With stalakings on it really accented the muscles in her legs. I was surprised that Liz had such strong looking thigh and calf muscles. After I'd stood there for a few moments I fanaly cleared my throat to get her attention.

Instantly she froze in mid pump and her head came up. Hair flopping this way and that all wild, and eyes as big as coffee saucers. I allmost started laughing at the surprised look on ehr face when our eyes met.
"What the fuck are you doing home so early?" She demanded as she rocked forward lifting herself up off of what turned out to be our gardener. "Did you get yourself a nice little peep show?"

With that she cradled her tits with one arm. Only managing to cover the nipples and the majority of them. I could still see pretty much every thing. Her other hand went to her muff and covered it. She released her muff and grabbed her bathrobe off of the couch and threw it over herself as she turned away from me. The gardener had allready rolled off of the coffee table and was simply scoooping up his clothes and running for the bacl sliding glass door.
"What am I doing home so early?" I ask incredulously. "What the fuck are you doing is more like the question that needs an answer!" I shout back at her. "While my Dads at work your here at home fucking the damned gardener?"
Then it must have drove home with her cuz she turned back around and I saw an unfamiliar look on that snooty bitches face. Fear.
"What are you gonna do Tommy? If you tell your dad it'lll just crush him." She pleaded as she toook a step torward me.

"Your just worried that he'll divorce you and you'll loose all the plaesures that come with being my Dad's wife." I state back to her as a matter of factly. "With that prenumptual in effect I don't imagine you'd leave here with much more than your clothes."
Then a look that can only b discribed as pure horror crossed her features. Both of her hands slapped to her head.
"Oh God! Please Tommy....." She sstammered as she took anothr step forward. Completely forgetting about her robe as it fell open. I could see most of her tits, but the robe still covered the nipples. "I'll do anything if yo won't tell your father!"
She ahd real tears forming in her eyes as she stood before me with this incredulous look on her face. I couldn't help but let my eyes drift from her's down to her mostly exposed breasts, then down to her muff, then quickly back to her eyes. After a couple of these looks she must'v gathered some of her composure, cuz she grabbed her robe and cinched it shut.
"A new car, is that what you want Tommy?" She asked as she tied her robe shut. " How about a motorcycle?"
I stepped forward closing the distance between us. I grabbed the tie to her bathrobe and pulled it loose, flinging her robe open.
"I'v got something a bit differen't in mind." I mumbled jsut loud enough for her to hear as I reached out and cuped a breast in each hand.
Her hands flew to mine and quickly tore them from her globes.

"Why you nasty little pervert!" She exclamed and she turned away from me in a huff and started stoping torwards the stairs. ""Your a sick little bastard!"
A few quick strides, and I'd caughten up with her by the time ashe reached the first step. I threw my arms aaround her from behind and pulled her up close until my lips were right in her ear, and my swollen cock was tightly presssed agains her ass.
"It's a good thing your pretty, cuz you sure are stupid if you think I'm a kidding." I whisper into her ear with her wild hair all over in my face.
"You can't be serious!?" she exclaimed as her hands found their way up to my arms and started lightly pulling at them. " You'v barely even got hair on your balls!" And she turned her head to face me.
That was all it took. We stood there for a brief moment staring into each other's eyes, and I actually seen the instant when she realized that not only was I serious, but htis heinious act was indeed gonna take place.
"I can't fucking believe this!" She exclaimed. But her hands did loosen thier grip on my forearms. "I didn't even sleep with boys your age when I was your age!"
"Well now you'll get your chance." I reply with a smile.

"I most certainly will not!" She declaired as her ahnds once again pulled my arms off from her.She stomped a few steps up the stairway and turned back and looked downa t me. "I ought to tell your father just what your trying to do here."
We hardly talked at all the next couple of days. It really didn't matter to me one way or the other. Either I was gonna get my first piece of ass, or I was gonna get rid of this evil bitch that had terrorized me for so long.
Finaly my Dad got home from his bussiness trip. We were all three sitting down at the dinner table eating when my Dad started off the conversation with "So Tom, did you do anything interesting while I was away?"
"It's funny that you should ask Dad....." I started "Cuz there is something that I've got to tell you...."
Elizibeth looked up at me from her plate with a look of pure terror in her eyes.

"I ..."
"Got an A on his history final!" Elizibeth finished for me. "And I told him that we would reward him with a new dirt bike."
I just smiled because I knew that I finaly had the old whore right where I wanted her.
After dinner my father got up and headed into the den to have a cigar and a shot of Brandy. I was still eating as Elizibeth was clearing away the left overs.
"I can't believe that you were actually gonna tell him?!" She grumbled as she turned away with a couple of serving bowls. "I suppose your gonna want to collect on your perverted little agreement now."
"Damn straight!" I chuckle as I get up from the table. " I've thought of nothing but you since I saw you naked in the living room the other day."
She grabbed a couple more dishes from the table and turned back torwards the kitchen with them. I quickly set my plate back down onto the table and stepped up behind her. This time I roughly grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed them as I pressed my lips into her ear.
"I'll expect to see you in my room around midnight tonight." I whispered. " And you should probably wear that same outfit you were wearing the other day."

With that I release her and turn back to grab my plate.
"As soon as your father is asleep." She said back like ice. " Your gonna get the ride of your life little boy."
I couldn't get to sleep that night for nothing. I kept checking my clock every five minutes or so for the whole two hours that i was lying there before I finaly heard the familiar creek of my bedroom door opening.
"I thought you'd never get here." Isay while sitting up."
"Your father wanted to fuck the shit out of me tonight too!" She complained.
"I hope you took a shower after." I joked with her.
She started to head for me across the room.
"Turn the light on." I tell her.

