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I fucked my best friends dad

(Part 1 from 1)

My best friend's dad was really cute; I use to daydream that he was my boyfriend. I just turned 18 years old and was beginning to blossom. My long blond hair and green eyes got all the attention of the boys at school but I wanted Mr. Riley. I wanted him to teach me about sex.

One day after I knew that my best friend Roxanne had left for school I went over to her house. Her mom worked days and her dad worked nights at the docks and was home in the day. I was scared but I had to go though with it, it was all I thought about and I knew if I did not do it now I never would.

I knocked at the door and Mr. Riley answered it. I was wearing a really short dress and my favorite pump shoes. I told Mr. Riley that I had left my sweater in Roxanne room and needed it. Mr. Riley let me in and told me to go ahead and get my sweater. I could tell Mr. Riley liked me in a sexual way. He always looked at me and my legs with a funny expression, like he was hungry. I went into Roxann's room and closed the door, but not all the way.

I looked at myself in the mirror and admired my body. I then started rubbing myself, touching underneath my panties; I was so wet thinking of Mr. Riley. I pictured him fucking me on my friend bed, I got lost in the thought and laid down fingering myself picturing Mr.Riley on top. I began moaning and moving my hips when I realized Mr.Riley was watching me. I jumped up and Mr. Riley opened the door wider and asked me if it felt good. Shyly I said "yes". Mr. Riley moved over to where I was sitting, his pants were bulging with a hard on. I licked my lips not thinking and Mr. Riley moaned when I did that.

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What are you thinking? Mr. Riley asked me. I was getting scared but I answered him that I was wondering why his pants were bulging? He smiled and told me because my sweet little body was getting him hot and he was wondering what it would be like to have sex with me. I was shaking with anticipation and I lay back on the bed. Mr. Riley leaned down on top of me and began rubbing his big cock on me from the outside. He asked me if I wondered what it would be like to really be doing it. I could hardly catch my breath and I told him yes that I wondered what it was like. He asked me if I wanted to find out and I did not say anything I just closed my eyes and spread my legs wider.

Mr. Riley began taking my cloths off, he was groaning and breathing hard, he took off his cloths and I could not believe my eyes, his cock was so big, and throbbing, it was huge, I had never seen an adults cock before. He touched it to my lips and I automatically opened my mouth and began sucking it. It felt so natural to do so. He was pumping it back and forth groaning and saying "oh yeah baby, that's how you do it, suck it good sweet baby". Then he took it out and told me to lay back. I did and he spread my legs with his knees. My pussy was so wet and eager for my friend's dad to put in. He held his big cock and slowly began to rub my pussy with it, I was groaning and moving my hips. Then he put the big swollen tip of his cock in my tight pink pussy. It popped in, then he popped it out, popping the head of his cock in and popping it out. I was squirming upward to get fucked.

Then it happen, he stuck it in further and further, it hurt but felt good at the same time, he asked me if I liked it and I told him I did. He started pumping his hard big cock in my pussy; I could feel his balls slapping on my ass. He asked me again if I like it and I told him I did, he asked me if I wanted it harder and I told him "fuck me harder, fuck me so hard!" and he began slamming his cock in my pussy, he was sweating and groaning and then he pulled it out and with one hand turned me over and told me to get on my knees.

I got on my knees and the stuck his cock in from behind, pulling my hips as he shoved it harder and harder.
Then he pulled it out again and turned me around and started fucking me so hard, he called me a sexy little bitch and started rubbing my clit as he pumped me. I was rocking my hips like a wild girl, and he started what sounded like growling, he told me he was going to cum and asked if he could cum inside my pussy. I told him it was ok and he was banging my pussy so hard he started yelling, "fuck yes, fuck yeah" and I could feel this warm flow of cum pouring inside me. He pulled it out and some of it spilled on my pubic hairs.

He told me he had fun and to come back anytime.

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