She lets out a sigh, but then turn and walks back and flips the light on. When she turns back around her robe is just flowing loosly around her. Her hips sway sexily as she pads across my room to the side of my bed.
"Your gonna remember tonight for the rest of your life little boy." She says as shepulls her robe open and lets it fall from her shoulders to the floor. "Cuz I'm not gonna worry about you bringing this shit up ever again."
I scoot to the side of my bed just as she steps to the edge. Without hesitation I reach up and grab a handfull of tit in each hand. Guiding one completly soft nipple to my mouth. I work her tits over pretty good for a few minutes before she roughly pushes me back onto my bed.
"We'd better get this show on the road before your father notices I'm gone." She says as she drops to her knees. "This shouldn't take too long."
I allready had a woody from playing with her tits. Liz's eyes lit up with surprise when they fell to the tent forming out of the sheet that was over my mid section. One of her hands fell right into my lap and griped my dong through the sheet.
"Not too bad little boy!" She said with a smirk. "I see the apple didn't fall too far from the tree."

She proceided to softly jack me through the sheet for a bit while she made some attempts at small talk.
"So have you thought about how exactly you want it? She asked.
"Oh you better believe it!" I replied. " I wanna take you every way that I can."
"Then we had better get rid of this sheet then." She grunts as she wips the sheet from over me. My raging hardon pops right into view immediately. She grabs me by the backs of my knees and pulls me till I'm just sitting on the edge of the bed.
"Is this what you had in mind for starters?" She asks just before she drops her mouth over the head of my dick. Instantly I feel the warmth envelope my pole. I can hear slirping and smacking noises as she slowly lowers and raises her head. She holds my legs apart with a hand on the inside of each thigh. Her head starts bobbing a little faster once she has got my knob all slick with spit.
"Oh Shit Yeah!" I gasp as I fall back onto me elbows. "God that feels good!"

I look down, and our eyes meet just as she buries my whole cock to the balls int her mouth. She blinks her eyes, then as she slowly raises her head, dragging her lips up the full length of my shaft, I notice that she has got dark red lipstick on. With the penciling around the outside and everything. Its a good thing that the old man was getting the ful monty tonight. I don't think that she would have fixed herself up this good for me.
"Ok, My turn" She says as she lets go of ky member and stands up. " Your gonna get to munch on yor own step mother's pussy."
I scamper off of the bed and Liz sits down on the edge with a plop. Both of her huge melons bob and sway in unison. She scoots herself back onto the bed and falls back onto her elbows. Her mammoth globes both smather and roll off to each side of her. She lifts her legs and plants a foot onto the bed on iether side of me. I am looking right at my step mother's pussy lips and catch myself mezmorized after a second. The gravity of what I am doing hits me full force. And that seems to turn me on even more.
"MMMMM!"She moans as I bury my tounge into her pussy. ""Lick it Tommy! Lick my pussy!"

I continue lapping away at her pussy for a few minutes, then I crawl up and plop my moputh onto one of her now hard as diamonds nipples. I sqeeze and kneed her tits for a few minutes, then I lower myself back down until her pubes are touching my lips. I go to town licking ,sucking, and slurping for a couple more minutes until I feel Liz's fingers jam through my hair and start pulling.
"Now lets see how long the little boy can last in the saddle eh?" She say teasingly as she pulls my hair until our eyes meet.
With my lips just inches from hers, and my eyes searching deeeper and deeper into her eyes, I lower my cock head until I feel the head touch her damp pussy lips.
" Come on Tommy!" She begs. "Are you gonna fuck your step momma or what?"
"UUUNNNNGGH!"She lets out a little groan as I bury my cock inside my step mother for the first time. " Your so tight!"
The second pump I push my cock all the way into her and stop and admire the scene for a moment.
"What are you waiting for boy?" She asks me impatiently. "Lets get to fuckin!"
"Allright you old bitch!" I stammer at her as I forcibly cram my cock back into her. "How you like that you fucking whore??"
"OOOhh Fuck!" She screams as I pick up the rythm. "Oh, Oh, Oh, oh,"

We finaly find a rythm that we are both comfortable with. She pulls back when I do, and she pushes into me when I am pushing into her. We get a pretty good rythm going, but after just a couplt of minutes it is more than my virginal little penis could bare. I'd never been this turned on in my whole life. The first time I'm having sex with another person, and it is a person that I can't stand. But damn did she ever fuck good. I found out then why my father kespt the mean old whore around.
Looking at her tremendous mounds slloshing up and down wqs arousing me past the point of no return allready, but when I grabbed them melons up it was the straw that broke the camel's back.
"OOhhUUUggh!" I grunt as I blast a jet of hot goo up inside my step mother's pussy.
"Cum inside me Tommy!" She encouraged. "Fuck me like a big boy!"
I blew a couple more jetsup inside of her before noticed her facial expression screwwing into a mix between a grimace and a smile.
"Oh Fuck Tommy!" She bellowed. "Your making me cum too!!!"

Between the taboo thought of fucking myb stepmother, fucking an old bitch of a broad, the beautifull globes that bounced and sloshed in front of me, and her calling out my name. It was all so intense that my head was litterally spinning as I blew the last jet of cum acrossed her belly and all over the under side of her monster jugs.
I could feel her muscles tightenihng and loosening under me as she rapidly approached yet another orgasm. Her cunt muscles suddenly just clamped down on my johnson like a fucking vice. She threw herr head back and let out a little wimper. Then she twitched for a second and I watched until her titties quit jiggling. Then I collapsed on top of her breathless.

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